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Hi Robert,


Thanks for the call just now. I have attached the plan for the back and front garden as well as a photo of each one.


For the back garden, we want to:

  • replace the decking either with hardwood or composite decking, probably set on a diagonal. 
  • It?s a North facing garden, so grip is really important as it does get slippery. 
  • Including two access hatches, one for a drain beneath the decking, and hopefully a second hatch to include a small sandpit for the client?s young daughter.
  • In the diagram, the decking has square edges, but we?d be interested in giving it curved edges if that is possible? 
  • Thinking about some edging where the decking meets the bed on the right, as soil does drop onto it. 


For the front garden, it?s a case of :

  • adding a few meters of paving to match the small bit of paving that?s already there (I believe this is natural limestone). 
  • If not possible, just replacing with a similar natural stone. This is to give the garden a narrow path and area to store the bins.


If you can provide me with an estimate for the work that will be very helpful, and timing wise, anytime between now and Jan works well but happy to take your lead. The house is in Clapham sw4.

I work on quite a few gardens in the area and am always looking for people to help with hard landscaping, so would be great to chat more in the future. 



> Hi,


> We would like a new front garden wall and railings built and wondered

> if

you'd be able to come and quote? We also have an old (but lovely) brick wall in our rear garden that needs some care and possibly to be rebuilt so if you could take a look at it at the same time that would be great. Clapham SW4

Full landscaping

Hi there I hope this email find you well,


We have a current requirement for soft landscaping at our project in Clapham Manor Children's Centre, would you be able to look at the attached drawings and schedule and provide us with a quote?


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me


Thank you for your time landscape2.pdfLandscaping plan.pdf

Full landscaping

I have a 100 sq metre garden mostly decked in clapham sw4, with shrubs and a grape vine and a front hedge to a terraced house.

I need someone to maintain it and or renovate it.

It took the last guy a day or so a month to do on a regular basis


waiting for telephone number. she wants a wall built in CLapham SW4

Full landscaping

Hi guys,

We're looking for a local contractor to renovate our balcony (we're based on Clapham Common).

The balcony itself is 8.5m x 1m, and as you can see from the picture is in a bit of a sorry state. We're looking for a company to deck the balcony (with suitable drainage underneath the boards), and clean up the brickwork and metalwork.

You can see on the left hand side the entire wall is also lead flashing, so we'd also be looking to coat with oil/treat, paint or cover with a wooden wall somehow.

Would this be something you'd be interested in quoting on?

Kind regards

Full landscaping

We're interested in discussing a garden project we're planning for our

Clapham North House. Would we be able to set up a call or meeting to go
through the project with you?

Clapham SW4


7 panels put up in a garden to seperate the garden. small gate needs putting in and they have siet access to the garden. wooden fence posts please and a trellis fence (it is not bordering of a neighbour) . maybe an estimate for a concrete post and gravel boards too. Fencing in Clapham SW4. just an email estimate required.

Full landscaping

We are interested in having some work done in our small garden in Clapham (5.3m by 3.8m). At the minimum we would like some tree surgery done and if possible we would like some design advice and then moving on to landscaping of the garden itself depending on the service you are able to offer. I have attached an image of the garden from when we bought the place, the dimensional plans and an image of the tree. It would be great if you could give me a call back to discuss. We live in SW4 clapham


Full landscaping

Access only through flat. need digging down at the back, turfing, and some planters put back in. Only around on weekends and Mondays. Clapham SW4. 

Garden Clearance

I have a small back garden that has been woefully neglected and needs

> clearing - also broken shed removed if possible


> Then I would like to pave half of it - and rest either grass or

> artificial grass And also some raised beds for veg if possible


> I will need to have the clearing done first Then maybe the rest in x2

> stages depending on the cost


> Would you be able to quote for me please?

