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We complete orders across London every day - have a look below to the huge range of jobs we do, and you'll see that we have the experience and tradesmen to cover your job - so don't trust just anyone to do your job - trust us! Our friendly team are standing by to take your call today!


replace a deck at the rear and paving at the front in tooting sw17


Below is the sort of thing we are after to give you an idea. We would like wall down the sides separating the houses (no railings).   

I should add that our neighbours on both side also have wooden fences that are in pretty bad shape and have said that they would possibly be interested in getting theirs replaced too. Could you let me know if you could offer us some kind of discount if you did the three gardens at the same time? 


has a broken wall that needs repairing in norbury. awaiting pictures.


Has a lawn that needs replacing as it is not getting enough light on she thinks. also wants to replace fence in tulse hill. she is available saturdasy and before 11am on thursday morning.

Garden Clearance


Hi ? I need a small amount of work doing at a rental property in Clapham ? is it something you could help with? Nothing major ? garden just needs clearing / jetwash etc…in wandsworth sw18

Garden Clearance

has Ivy growing up the side of the wall. CHeck door number. she wants to meet you there tomorrow in battersea Sw11 betwen the commons. A good one becasue they are a letings management agency.


We are looking to replace the fence in our garden in Tooting Broadway. We would be looking for 7 fence panels and 7 wooden posts to replace a fence that is falling down. 

however i am based in Chicago, but access should be open most of the time.


You will just need to email me when you are planning to visit so i can alert the tenants.


Please call, caller regarding moving a gate or putting in a larger gate. lives in and wants to make a gate larger one to get his motorbike in


I would like to get a quote for replacement of 4 fencing panels and 4 posts. in Streathm SW16


send an email. 

I spoke to Robert today who advised me to email you regarding arranging a time to come and a site visit.

I am looking at having some old decking replaced, 2 garden sheds dismantled and a new one put up and resited.

east Sheen






Pam Foster


needs a 25m wall knocked down and rebuilt.

Full landscaping

needs a clearance and then paving. goinf forward will need a whole new fence and lots of bits and pieces for the nursery in wimbldon sw19


Hi Rob


Address is  London SW18 As mentioned I?m in Italy but he can call me. However if he wants to see it he will need to arrange it with tennant. She will be away next week.

Attached is the only picture I have but can ask her to take more if required.


Hi i live sw16 stretham and im looking to get a quote to extend my back garden patio.


Need 2 walls repointing because it is letting in water from outside. In wandsworth.


We are looking at doing some work in our garden. The main work would be to pave a large area of the garden (side, replace decking with paved patio, pave the end of the garden around the shed and create an paved alley through the garden.

Could you please let us know whether you would be free to come and check the house to assess the work and give us a quote. We would be keen to do the work during the winter.

We are generally at work on week days so it would be ideal if we could arrange an appointment on a Saturday. Alternatively, both my wife and I would be in on Friday 9th February.

Our fence suffered from the strong wind over Christmas so we would be interested in getting in replaced as well as the work described below.


Streatham SW16


terrace house with front garden and he wants Victorian style outdoor tiles  and maybe Indian sandstone. 3:30pm on stauyrday is his best time and he is in wandsworth sw18


Would it be possible to come out and quote for having a garden patio laid to the rear of the house and maybe also to the front of the house please? 

Barnes SW13


We have a small job that needs doing. I attach photos of the entrance to our property in Southfields where you will see part of the wall collapsed. Is this something you can help with or, if not, can you recommend anyone?

Full landscaping

I'm planning on doing some fairly straightforward work to my garden - some paving, artificial turf and borders. Might you be interesting in doing the work? In Battersea SW11


Artificial Grass

wants some artificial grass. garden needs redoing. completely re-do but keep the trees. maybe a deck or paving.

Garden Clearance

Tenanted property in earlsfield sw17. needs garden clearance,

Garden clearance - bit of bamboo that needs gidding up weeding bush needs cutting back and a general tidy up of garden. SW17 wants a membrane


We are looking at doing some work in our garden. The main work would be to pave a large area of the garden (side, replace decking with paved patio, pave the end of the garden around the shed and create an paved alley through the garden.

Could you please let us know whether you would be free to come and check the house to assess the work and give us a quote. We would be keen to do the work during the winter.

