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Wooden garden decking builder London | garden deck construction

Multi-trade supply and construct garden decking in London. Timber decking, wooden decking, decking - whatever you call it we build it in South London, North London, West London, South West London, in fact all over the Capital and everywhere inside the M25.

Wooden decks in London

A well designed timber deck can transform any outdoor space. They work well in any unused outdoor space, on balconies and roof gardens. Wooden decks are easy to maintain, they can be stained to any colour, painted or left to weather naturally. A timber deck extends your living space. A beautiful, attractive surface for tables, chairs, sun loungers and barbecues.

Wooden decking specialists in London

We have many years experience installing decks of all kinds - raised decking, patio decking, roof decks on terraces, hardwood decking, softwood decking, commercial decks, decking in small places and decking in large outdoor spaces.

First meeting

The first step in designing and constructing your deck is to visit you in your property. We can then look at the space, measure the area, discuss your requirements and ideas and give you our ideas and advice - if you need them. We will need to discuss your budget. This will have an impact on the type of materials used to build your deck. A large proportion of the overall cost of the project will be made up of the materials.

Constructing a timber deck

Free quotations for wooden decking

Assuming that it is a straight forward decking project i.e. not commercial - we will prepare a fully specified, detailed quotation of the total cost for the decking project including materials and labour. We can give you an estimate of how long it will take to construct and when we can start the project. If you have a complex or large scale project - no problem. We will engage the services of our garden designer, who can produce much more detailed technical drawings.

Constructing a wooden frame for the timber deck

Starting the decking project

Once you have agreed the quotation, given us the go ahead and made the deposit for materials, we can begin the project. The area will be cleared, the materials delivered. Depending on the design of your project, posts may need to be inserted into the ground and concrete poured. Then a timber frame for the deck will be constructed to fix the decking boards to.

The finished wooden deck

Constructing the wooden deck

Once the frame has been constructed we will start attaching the deck boards to it. We always use galvanized weather resistant screws for this purpose. Although it takes longer, they look much nicer than nails, last longer and prevent the board from moving. Once all the boards have been attached, the deck is cleaned and once dry, can be stained, oiled or painted to the colour of your choice. The construction procedure for decking is similar to our landscaping construction procedure.

The wooden ballustrades

Consideration for your neighbours

During all our construction processes we try to minimise disruption to your daily routine by:

- Parking considerately - to keep your neighbours happy
- Keeping the noise to a minimum and refraining from bad language
- Storing tools at the end of each day and lifting dust sheets
- Leaving the site as tidy as possible to minimise disruption

Stained, ribbed, softwood decking

Completing the decking project

We like to keep in continuous communication with our clients throughout the decking building process. This ensures that we are meeting your requirements and there are no surprises for either of us at the end of the project. When the deck is finished we ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. The job is signed off, the final payment is made and the keys handed back. Now it's time to start enjoying your new deck!

Finished timber decking

What type of timber should I use for my deck?

In the UK the choice comes down to hardwood or softwood for your garden decking. Cost is the main difference between hardwood and softwood. Hardwood decking is made from trees that grow slowly. They cost more to produce because the tree takes longer to grow. These hardwoods typically come from rainforests. Softwood decking is cut from fast growing coniferous, evergreen trees. This makes them cheaper to produce.

Which is better for decking? Hardwood or softwood?

Most decks in the UK are made from pressure treated softwoods because they are easy to work with and cost effective. They can be stained in any colour - even to look like hardwood, oiled, varnished or painted. Hardwood decks can be more difficult to work with and tend to require a little more maintenance. Confusingly, softwood is not necessarily soft and hardwood is not necessarily hard... Cedar for instance is a 'soft' hardwood. So, it comes down to aesthetic preference. If cost is not an issue, the look and feel of a hardwood deck is superior to a softwood one. But even that is a matter of opinion.

How long will a timber deck last?

We will only ever lay a fungal resistant timber deck - whether that is made of hardwood or softwood. The wood is typically guaranteed for 15 years. All timber decks need some form of protection - oil, stain or paint otherwise they fade to a very unappealing grey colour - think old park benches. A properly treated and maintained timber deck can last up to 40 years.

Open and honest pricing

We pride ourselves on our open and honest pricing. Our gardening and landscaping quotations are free and fully specified with a full breakdown of the costs involved - including materials and labour. The daily rate is usually cheaper if the work is part of a project taking several days. If your job is smaller we can usually supply a professional tradesperson on a daily rate basis, as shown below:

Prices for landscaping & gardening services

Service Pricing model Rate
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Clearance per person per day £280.00
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Clearance per person / half day £150.00
FencingFencing per person per day £200.00
DeckingDecking per person per day £200.00
DeckingGarden Landscaper per person per day £200.00
DeckingDesign on application N/A
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Waste Removal per tonne £75.00
Waste removal & recyclingGeneral Waste Removal per tonne £125.00

TestimonialPlease thank Julian. He has done a fantastic job with the deck. It looks fabulous.

Barbara Meehan, London

TestimonialI would just like to send you an email about Graham and Adam. They have been professional from start to finish. On time every single day, both he and Adam have worked until 6 o'clock most evenings. They have always been unfailingly polite and pleasant. It has been an absolute pleasure to have them here. They've done a great job. You have two excellent employees there. I would hold onto them if I were you!

Tania Osbourne, London

TestimonialSaw the deck for the first time at the weekend. It looks very good. Thanks to the company.

Paul Reid, London

TestimonialI can't recommend you highly enough. From the very beginning everything was very efficient and the gardener you sent was excellent. Sol was charming, he worked incredibly hard and the garden looks wonderful, especially the decking outside the back door. A really great experience. I look forward to working with your company again.

Amelia Tower, London

TestimonialI'm very please with the performance of Multi-trade. Highly efficient from start to finish, charming and polite. Deck looks wonderful. I will certainly be back for more!

Charles Lavin, London

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