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If your hard drive fails all is not lost, we can usually retrieve all of your data safely.
IT and computer services

Computer, hard drive & data backup service London

Multi-trade setup data backup services in London and backup hard drives. Our professional, IT engineers make onsite visits to all areas of London. South London, North London, West London and Central London. In fact, anywhere inside the M25. Give us a call on 020 8798 9250.

Backing up your office computers and servers

If you don't have a system for backing up your computer data in your office - you need to implement one as quickly as possible. We have experience of dealing with a wide range of technologies and solutions to ensure that your data is safe and secure at all times. We can make sure your data is stored in multiple locations and so if the worst happens, your business can be up and running in a minimal amount of time.

What are the benefits of online backup?

The benefits of backing up your data are obvious. But there are numerous advantages of backing up online.

  1. Greater reliability - you don't have to maintain any equipment in the office. This is taken care for you
  2. Greater security - your data is held on several servers off site
  3. Greater flexibility - you can move premises and still access the same data
  4. Capital expenditure - it doesn''t require any initial outlay or technical expertise

How does online backup work?

Data is sent securely from your individual computers or server via your internet connection to a data center. This data center can be located anywhere. It can be set to update automatically every night or even every hour. The update is monitored by a central management system to make sure it has been successful. In the event of a disaster, the service will restore your data, ensuring that you're up and running as quickly as possible.

Call us on 020 8798 9250. We provide free quotations for data backup installations.

Networked data backup

  • Automatic scheduled backups
  • Networked hard drive storage
  • Sharde hard drives
  • Network Attached Storage
  • PC backup
  • Computer backup
Online backup

Automatic online backup services

  • Automatic daily backups
  • No user intervention neccessary
  • Remotely monitored and managed
  • Secure, redundant datacenters
NAS device

Data backup for small offices and home computers

The photos and videos you have stored on your laptop, PC or Smartphone are precious and irreplaceable. Once you lose these - they're gone forever. A laptop, a PC and a Smartphone is just a device. So, don't worry about the device, worry about the photos! If we can advise you of anything it is - backup, backup, backup!

And if you don't have time to schedule it yourself, Download Sugarsync today and we'll give you £10 off our hourly rate computer repair services.

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Open and honest pricing

We pride ourselves on our open and honest pricing - our IT and computer services are charged on a fixed rate price or an hourly rate basis as shown below.


Border Service Price Price - 18:00 to 22:00 and Saturdays Border
Laptop fault diagnosisLaptop Fault Diagnosis
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
Cable re-routingDesktop PC Repair
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
Satellite installation Memory (RAM) upgrade
£60.00 fixed price £80.00 fixed price
Operating system installationOperating system installation £60.00 fixed price £80.00 fixed price
PC HealthcheckPC Healthcheck
£60.00 fixed price £80.00 fixed price
Plasma mountingData backup & transfer £6 per GB of data * N/A
PC SetupPC Setup and Connection
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
PC SetupPC Upgrades (e.g TV Card etc.)
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
PC SetupWireless (Wi-Fi) Networking
£60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour
Broadband configurationBroadband Configuration £60.00 per hour £80.00 per hour

Points to note for site visits:

  • All prices exclude VAT
  • * min charge of £60.00
  • Hourly rate charges are billed in 15 minute intervals with a minimum charge of one hour
  • All prices exclude congestion & parking charges (unless a parking permit for the duration of the visit is provided)
  • All prices exclude costs for any hardware required for backup purposes (e.g. CD/DVD, external hard drive or or memory stick).
  • Laptop or desktop repair will be performed based on your acceptance of our quotation. If you choose not to go ahead with the repair the £60.00 first hour fee will apply.

TestimonialThat backup has saved me. Last week I left my laptop on the tube! Thanks for suggesting it. I would have been scr***d without that.

Stuart Legg, London

TestimonialIt's great that Sugarsync. I never even notice it's backing anything up.

James Hill, London

The Multi-trade difference

There are plenty of companies out there competing for your business - and you need to make sure you're armed with all the facts before you make a decision about which one to choose. Here are a few things to check before you decide - we're confident that if you're looking for great service you'll choose Multi-Trade!

  • Does the company or tradesperson you're considering offer free quotations?
  • Do they offer an open and honest pricing structure with no hidden costs?
  • Do they have a contactable office, not just a mobile in case of any queries?
  • Does anyone answer the phone in the day?
  • Are their tradespeople honest, reliable, polite and vetted?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' then give us a call - we can confidently answer 'yes' to all of these questions. Not sure? Check out our testimonials page to see what some of our previous customers think of our customer service!

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