Full landscaping

I have just seen your website and thought I would drop you a note as I have recently moved to a flat in South Wimbledon which has a large roof terrace which I would like some help / ideas with.  I noticed on your website you offer this service and have a garden designer I could perhaps speak to therefore was wondering if we could have a chat and perhaps discuss rough quotes?


The terrace is approx. 27x13 ft (plus some additional space which I can show better in a floor plan) and I am looking to create a space that can be used all year round, with a large seating area and plants / lighting etc.


Please can you let me know if it?s best to chat this through.

Wimbledon SW19

Full landscaping

I have some existing paving but want to pave over the rest of the lawn in my garden at Cavendish Road, SW12 in Balham matching the existing paving. The area to be paved is approximately 3m x 8m.

 Is this something you could do?



please call back regarding repairing front path in Putney, its leaking near gate. Rain is leaking through into cellar. Needs to be pulled up, waterproofed and relaying. Putney SW15 2QL. URGENT. 12 x 8 Quarry Tiles.

It is leaking when it rains and she needs it fixed quick.


Hello there


I left a phone message.


Our building  has a Victorian London brick boundary side wall along Melrose Road SW18 wandsworth


This has been leaning for years but is now in need of rebuilding.


Since the leaseholders are paying we want to look at attractive and cost effective options that don't require ongoing painting like the existing stuccoed structure. With the high cost of London brick we may even be able to achieve a degree of offset.


I attach some pics of the side wall in question plus they type of composite brick and wood wall that may be a better replacement option. Note - The road close signs in the pictures are not because of the wall!


We want to make recommendations to our managing agents Grace Miller &Co.





turfing required for house in streTHAM THIS WEEK. WAITING FOR TLEPHONE NUMBER


Could you come and quote to replace the wall at the front of our house and install railings in Tooting? We are also considering repaving the area too.

We are on Totterdown St, Tooting. Do you have some time weekend 16/17 Sept?

Check the door numbwer

Full landscaping

I have a small overgrown back garden in Pretoria Road London SW16 Streatham

Clearing the overgrowth

Weeding the beds

Preparation and laying of a new lawn

Jet washing the deck and oiling

I also have a front wall that needs replacing.

Please could you email me back to arrange a time for a viewing so that you can prepare a quote.


wants a quote for wooden decking replacement in Wandsworth SW18

Full landscaping

Needs it done by the end of next. week. She is the landlord. she wanst to make a new easy to clean space in the rear garden to rent it. so decking paving, artifical grrass in Battersea SW11.


fencing required in the front of the property.. it is a conservation area and it needs iron railings and wood to match everyone else's.

Full landscaping

We live in SW19, and our garden wall needs some fixing s this something you can help with?

Full landscaping

We would like to improve our little garden in Clapham, and wonder if you can help build this - I have finalised the design I would like to go with (see images attached).

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise I hope its self explanatory and we would want all the ground level borders edged to keep the earth in place. We would like to go ahead with the Balau hardwood benches and also the Balau hardwood screen. Lighting we can finalise when the team are on site.

Please let me know when you would be able to come round to review and give me a quote for the attached and also when you could start - we are ready to start whenever you are ready, price dependent. Landscaping in Balham SW12


call back regarding property in Earlsfield needing Garden work and front patio. I left him a message to get back to me but try him anyway.


We have

moved into a maisonette in earlsfield and are looking for a company to do our garden.

It requires a little clearance, fencing and paving.

I look forward to

Full landscaping

check door number) 

Hello there,

we are looking for help on renovating the front of our victorian terrace house in Balham and would like to ask for a quote from you please.

We would need

- repointing brickwork

- repaving and tiling path to entrance door

- rework the air gaps for cellar

- add a new front door base/step

- repainting/painting the front wall/fence

It would be great to arrange a visit to quote. We are pretty flexible in terms of timings as Im working from home.

Landscaping in Balham SW12


We are looking for a quote to level our back patio and lay down some new flagstones.

Dimensions: 12'4 x 11'8

Address: SW12 9NU

Would you be able to come for a viewing and give us a quote, or could you recommend on a how you would like to proceed?

Balham Sw12


Lives on a hill. His decking is broken and rotted, he needs parts of it replaced and the supports need replacing.


Thanks for calling yesterday, sorry I missed you.


