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Landscaping East Dulwich SE22 and Landscape gardener | wall builders | bricklayer London | Bright Seasons
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We complete orders across London every day - have a look below to the huge range of jobs we do, and you'll see that we have the experience and tradesmen to cover your job - so don't trust just anyone to do your job - trust us! Our friendly team are standing by to take your call today!

Stump Removal

Can you please give me a quote for a tree stump removal ?

We had dead tree taken out a few years ago and now need the stump removed but due to being flats i need to get quote. dulwich se22


need a large amount of fencing at a girls school in Dulwich Se22

Full landscaping

I would be interested in getting a quote for some work in our front

> garden in East Dulwich.


> The area is currently a mixture of paving & gravel, but overgrown with

> weeds. We would like the area de-weeding, the membrane under the

> gravel replacing, and new gravel adding. We would also like all of the

> paving to be jet-washed.


> We would also like to have a quote for a low maintenance tree (olive

> tree?) adding to the centre of the gravel area.


> Please can you let me know if this is something that you are able to

> help with. SE22


I?d like to get a quote for paving over a very small area of lawn in the front of our house in East Dulwich.

Garden Clearance

Garden needs a big overhaul and garden clearance. in east dulwich


I'd really like something done to my front garden - a mixture of paving and

planting. I'm the East Dulwich end of East Dulwich Grove.

Are you free to come and take a look one evening or early morning or


We are looking to get our wooden roof terrace fixed - some of the panels are rotting, it needs new fencing and the wooden poles possibly need replacing. It may need redoing altogether.

We also have extensive decking in our garden and areas have rotted so would need sections of that replaced.

I wondered if you would be able to come over, take a look at what needs doing and give us a quote?

If this Saturday is a possibility that would be fantastic. We are in Dulwich

Garden Clearance

I have a few gardening jobs at my house which I am seeking help with

> and would like to arrange an appointment to get a quote:


> 1. Removal of bamboo roots. We have a problem with bamboo which is

> spreading and have cut it all down but we need to either poison or remove the roots.


> 2. Removal of a large bush


> 3. Quote for garden design/landscaping.

Dulwich SE21



I have a small job of preparing and turfing a space 12ft by 8ft in SE22, East Dulwich.


fencing repair. tidying and maintenance for his garden. he needs to do some work before he can even do the fence. not here from Sunday.


Looking for repair or new panels of a fence also wall in front garden needs repairing or replacing. she has a low garden wall at the front and it needs replacing.


HAs an old fence around on side of the garden that needs replacing. Wants a new fetaher edge fence in Dulwich SE22


I have some existing timber decking (around 15m2) which has been left untreated by a previous owner and gone rotten. I was wondering if you would be able to provide a quote for the removal and replacement of the decking? In East Dulwich SE22

Garden Clearance

Wants a garden clearance in Dulwich for a private girls school. This woud be a good contract they will have a lot of work here.

Garden Clearance

I wondered if you could help me in Teo things.


> 1. A tidy of a garden flat I've been renting, it's not overgrown just

> needs general weeding and tidying up, this would be in early April as

> I vacate on the 14th


> 2. I've just bought s garden flat. Nothing seems to have been done

> with the garden, the majority is all paved at the moment but I like to

> really improve it. Do you offer ideas on what can be done if you

> visited? It's a small garden, I've attached a picture but the lighting is very poor.


> Both are in east Dulwich.


> Look forward to hearing from you,


Found you via Google. A segment of our fence blew down during the wind of the past few weeks. Do you do fence repair? We are in East Dulwich?


Garden landscaper, paving, patios, brick walls East Dulwich SE22 | BSHF

Call us now on 0208 798 9250 - we have landscapers in your area!

Bright Seasons Multi-trade provide landscape gardening services in East Dulwich SE22. We love East Dulwich SE22 and we love to build the walls, paving, patios, lawns, planetrs, wooden decks, garden lighting, hard and soft landscaping that makes East Dulwich SE22 so beautiful .

We work hard, fast and to a method to ensure that we create the best gardens in East Dulwich SE22. Here is how it works.

Preparation for the landscaping project

Once the terms and conditions have been signed and the deposit for materials has been paid, your job will be given a start date. Generally speaking we will need a set of keys to allow access to the property. We will also arrange for a skip and a permit for waste. (Where possible - in East Dulwich SE22 only the home owner can obtain a permit).

Landscape gardening - before picture

Starting the project

On the first day of work we start the process of removing the old garden and preparing the ground for the one. In London, many properties have no access to the rear garden without going through the house. We will have factored this into the quotation, as it will take longer - and need considerably more care to get the materials from the front of the property to the rear. Similarly, old soil, wood, plants, concrete and green waste may need to come from the garden to the front of the property into the skip.

Landscape gardening in East Dulwich SE22 - during picture

Garden materials arrive

Once the area is clear, the majority of the materials for the new garden will arrive. Valuable materials must be stored in the garden, where it is secure. It is not always possible to leave materials at the front of the property.

Landscape gardening - constructing a wooden deck

Landscaping the new garden

The middle parts of the job can be a hive of activity. Wooden frames for decks being constructed, paving being laid, fences erected, top soil being positioned. However, we will endeavour to make the project as painless as possible by adhering to a few simple principles.

Landscape gardening - constructing a wooden deck

Consideration for your neighbours in East Dulwich SE22

  • Parking considerately - to keep your neighbours onside
  • Keeping noise to a minimum and refraining from bad language
  • Materials that have to be stored in the street are left safe and tidy
  • Tools are stored at the end of each day and dust sheets are lifted
Landscape gardening - decking complete

Completing your landscape gardening project

We like to keep in continuous communication with our clients throughout the landscaping process. This ensures that we are meeting your requirements and there are no surprises for either of us at the end of the project. When the garden is complete we ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. The job is signed off, the final payment is made and the keys handed back. Now it's time to start enjoying your new garden!

Landscape gardening - the complete project


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