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Tree surgeon London | tree surgery service

If you need a reliable tree surgeon in London Call us on 020 8798 9250. Multi-trade provide tree surgery services to properties in South London, North London, West London, all over the Capital and inside the M25. Pruning, shaping, felling, stump removal and maintenance for trees.

Tree Surgery service London

  • Tree felling
  • Tree stump removal (grinding a tree stump to saw dust)
  • Crown reduction (Used to reduce the height of the crown by removing the ends of branches)
  • Tree pollarding (removing all branches from the trunk)
  • Tree Crown lift (removal of the lowest branches)
  • Tree crown thinning (partial removal branches to produce a uniform branch structure)
  • Tree pruning and maintenance
  • Hedge removal and pruning
  • Tree trimming and lopping services
  • Commercial tree surgery services
A chainsaw and tree A tree stump Saw dust in hands

Why you need a tree surgeon

Tree surgery in London or indeed any built up area, is a highly skilled and regulated profession. Tree surgeons train for months and take exams to ensure they are knowledgeable and qualified. Cutting down trees and removing branches at height is dangerous and requires experience and skill.

As you would expect from Multi-trade, our tree surgeons are professionals. Fully trained, highly skilled and experienced. They can provide advice on all aspects of tree surgery. Our climbers, tree surgeons and ground staff are fully insured. This is really important. If you employ a tree surgeon who is not insured, you will not be covered if a tree should fall in the wrong place - like someone else's car. Even more importantly, you could be held liable if that person injures themself on your property! So make sure you get a qualified tree surgeon and check their credentials.

Free quotations for tree surgery London

We will provide you with a free quotation to remove a tree, fell a tree, cut tree branches, re-shape a tree or remove a tree stump. We will also remove the garden waste. We can also provide you with advice about your tree, produce a survey or even a report.

Handsome man mowing a lawn

Commercial tree surgery projects

We have many years experience performing tree clearance for commercial sites. Felling and removing trees and stumps to make way for large building projects, requires lots of equipment and a team of tree surgeons, climbers and ground staff. We have the resources to co-ordinate and undertake these projects.

Removing weeds from the garden

What is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an order made by a local planning authority (LPA) to protect trees or woodlands. Approval must be received from the local authority before any work can be undertaken.

Trees in a conservation area require a 6 week notice of intent application to be issued. After this time, if no written complaint has been received, then work can commence.

Removing unwanted trees and shrubs

I have a TPO on my tree, what can I do?

Well nothing - until it's removed! But we will make an application on your behalf. This service doesn't cost anything.

We'll keep you informed of progress of the application and let you know if and hopefully when the order has been lifted so we can progress with the work to the tree.

Garden cut backto reveal the wooden deck

Open and honest pricing

Every tree is different. Different in size, type of tree, where it's located, what surrounds the tree and what needs to be done to it etc... So, understandably, we can only provide a very rough guide to pricing simply because there are so many factors involved that will affect the price.

factor that affect the cots of tree surgery

Factors to consider that will affect the price, because it will take longer to complete the project

  • The sheer size of the tree - height and width
  • The number of branches on the tree itself
  • Access to the street from your garden and access to the tree itself
  • Surrounding hazards i.e. Green houses, cars, fences, houses
  • Parking - whether a bay needs to be suspended for waste etc..

For an accurate quotation we will need to visit your tree, however below you can find some rough costing that you may find helpful:

Prices for tree surgery services

Service Pricing model Rate
Waste removal & recyclingTree felling cost from (per tree) £270.00
Waste removal & recyclingCrown reduction cost from (per tree) £180.00
Waste removal & recyclingTree Waste Removal per tonne £65.00

Points to note:

  • All prices listed here exclude VAT
  • However your quotation will contain all the relevant information and prices
  • There is a minimum of 4 hours required for garden clearances

TestimonialGeorge is an excellent tree surgeon. He advised me on what I should do with my tree and I'm so glad I took that advice. It looks superb. Thanks once again.

Susan Woo, London

TestimonialMulti-trade were contracted to clear the area before any building work could take place. I was extremely happy with their work. It was carried out quickly and professionally and we will be working with them again.

George Matheson, London

TestimonialMore than happy to provide you with a reference for the excellent work you did removing my tree yesterday. The team stopped for half an hour for lunch all day and didn't leave until 7pm, just as it was getting dark. You wouldn't know that there ever was a tree there. The garden was immaculate. A job very well done and I would have no hesitation in recommending your tree surgery services to anyone.

John Richards, South West london

TestimonialI employed Multi-trade because I needed one particular tree shaped for a very demanding celebrity client! I work as a garden designer and rarely have to employ the services of a tree surgeon but fortunately I have used Multi-trade before for some garden clearance work. I have always found they provided an excellent service in that regard. I am happy to say that I wasn't disappointed with their tree surgeon either. He was very knowledgeable and seemed very confident about his ability to get the right shape - which was a relief! And he was as good as his word. The tree looked marvellous and the client was ecstatic. I know how to turn to f I find myself in this position again!

Christine Crawford, West London

TestimonialThank-you for contacting me. Yes, I am very happy with the tree. They have done a very good job.

John Hughes, North West London

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