> I've got a narrow garden with decking at the back (approx 3 by 7

> metres, no exact measurements to hand). I haven't kept good care of it

> and am thinking of redoing the whole thing.


> Wanted to get an idea of options and cost. I would be looking for it

> to be done this summer.


> Is it possible for someone to have a look? I'm in Tooting.


Repointing garden paving slabs in Wimbledon SW19

Is this something you would do? There are also a couple of loose slabs that need re-fixing. Are you are able to give me a rough idea of what this might cost? The garden is about 15ft by 15ft.


Repointing garden paving slabs in Wimbledon SW19

Is this something you would do? There are also a couple of loose slabs that need re-fixing. Are you are able to give me a rough idea of what this might cost? The garden is about 15ft by 15ft.

Stump Removal

Please could you arrange an appointment for cutting back a tree in my garden. It is about 3metres tall.

The property address is Bramfield Road, Battersea SW11

I also require a general tidy up of some other trees , they are not so tall, just need trimming.

Full landscaping

she isvery keen for someone to come across and give her a garden redesign and landscaping in Battersea SW11

Full landscaping

I live in SW12 and am looking to have work done on my rear garden immediately/in the very near future.

Calls best at 1pm or evenings

i) clearing
ii) preparing and turfing 70sq.m. (approx)

iii) planting 8-10x screening trees

iv) discuss additional other 'simple' planting options (flowers/low hedges)

v) installing garden lighting

Additionally there is some thought required on work to the front garden also, principally smartening up walls/railings and some border planting.

Please let me know when it is convenient to speak and schedule a site-visit.

Landscape gardening in Balham Sw12


front garden needs paving over. Has a rear garden, that needs garden clearing. Tooting sw17. And he needs a fox hole filling in under his shed.

Needs to be called after 6pm

Garden Clearance

I am gathering quotes for a patio to replace the decking (approx 10m

> square) in my back yard in SW12.Would you be kind enough to visit

> the premises and give me an idea of what it might cost?

don't waste too much time on this one.... ask for the best quote they have had.

Garden Clearance

My flat mate and I are looking to have our small patio garden cleared ready for the summer.

The garden is off the kitchen and is a small L shape. There is square area off the kitchen and a longer strip down the side of the building. I would say the long strip is about 2m x 6m and the square off the kitchen is about 3m x 4m.

How long would it take / much it would cost to have it cleared?


he wants some grdening

Full landscaping

She has a roof terrace she wants decking out in Battersea SW11

Full landscaping

We are looking for help to get our garden, which is currently very overgrown, back into a manageable state - the grass needs to be cut; the trees, plants and bushes also need cutting back or removing; and the gutters need to be cleared in streatham sw16

We are also looking for some advice on how best to design/landscape the garden, including: replacing the decking, shed and fish pond, possibly installing a patio area and replacing the garden path.

We would be grateful if you could either provide an estimate for this work or arrange for a site visit if that is the best way to assess what services we need and the likely cost.

If you need further infromation please do let us know.

Full landscaping

check the door number. she is nice and this could be a good one.

Good afternoon,

I wonder if you provide landscaping services to Tooting SW17

We have a medium sized garden that is in low/reasonable condition (lawn together although grass and flower beds are in poor condition) and are looking to redesign into a low maintenance, clean space. The three key areas we?d like to focus on are:

  • Fencing: there is an old 3ft fence in place but we?re looking to raise to 6ft for privacy although the top part of the fence would need to be a trellis or netting between posts as we need to be mindful of the sunlight in neighbouring gardens.
  • Paving: we currently have a small decking area, but would like to replace with a larger paving area for seating etc.
  • Reducing the lawn: making the lawn a reduce size /regular shape so that it is easy to mow. The space would need to be gravelled or replaced with another material

I would be very keen to arrange a consultation and hear what you would recommend/be able to provide.

Many thanks,


she has an old wooden garden deck that has rotted and needs removing and she wants to replace it with a garden patio in Balham SW12


> We would like to get a quote for our garden to be turfed. Our garden

> currently doesn't have any grass, we have cleared the area but it will

> require prep work. Please can we arrange for you to come round to view

> the area and get a quote Thanks Mark


garden turfing new lawn balham sw12 


We would like to get a quote for a new garden fence.