> We are in SW4


> Also we are in first floor flat so you would have to go up and down

> the stairs to access


has some decking that needs replacing with a new patio in Clapham SW4


25m long wall. It is leaning. it is quite tall. Needs replacing or maybe repairing (not likely if it is leaning) it is a yellow stock brick wall and he has has a quote for replacement of 25,000, I thik he wanst somthing cheaper. Breeze block and render by the sounds of it and maybe victorian railing instead.. Clapham SW4.


45m2 of lawn needs replacing. has a lawn at the moment. in Clapham Old Town SW4

Garden Clearance

needs a garden clearance Clapham  SW4.


Fence repair Clapham SW4. His fence has blown down in the storm and he needs a new one.

Garden Clearance

Some paving, some new pergolas, some planting, garden clearance and tidy in Clapham Sw4.

Full landscaping

I think this is a really good project.


Many thanks for your reply.

The garden is south east facing so it gets a decent amount of sun. We are actually planning on using an artificial grass in Clapham.

We have just finished to refurbish our house and we want to redesign our garden. We already had the design made and we pretty know what we want.

Attached is the pictures of our garden not really now as since then we have already, ourselves, starting to clear it and remove some non reusable plants.

We would be delighted if you could come to see our garden and give us your opinion.

Looking forward hearing from you


new lawn needs turfing, and a tree removed and some borders. she is in Clapham Sw4


Has a fence, wants a wall instead probably. Clapham SW4.

Full landscaping

I own a house on Clapham Common North Side near Forthbridge Road and have currently applied for planning permission for a new front boundary wall. In addition, I am looking to redesign my front garden and likely by back garden as well including new planting and new side boundary fences though am not clear yet on design/style/height of these.

I am currently awaiting council planning permission for the replacement wall but wanted to get a quote in the meantime. I can provide the application sketch if that is of help. Roughly the idea is to erect a new brick wall of about 1.65m height running about 4.5m across with additional metal railing above the wall. There would be three pillars as I would also need to add a new iron gate entrance.

Is this something that your firm could handle and quote on?


I live in SW4 and might need some turfing done in my back garden. I do not think I need the entire lawn done, but I would like a quote for the various options.
Also, do you trim trees/bushes. My neighbour's bay tree is seriously encroaching and they have given me permission to get brutal with it. Is that something you could do?

Call at any time. I appreciate that this might not be the best time of year to do turfing, but I thought it was best to line things up so that when the weather warms up we can get it done. Lives in CLapham SW4  

Full landscaping

Thanks so much for your time on the phone yesterday. As mentioned, I?d be really keen to arrange for you to come and recce the garden to a) provide the quote for rotating / turfing the new front garden, and b) scope out options and costs for the back garden.

I?m generally available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekends and I am in Clapham SW4, London.

Full landscaping

 I'm currently in the very early stages of thinking about modernising my back garden, I moved into the flat a year ago and the fence needs replacing so whilst we are doing that we might as well look at the rest.

Would you be able to come around and some point to talk it through and give some rough ideas/costings?





Garden Clearance

an areas in front and rear of an office approx 50m needs. Quite a famous arhitects company in Clapham. They need the area cleared it is like a jungle. He is around today until 6pm.


A fox had broken through the bottom of maybe 2 fence panels and they need replacing.

Probably need gravel boards on the bottom to stop it happening againg.

So fence repair Clapham SW4


Garden landscaper, paving, patios, brick walls Clapham SW4 | BSHF

Call us now on 0208 798 9250 - we have landscapers in your area!

Bright Seasons Multi-trade provide landscape gardening services in Clapham SW4. We love Clapham SW4 and we love to build the walls, paving, patios, lawns, planetrs, wooden decks, garden lighting, hard and soft landscaping that makes Clapham SW4 so beautiful .

We work hard, fast and to a method to ensure that we create the best gardens in Clapham SW4. Here is how it works.

Preparation for the landscaping project

Once the terms and conditions have been signed and the deposit for materials has been paid, your job will be given a start date. