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If your hard drive fails all is not lost, we can usually retrieve all of your data safely.
IT and computer services

Computer virus removal service London | removing spyware, ransomware & pop-ups

Multi-trade provide a virus removal service in London. If you think you have a virus, spyware or perhaps even ransomware, give us a call on 020 8798 9250. Even if you've tried everything else, we can send a professional IT engineer to your property in North, South, East, West and Central London. Anywhere inside the M25.

Viruses, pop-up ads, spyware and malware

Sometimes a virus can infect your computer even if you have installed anti-virus software and kept it up to date. Even after you have downloaded new software from the internet that promises to identify and remove the problem - the problem persists. A computer virus is a malicious self-replicating program. The longer you use an infected computer, the greater the chance that you will lose data, corrupt your files and operating system and infect other computers.

Our IT engineers can help with removing viruses, adware, spyware or pop-ups. Anything malicious and self replicating that needs to be removed. In many cases viruses, worms and trojans will alter the code in your registry and load itself everytime you reboot your computer. Software downloads won't always solve this problem. In this event our computer engineers will visit your premises to diagnose your problem.

Computer repair call-out service. Home & office visits

Our IT & computer engineers will visit your home or business to remove your viruses and malware. They are educated to University level and have worked within the IT Industry for a minimum of 5 years.

Our IT expert callout service is available to all customers - call 020 8798 9250.

How do I know if my computer is infected with a virus?

It's not always easy to tell, but here are a few symptoms of an infected computer:

  • Computer crashes often
  • Slow access to the internet
  • Running out of Windows "resources"
  • Having to reboot regularly
Virus removal

More symptoms of a virus infected computer

If you have these problems then it is even more likely you have an infection problem:

  • Your files and programs have been erased
  • Your personal information and files have been stolen(identity theft)
  • Spam is being sent out from your computer
  • Files appearing on your computer that you haven't created
Virus removal

Our home visit, virus removal service in London

  • Virus removal, adware, malware, pop-up cleaning
  • Data backup after an infection
  • Spyware removal and Trojan removal
  • Cleaning out Boot Sector viruses
  • Cleaning virus infected files
Computer virus

Open and honest pricing

We pride ourselves on our open and honest pricing - our IT and computer services are charged on a fixed rate price or an hourly rate basis as shown below.


Border Service Price Price - 18:00 to 22:00 and Saturdays Border
Laptop fault diagnosisLaptop Fault Diagnosis
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
Cable re-routingDesktop PC Repair
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
Satellite installation Memory (RAM) upgrade
£60.00 fixed price £80.00 fixed price
Operating system installationOperating system installation £60.00 fixed price £80.00 fixed price
PC HealthcheckPC Healthcheck
£60.00 fixed price £80.00 fixed price
Plasma mountingData backup & transfer £6 per GB of data * N/A
PC SetupPC Setup and Connection
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
PC SetupPC Upgrades (e.g TV Card etc.)
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
PC SetupWireless (Wi-Fi) Networking
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
Broadband configurationBroadband Configuration £60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour

Points to note for site visits:

  • All prices exclude VAT
  • * min charge of £60.00
  • Hourly rate charges are billed in 15 minute intervals with a minimum charge of one hour
  • All prices exclude congestion & parking charges (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided)
  • All prices exclude costs for any hardware required for backup purposes (e.g. CD/DVD, external hard drive or or memory stick).
  • Laptop or desktop repair will be performed based on your acceptance of our quotation. If you choose not to go ahead with the repair the £60.00 first hour fee will apply.

TestimonialI found you on my mobile phone because I couldn't even connect to the internet this morning. Richard says it's a virus. It's a strange one because it did boot up and then it kept getting slower and slower. And then this morning it just kept hanging. But it's all sorted now anyway, so I'm very grateful to you.

Eric Padmore, London

TestimonialThank-you very much for repairing my computer and installing my Antivirus software. I do hope that I won't have any more problems like this. Once again thanks.

Jane Asher, London

TestimonialThank Raj for me. He's done really well. Because even Norton anti-virus couldn't get rid of it! I've had it for ages and it was just a nuisance but I couldn't even get into internet explorer last week. Have you come across this ccbill virus before? [Yes! it's a very nasty bit of Spyware - Multi-Trade]

Jeff Henderson, London

TestimonialI'm amazed you got rid of this virus so quickly. I've tried everything. Thanks again for your help.

Dave Gehen, London

The Multi-trade difference

There are plenty of companies out there competing for your business - and you need to make sure you're armed with all the facts before you make a decision about which one to choose. Here are a few things to check before you decide - we're confident that if you're looking for great service you'll choose Multi-Trade!

  • Does the company or tradesperson you're considering offer free quotations?
  • Do they offer an open and honest pricing structure with no hidden costs?
  • Are their engineers certified to IEE 17th edition electrical standards as a minimum?
  • Remember - it is a legal requirement when working with gas or electricity.
  • Do they have a contactable office, not just a mobile in case of any queries?
  • Does anyone answer the phone in the day?
  • Are their tradespeople honest, reliable, polite and vetted?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' then give us a call - we can confidently answer 'yes' to all of these questions. Not sure? Check out our testimonials page to see what some of our previous customers think of our customer service!

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