It would be great if you were able to come one evening this week to have a look.

We're on Topsham Road, Tooting.

Garden Clearance

I'm wondering if I could book you to undertake some gardening please at my

home at Balham SW12

I need a general tidy up of the front and back garden, removing weeds and

clipping back the shrubbery that borders the garden. I also need the bushes and plants that overhang my garage to be cut back.

I have attached photos of the situation on site if that helps. 


As requested please find attached a pic of my house in wandsworth, current (no wall) and the kind of wall I am looking for. I dont necessarily need it like that, it could just be brick only. Are you able to give a basic brick only quote and then one thats a bit more fancy? 

GArden wall 

Wandsworth SW18


Needs his garden turfing in East Sheen SW14

Full landscaping

We are looking to redo our garden in sw12. Back and side garden. Garden landscaper Balham SW12 

Garden Clearance

> I am looking for someone to refurbish my terrace, involving jet

> washing, repointing between the slabs and some brickwork + paining some metal bits. in Wimbledon


Live in Streatham Hill. Has rotten decking. Sw16 new wooden garden decking required

Garden Clearance

I am wondering if you can provide me with a quote to whip my garden

> into shape.


> It's a relatively small decked garden, however there are loads of

> hedges around the edges of the garden. Theses hedges are out of

> control and need to be cut along with tons of leaves being in the

> garden that need to be cleared.


> At a guess I would say my garden is around 14 foot by 14 foot, and I

> live in streatham just past the Tesco extra.


> Would you be able to provide me with a quote for this work, and also

> advise if this could be possible prior to Saturday 3rd June ?

Garden Clearance

We're after a gardener to help sort out our garden. It's a small garden but with a lot in it, and needs weeding, lots of vines trees and plants cutting back, some brick work cleaning, and some fox holes filling. We had someone do something similar last year and it took them a full day.

Some photos are attached. Do you need any other information in order to give us a quote? We're at Balham SW12


I?m looking for a quote for a new deck. I currently have a wooden deck of approximately 18m2 with a large hatch in the middle that offers an access way to the basement. The hatch started bending through as most of the joist beneath have started rotting pretty badly.

Could you provide a quote over email or would it require a visit to the property? What would a rough estimate be for a 18m2 wooden/composite deck and what are your current lead times?

Please let me know should anything be unclear or in case you need any additional information.

Balham SW12


I am planning on doing the paving in my house and would like if you could

provide a quote to do the works.

Are you available to pop around some evening? Please advise on availability.

Front, rear and side of mid terraced house in, Balham SW12

Garden Clearance

Overgrown garden that needs clearing to sell. Jet washing, garden clearance, bushes and weeds.

Garden Clearance

Hi there,

Could you please suggest a quote for a 1-off job of gardening?

The garden:

  • Is about 10m x 3m in size
  • Has 5 trees, each about 3m tall

We would need the trees to be removed (including trunks), and the lawn mowed.

This garden is in Earlsfield - photo attached.

Full landscaping


I'm interested in getting a design/quote for a small back garden (6m x 3.3m). Would involve some clearance, the creation of new concrete beds and seating areas. Could you please call me. I am in Tooting SW17


Hi there,

I was hoping you might be able to help. I need to get my decking repaired in my garden and am based in Clapham by the common  Could it be possible to get a quote for the work? It?s 3 - 4 rows of decking slats at the back of the garden.


Hi there,

I am looking to get a quote on fixing a fence in my property in Earlsfield and possible clearing out part of the garden as well (mainly removing weeds and overgrown unwanted plants). What is the best way to get an accurate quote and what is the quickest timeline you could provide someone for the work?


I need to install a new fence in my garden and would like s quote.

Also I have a tree in the garden in need of pruning.

I would very much appreciate if you could get back to me to arrange a visit in Battersea SW11 Northcite Road.

Full landscaping

Needs a quote for his garden

Garden Clearance

I?d like to get a quote for doing a tidy up and prune of my rental property near Streatham common. Ideally need the work to commence quite soon.

It's front and back Gardens, prune all hedges back, general weeding and cut back overgrowth to beds.

Tenants have not Gardened properly for 2 years.

Also the Wisteria at front of property gone over roof. Please review pics and tell me what can be done.

