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Multi-trade. Beautiful garden designs in London. Call us on 020 8798 9250 and we can send you one of our fantastic garden designers to your home in North London, South London, West London, East and Central London.

Garden design in London

For most of our garden landscaping projects in London, where you have a good idea of what you want your garden to look like, you may not need our garden design service. Our project managers are well qualified with many years experience of general landscaping - all of them having worked on typical London properties. However, if you're looking for a garden that is a little bit special, out of the ordinary and bespoke - then you need to speak to a garden designer.

Why do I need a garden designer?

Employing a professional garden designer has many benefits:

Looking for inspiration? New ideas? A professional garden designer will be able to give you some fresh ideas and a professional perspective on what can be achieved in your outdoor space and for your budget.

Strong ideas of your own? A professional garden designer will have the experience and knowledge to translate your brief into a real, functioning garden.

Need ideas for what plants to buy? Your garden designer is a trained horticulturist. They will have the experience and knowledge to choose and place beautiful combinations of plants and flowers to suit the space.

Need help with materials? - Your garden designer will have an in-depth knowledge of landscaping materials, such as paving, timber decking and stone - what suits the space and weathers well.

The initial consultation

In the first instance our garden designer will arrange a visit at a time when there is enough light to view your garden. We will discuss your requirements for the garden, your tastes and establish your budget. We design gardens of all types, from minimalist to intricate English gardens with complex planting arrangements.

Garden design drawing plan

Site survey

Once we have agreed a proposal of work, we return for a second meeting to survey the site. This is to measure the area to create accurate scale plans. We also take photographs and assess the site for soil conditions and drainage. We'll further discuss and refine the proposal, keeping features of the current garden or removing as neccessary.

Garden design plans

The concept plan

We then create a concept plan. This is a basic design, incorporating the ideas that we have discussed and identified as important. It provides both parties with a good good idea of how the design will fit the space.

Gardening design plans

The final layout plan

Finally a detailed plan is put together. Every structural aspect of the design is included and the plan is drawn to scale. The plan is a detailed technical document that enables any landscaping contractor to construct the garden precisely to the specifications discussed. It includes specifications on materials, plants and dimensions. A 3D plan of the garden can be presented at this stage, should you require it.

Garden drawing plan

Construction of the garden

Of course, we have a landscaping department. And we're very confident of their abilities. But you may have already selected a suitable contractor for this project. In that case we can consult with them and arrange regular site visits to ensure that the project is running smoothly.

Garden 3D image

How much does a garden designer cost?

If you don't need a plan for the garden or drawings, but would like some design advice, then you can book a consultation visit. Consultation visits are charged at 175 + VAT.

Of course, every garden design is different and every client has different requirements. To give you a rough idea of pricing, the cost of a concept plan ranges from 500 to 3000. For the full design service, the costs are around 12% of the total amount spent on the landscaping project.

How much does it cost to landscape a garden?

People are often surprised at how much it costs to have a garden professionally landscaped. Remember you are employing several skilled trades people for a peroid of up to a month and using expensive materials such as hard wood and stone. A well-designed, Landscaped garden is an investment and will add to the value of your property. As a general rule, professional landscaping costs around 100 per m2 (plus VAT) for materials and labour.

Open and honest pricing

We pride ourselves on our open and honest pricing. Our gardening and landscaping quotations are free and fully specified with a full breakdown of the costs involved - including materials and labour. The daily rate is usually cheaper if the work is part of a project taking several days. If your job is smaller we can usually supply a professional tradesperson on a daily rate basis, as shown below:

Prices for landscaping & gardening services

Service Pricing model Rate
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Clearance per person per day £280.00
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Clearance per person / half day £150.00
FencingFencing per person per day £200.00
DeckingDecking per person per day £200.00
DeckingGarden Landscaper per person per day £200.00
DeckingDesign on application N/A
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Waste Removal per tonne £75.00
Waste removal & recyclingGeneral Waste Removal per tonne £125.00

TestimonialI was very happy with Richard's plan. It was very thorough and detailed. It was very well designed. In fact, we have the drawing of the garden in a frame on the kitchen wall.

Melinda Goodwin, London

TestimonialWe were both impressed with Alan's ideas and knowledge and we'd be happy to go ahead with a concept plan.

Michael Dearing, London

TestimonialRichard's design is outstanding. I think the garden will look much better than we envisaged. There are some wonderful little touches. I would certainly like to go ahead.

Roger Burrows, London

TestimonialI was very impressed with Cavendish Devere. From the very outset I received a professional service. The quote was well laid out and informative. The price was good. The team was friendly. The project manager - knowledgeable and helpful. The project and standard of workmanship was exceptional. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Janet Webber, London

TestimonialI've had a really good experience with Multi-trade. They are a very professional company. From start to finish, I felt like I'd been kept in the loop at every stage. And the final result is exactly what I wanted. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a first class Landscaped garden. Once again, Thank-you for all your hard work.

Katherine Hallem, London

TestimonialLast summer we decided to have the garden landscaped. A friend recommended them, they had used them last year and said they were great. They came around to visit and I was impressed with Graham - the team leader. He really knew what he was talking about and had some great ideas for the garden. Similar ideas to the way we wanted the garden to look. We received a good quote and finally decided on new lawn, a wooden deck, a new fence and a garden path.

The work started two weeks later at 8am on a Monday morning! The project was to last 2 weeks. I left them to it went to work. I gave Graham a set of keys. I have to say over the 2 weeks the team worked really hard. Towards the end of the job until 7pm! We did have rain for 3 days during the project, which cost us some time, so the project finished 3 days over. But Graham explained everything to me every evening - why there mght be a slight change to the plan, where they could save time. I really appreciated that level of communication and I understood the decisions we made were to keep the project on track.

Like any building project, there is a certain level of upheaval, but the site looked tidy every evening and the team were really considerate, understanding that what to them was a building site - was our home.

When the project was finished, it was a transformation. It looked beautiful. Just as we'd discussed and just what we wanted. Graham explained that we needed to take some care with the lawn until it had settled and that the deck would settle as the wood expanded and contracted. But if there were any problems I should give him a call. Thankfully - so far - there haven't been any.

I think I've had a great service. I would recommend them to anyone. In fact, I have already recommended several friends. If you are looking for the best landscaping company in London - look no further!

Grace Robertson, London

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