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Enjoy the newest room in your house - your garden
From design to build

We know what it's like when you start to see the first blossoms on the trees and the crocuses start to poke their heads out of the ground, it fills you with excitement about the spring and summer to come. Then you step out into your back garden and your excitement turns to disappointment - yes, that's right, your garden is the one part of your house you want to use most in summer, but it's letting you down.

Whether it's a boring rectangular lawn with a couple of borders either side, or a completely overgrown jungle with no redeeming features, it's not somewhere you'd want to spend much time.

Working with you

Most people have an idea of how they'd like their outdoor space to be, maybe from seeing garden makeover shows on television or visiting some of the RHS flower shows, such as Chelsea, but turning some of these ideas into workable concepts can be pretty difficult.

We know that each individual space is unique. You might have a long narrow garden that needs to be visually broken up to make it appear wider, or you might even be lucky enough to have a large garden that you'd like sectioned into useable zones. Multi-Trade's designers will listen to how you'd like to use your space, incorporating any ideas you have into a design that work's for you.


That's clever!

When you're faced with a blank canvas, or a garden you've inherited, it can be hard to come up with your own ideas about how to make the best use of the space. Our designers are experts at making every inch of your outdoor space work for you. With years of experience in all the latest trends, materials and design ideas, you'll be surprised at the creative ideas that we can come up with for you.

Quality Materials

It's the little things you notice that sets your garden apart from everyone else's. Maybe it's the outdoor speakers for your summer parties, perhaps it's the subtle glow from the feature lighting, or simply the way your hardwood decking seamlessly meets at the edges. What sets us apart from other landscaping companies is attention to detail. We know that selecting the right materials really makes a difference to the finished result, and that's why our designers take such care to show you what's on offer, and give you advice on what will work for your scheme.

Project management

We know that trusting a company with your outdoor space is a big decision, and that's why we'll do all we can to make the experience of creating your new outdoor space a pleasure. Whether it's a phone call from your personal account manager to check you're happy with how everything's going, to a site visit from your project manager, you want to know that we're looking after your project. We take great pride in developing a relationship with all of our customers, because we want to be as proud of our work as you are of your new garden.

Meet the team

We work with six garden designers and nine teams of landscapers so whatever your project, we know we can help. Here are just a few biographies of some of our designers and landscapers who could be turning your garden into your perfect space.

Meet our team

Julian Leadbetter

Jules has been working as a landscape designer for 14 years having started his career working for various nurseries across Surrey. He describes his style as contemporary classic, using innovative materials in a traditional way.

Julian's passion is plants and he designs his gardens to allow as much planting as possible, taking note of the conditions and position of the site. Architectural plants are a particular favourite of Jules, to create a real 'wow' factor for clients, and adding a sense of maturity to gardens.

Paul McAllister

Paul is our most experienced landscaper and runs two teams of six groundsmen. Paul's experience comes from running his own hard landscaping business for 8 years which was incorporated into Multi-trade two years ago.

Paul believes that having a well thought out plan to work to makes his job much easier and leads to a much better final result. He also has a great interest in the latest garden materials and makes sure he attends most of the trade shows such as the Landscape Show at Battersea.

Sebastian Poitrenaut

Sébastian started working with Multi-trade this year and having listened to his enthusiasm and having seen his portfolio we're pretty excited about what he'll be bringing to our customers over the coming year.

With a strong artistic background and an extensive knowledge of current landscaping trends, Sébastian delights customers with his creative ideas and eye for design. He also likes to make his gardens come alive at night with the use of dramatic lighting techniques.

Design Focus
Outdoor lighting

It's pretty important to make sure your garden looks great for that all important first barbecue of the season, especially when you've got friends and family coming over to have a nose. But have you considered what happens when the evening light starts to fade. Finish the party and go inside? No chance!

Incorporating a lighting scheme into your design is a really great idea, and makes your outdoor space last well into the night. If you'd like more ideas and tips visit our lighting pages.


Scoping out your new landscaping job is an important part of the design process, and our designers put a great deal of effort into producing plans that will give you an accurate idea of the finished design. Take a look at our design pages for more on how our comprehensive design service works.

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