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We are committed to improving our efficiency in the use of all resources and adopt greener technologies where appropriate.
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Painting and Decorating AssociationMulti-trade is aware of the environmental our company makes. We believe that services companies like ours have a vital role to play in minimising the impact made by the company, staff and customers.

It is the policy of Multi-trade to lessen this environmental impact and, as a business, to continually develop, review and improve our environmental objectives.

We are committed to improving our efficiency in the use of all resources and adopt greener technologies where appropriate.

We are committed to treating all relevant legal and environmental legislation and guideline as a minimum requirement and will seek to exceed them wherever possible.

We also encourage and hope all suppliers, partners and stakeholders to share our aims, particularly our staff and customers..

Our Servicegreen pledge

All Multi-trade employees will be encouraged through via regular communications to turn off computers, monitors and not to print documents or emails unless necessary. Multi-trade staff will be encouraged to use public transport or walk/cycle to work where practical and to adopt similar environmental commitments at home.

To further improve environmental performance at our premises, all lighting will be energy saving where practical. We will also ensure that lighting, waste and office supplies are recycled where practical.

All Materials used are to be environmentally sustainable wherever feasible, including the paper used in offices and for marketing and promotional materials. All of our quotations are issued via e-mail or electtronically unless specifically otherwise requested.


We encourage all staff to use public transport wherever practical, and to date, every single member of staff directly employed by us travels to work via public transport. We also have a loans system to encourage staff to buy bicycles for their commute. Our engineers and trades people are despatched to jobs in a manner that requires them to commute less.


We take all waste from customers premises away for recycling (around 90% of waste is recycled) to the customer's nearest recycling depot to minimise transport costs. We ensure that all of the recyclable materials from our office waste are separated for recycling including paper, cans, bottles and plastics.


Our landscape gardeners are encouraged to design water butts into customers plans, and to give the best possible advice for reducing water usage in the garden whilst maintaining a healthy garden.


As a business, we encourage our partners to share our commitment to the environment and where possible use companies with an environmental policy at least as good as ours.

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