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Only Multi-trade can provide London's greatest painting service
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Multi-trade provide is a high quality painting and decorating company in London. We have painted the inside of thousands of properties, the outside of hundreds and quite a few hotels and offices. So, from the relatively straight forward jobs of filling, sanding, undercoating and painting a single room to a much larger project like painting and decorating the outside of a house that might also require scaffolding - we have the skills and expertise to ensure that you get a great finish, every time.

Wallpapering, plastering, filling, sanding and rendering - we do it all. Why not talk to one of our team about how our professional painters can decorate your home or business premises to give it a fresh new look?

Call us for a free quote on 020 8798 3940 - wherever you are in London - North, Central, South, East or West London.

Fifty shades of grey - or whatever colours turn you on!

We can paint any wall to any colour you like. You may even want different walls to be different colours. A mix and match of exposed walls, papered walls and painted walls can be very effective. Whatever, you want we are always happy to accomodate you.

Newly painted blue room light green painted bedroom Recessed shelves in blue border

Painting services in London

Decorating services in London

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Open and honest pricing

We pride ourselves on our open and honest pricing - our painting and decorating prices are usually provided to you by way of a fully specified quotation which gives you a full breakdown of the costs involved, including materials and labour. The daily rate is usually cheaper if we undertake the work on a project over several days. If your job is smaller we can usually supply a professional tradesperson on a day rate basis as shown below:

DAILY rate pricing

Border Service Price Border
PaintingPainting and decorating £180.00 per man per day
WallpaperingWallpapering £180.00 per man per day
PlasteringPlastering £15.00 per square metre
Wallpaper strippingStripping wallpaper £100.00 per man per day
QuotationsQuotations FREE

Points to note:

  • All prices listed above exclude VAT
  • However, your quotation will broken down so you can see clearly how much VAT you are paying

About our pricing model

We use a clear and transparent pricing model.

Multi-trade is about quality work. As such, we cannot and do not compete with small unregistered companies or individuals. If you are looking for a cheap painting and decorating quote and your criteria for purchase is only price - we are not the company you are looking for.

All our work is guaranteed by us and we use only high quality materials.

While we can't tell you how long the job will take until we've visited you at your property, we can provide a model for pricing that we will honour.

This ensures, unlike other painting and decorating companies in London, that we will not give disparate pricing, depending on how much we think you will pay. Everyone pays the same rate.

What to look for when selecting a painting and decorating company

If you are looking for your painting and decorating project to be of high quality, safe, efficient and cost effective - then you might want to take these points into consideration when selecting a painting and decorating company.

  • Does the company have examples of their work?
  • Do they have a professional looking website?
  • Is the company looking to be paid in cash?
  • Will the company provide a fully specified, broken down quotation?
  • Will the company provide a contract and levels of service they will commit to?
  • Do they have a landline telephone number that they can be contacted on or just a mobile number?
  • Does anyone answer the telephone?

While there are many good painting and decorating companies around London, there are also some disreputable ones. It is prudent to ask these questions before committing or handing over any money.

Open and honest pricing

Our painting and decorating quotations are free, fully specified and come without obligation. We aim to get our quotations to you within 48 hours of the first visit. Our quotes take time to produce - are thorough and detailed - just what you should expect from a professional painting and decorating company!

When we survey our customers on why they usd Multi-trade, one of the most frequent answers is the quality and clarity of our quotations. Whilst a lot of companies will issue you with a paper based quote that at best splits labour and materials, we issue quotations which contain as much detail as we can provide, from the materials we intend to use, what we intend to do for the price, and how long we estimate to take. We us Flobot because great service companies use great software.

Example of our quotes

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