Streatham SW16


Garden Clearance

Small job. HAd a new driveway and she needs a new lawn. Need floor raised and re-turfing. Edging to borders tidying up. Streatham SW16.

Garden Clearance

check the door number

We live in SW18 and are looking for someone to do some general garden maintenance for us ASAP (removal of one bush, trimming of other bushes, trimming of ivy and removal of dead ivy, including garden waste removal).

Is this something your company can help us with?


Please call regarding having garden wall regarding pointed. it is old and she needs it making new in Barnes SW13.

Full landscaping

We live near Clapham Junction between the Commons and are looking to make-over our garden and need some professional assistance. I have attached a few photos of the garden which you will see is typical of the area. We are looking to create a modern space with low maintenance plants, examples of which we have seen on your website.

Would you be able to let us know about your services and prices please and perhaps we could book an meet up at our house to discuss further?

 Battersea SW11


He needs som e garden fencing in Battersea Sw11. He may have some other landcscape gardening work too.


I have a small London garden with a lawn 20 - 25m2 which I wish to replace asap:

1. it was not good quality to start with

2. a fox warrened beneath it and we had to dig up some 2m

3. ?mind your own business? is embedded in parts and I want to get rid of it

4. I may want to change the edging (original pie crusts)

Please let me know if you can supply and lay, how you proceed, your possible timescale and cost.

I can send a photo if required.

Wandsworth SW18


Please call
Looking for a quote for a rebuild of a garden wall and patch laying.

Garden Clearance

Garden clearance required Tooting SW17. Bamboo, hedge trimming. Needs digging out and a weed membrane.

Artificial Grass

Court yard garden 6m x 6m. Slate chippings and flower beds. Wants to get rid of it and he wants artificial grass. Lives in Tooting SW17.

Call him and give him an idea of cost, save yourself a trip.


Has decking and wants t change it. Wants to replace it with paving in Barnes SW13. Around 8m2.

Husband is off this week and ideally could meet now?


> Would you be able to quote for fences for a garden in Balham. Shed

> painting and potential gravel path in Balham. Awaiting number


Hi, we are looking to lay some slabs at the front of our house.

Please could you contact me to arrange someone to quote.

Paving in Wandsworth SW18


10 m2 of decking needs o be replaced. probably needs a new frame too. Back garden. get the keys from Collette O'Sullivans at Chestertons on Battersea Rise. Give her a call.CLient will be there on the 20th. i ecommended composit decking or paving - the house is rented out.


14m2 o paving required in back garden, no access except through house. In Battersea sw11

Full landscaping

I?m looking for a new lawn (the garden is not big) and a bit of general tidying up. My wife is the gardener so I?ll leave the details to her.

Our children are off school for the next two weeks so we?re generally around to suit you. New lawn in Balham SW12


He is a friend of mine Pat - but a good guy for a change! He needs fencing - and he wants a red cedar baton fence or something that looks like it maybe stained but give him a price for both - he has the money. And he wants some easigrass laid. So get that account with easigrass as soon as possible. He only really wants easigrass becasue it is the best. Lives in battersea SW11


lawn returfing balham sw12. but she sounds like a penny pincher so just give her a price on the phone.


I was wondering whether it would be possible to have a quote for repairing a brick wall and some pointing/brickwork on a flat in Earlsfield?

Just send her an email for an appointnt


We'd like to get a quote for a new deck and removal of bamboo that had destroyed the old one.

If anybody to pop over this Friday to quote for this work? Gardener in Tooting SW17


I need two fences replaced as well as raised beds replaced with some plant removal. Near Clapham South. I am available Friday or Saturday if you want to come around to quote.


I am looking for a quotation for the replacement of my front garden boundary wall. I live in a terrace house in Streatham Hill. The brick wall is approximately 3/4m in length.


We would like our back garden re-paved and a raised bed put in. Are

> you able to provide an estimate for this work? We would like it completed in April. in Battersea SW11

Garden Clearance

Garden clearance in rear of prpoperty. Has a lot of vines need removing, trees and stumps grinding out and one big stump that needs grinding. he has just bought it and he needs some fox holes sealed up. a lot of levelling. And wants to have a talk about his garden pond. Garden in Tooting SW17.


Available times:

Saturday 1st April

Monday 3rd April after 6.45pm

Wednesday 5th April after 6.45pm

Saturday 8th April


We are looking for a tradesman to re-lay some garden decking for our house on Mallinson Road. The work would include removing the existing decking, clearing the ground, re-installing a new hardwood decking with weed block underneath.

Is this something you are able to quote for?

Please find dimensions of what we are looking for on the attached file.

There are also several other garden related items we need doing. Would it be possible to discuss over the phone?

SW11 Battersea


Has a brick wall. Lower part of the wall is leaning and the bricks are blowing. She needs to replace the wall. Needs a quote a for a new wall in Colliers Wood SW19

Full landscaping

The garden is large and while artificial grass would certainly be more practical I just cannot face doing that to my beautiful garden!

I have a large garden at the above property that needs turfing to lawn once most building works are completed in April.

Can you please quote for a very hard-wearing lawn that will survive tenants who have children and who never water and only mow occasionally in the summer between June and July!

Do let me know what you could do for us please. Access is available during normal builders? hours. In Battersea SW11


He has 4 panles that need replacing in a fence that was blown down by the storm in Putney SW15.

Full landscaping

(check door number)  address is Battersea SW11 6DR. We?re not in the house yet, but its getting closer! The move back in date is May 19th. Would it be possible to meet at the house on a Saturday morning? It?s tricky for me to get back from work while its light.

We are coming to the end of a build and will need the garden sorting out. Would you be able to come round one weekend and have a look at it?

Best Regards

Full landscaping

Has a largish communal garden in Streatham SW16  that he has been given the contract for. It needs a garden clearance and some planters, some landscaping. Wants a meeting.


Dear Garden Team,

We are looking for someone to lay a new turf lawn in our garden in Tooting 

SW17 (check addess)) and to build one raised flower bed from railway sleepers.

I?ve attached a few pictures to show the garden at the moment. Please let me know if you are able to come over to give us a quote.


Garden landscaper, paving, patios, brick walls Westminster SW1 | BSHF

Call us now on 0208 798 9250 - we have landscapers in your area!

Bright Seasons Multi-trade provide landscape gardening services in Westminster SW1. We love Westminster SW1 and we love to build the walls, paving, patios, lawns, planetrs, wooden decks, garden lighting, hard and soft landscaping that makes Westminster SW1 so beautiful .

We work hard, fast and to a method to ensure that we create the best gardens in Westminster SW1. Here is how it works.

Preparation for the landscaping project

Once the terms and conditions have been signed and the deposit for materials has been paid, your job will be given a start date. Generally speaking we will need a set of keys to allow access to the property. We will also arrange for a skip and a permit for waste. (Where possible - in Westminster SW1 only the home owner can obtain a permit).

Landscape gardening - before picture

Starting the project

On the first day of work we start the process of removing the old garden and preparing the ground for the one. In London, many properties have no access to the rear garden without going through the house. We will have factored this into the quotation, as it will take longer - and need considerably more care to get the materials from the front of the property to the rear. Similarly, old soil, wood, plants, concrete and green waste may need to come from the garden to the front of the property into the skip.

Landscape gardening in Westminster SW1 - during picture

Garden materials arrive

Once the area is clear, the majority of the materials for the new garden will arrive. Valuable materials must be stored in the garden, where it is secure. It is not always possible to leave materials at the front of the property.

Landscape gardening - constructing a wooden deck

Landscaping the new garden

The middle parts of the job can be a hive of activity. Wooden frames for decks being constructed, paving being laid, fences erected, top soil being positioned. However, we will endeavour to make the project as painless as possible by adhering to a few simple principles.

Landscape gardening - constructing a wooden deck

Consideration for your neighbours in Westminster SW1

  • Parking considerately - to keep your neighbours onside
  • Keeping noise to a minimum and refraining from bad language
  • Materials that have to be stored in the street are left safe and tidy
  • Tools are stored at the end of each day and dust sheets are lifted
Landscape gardening - decking complete

Completing your landscape gardening project

We like to keep in continuous communication with our clients throughout the landscaping process. This ensures that we are meeting your requirements and there are no surprises for either of us at the end of the project. When the garden is complete we ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. The job is signed off, the final payment is made and the keys handed back. Now it's time to start enjoying your new garden!

Landscape gardening - the complete project


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Map of Westminster SW1

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