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Wooden garden fencing London

Garden fencing company London. We supply, repair and construct fences and wooden fence panels for gardens across all areas and postcodes of London. South London, North London, West London and East London - in fact, anywhere inside the M25. Call us 0n 020 8798 9250 for your free quotation.

Erecting wooden fences in London

We can repair or rebuild storm damaged or vandalised wooden fences. We also supply and install new wooden fences and garden gates. We offer a complete fencing service - from fence demolition and removal to measuring for a new fence, ordering the fence panels, inserting concrete or wooden fence posts and finally installation of the fence. We also offer free, fully specified fencing quotations. We provide commercial and domestic fencing services. We also supply and install gates, caste iron railings, metal fences, Victorian railings and metal railings.

A good fence provides privacy

Properties tend to be positioned right next to each other in London. If you have a garden, a fence is essential for your privacy and provides shelter for your plants. Erecting a garden fence correctly is time consuming and not always as straight forward as you might imagine. It may very well pay dividends to employ a professional fencing company to build your garden fence.

Wooden garden fence

Fence posts need securing properly

Unless you want to be constantly repairing your fence - strength is very important. And a fence is only as strong as its supports. Care must be taken to see that the supports are not only substantial, but inserted securely into the ground - often with concrete or a dry mix of aggregate. Most fences will require wooden posts - usually 4-6 inches (10-15cm) square - depending on the type of fence that needs supporting.

Wooden fence and fence posts

Concrete fence posts

Occasionaly, concrete posts are required. Concrete posts are extremely strong, although very heavy and a little more awkard to install. It is important that concrete posts are inserted deeply and firmly into the ground. All timber should be treated with a suitable preservative.

Wooden fencing

Types of garden fencing

We can help you select the right kind and style of fence to suit your property. We can stain or paint your fence to prolong it's life. We supply and erect Feather edge fences, Larch lap panel fencing, Closeboard panel fencing, Palisade fencing and even Chainlink fencing.

Panel fence

Wrought iron fencing and gates

We can supply and install wrought iron fences and gates. Also known as ornamental fences - the black iron has been wrought, or heated and shaped, into ornate patterns. There are hundreds of wrought iron fences and gates all over London. We can match pretty much any style or design including the tops of the iron fence posts. You might see these featuring rounded or pointed tops or even or shaped into fleurs or stars.

Wrought iron Victorian railings

We supply all types of garden fences and panels in London

Fences come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes and styles. They are sometimes constructed using different methods. Below is a guide to familiarise yourself with garden fencing. You may find this useful when deciding on the type of fence you would like to surround your garden.

Lap panel fence

Wooden lap panel fences

Lap panel fencing is a popular wooden screen fence. Found in many gardens throughout the UK, it is cost effective to purchase and relatively easy to install. It can be decorated with a range of trellis tops and decorative post caps.

Picket fence

Wooden palisade fences

Palisade fencing is a strong fence often used as a decorative boundary. As you can see through it, it's usually used in front gardens where full privacy is not required. The pales can be pointed, round or flat. This type of fence is sometimes called a picket fence.

Close panel board fence

Close board panel fences

Close board panel fencing is another popular wooden screen fence. Found in gardens throughout the UK, it offers both privacy and security. It is constructed from pre-fabricated panels and is best constructed on top of concrete gravel boards. Fitting the panels between concrete posts increases the strength and lifespan of the fence.

Traditional close board panel fence

Traditional close board fences

Traditional close-board fencing is constructed on top of gravel boards with several arris rails running perpendicular to the fence posts. The featheredge boards are slotted between the fence posts.

Trellis Fence

Trellis fences

Trellis fencing is a decorative lattice fence, sometimes actually used as the fence itself. Usually a mesh like trellis will sit on top of a close board.

Traditional close board panel fence

Bespoke, specialist and continental fences

Looking for something special? Something highly stylish or bespoke? We can supply and install continental, specialist fences in all shapes, sizes and finishes. Call us on 020 8798 9250 and we will send a specialist fencer to come and discuss your requirements.

Concrete panel Fence

Concrete post and panel fences

Concrete post and panel fencing is primarily for commercial use or in domestic situations where security is key. As it doesn't need regular maintenance, and is very long lasting, it is highly economical. The concrete construction blocks out sound and as it's opaque, it is excellent for preserving privacy. The fence can be painted and finished in a variety of textures including stone.

Chain link fence

Chain link fences

Chain link is often used to surround schools, tennis courts and allotments. The most popular is a green plastic coated link. All chain link fencing is fitted onto a black bitumen painted steel post and then concreted into the ground.

Open and honest pricing

We pride ourselves on our open and honest pricing. Our gardening and landscaping quotations are free and fully specified with a full breakdown of the costs involved - including materials and labour. The daily rate is usually cheaper if the work is part of a project taking several days. If your job is smaller we can usually supply a professional tradesperson on a daily rate basis, as shown below:

Prices for landscaping & gardening services

Service Pricing model Rate
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Clearance per person per day £280.00
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Clearance per person / half day £150.00
FencingFencing per person per day £200.00
DeckingDecking per person per day £200.00
DeckingGarden Landscaper per person per day £200.00
DeckingDesign on application N/A
Waste removal & recyclingGarden Waste Removal per tonne £75.00
Waste removal & recyclingGeneral Waste Removal per tonne £125.00

TestimonialI would like to commend you on your highly professional fencing service. Both chaps have worked incredibly hard over the last two days. The result is a first class fence that looks fantastic. Now, I need to talk to you about a fence for my other house.

Phillip Sargent, London

TestimonialPlease pass on my thanks to your fencing guys. They've done a really good job. Fence looks great.

Rebecca Brockman, London

TestimonialEverything is going well with the fencing. It should be finished tomorrow. I've been really impressed so far. Everything has gone to plan.

Anna Coley, London

TestimonialFrom start to finish I was been impressed with the fence building. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Jessica Calderon, London

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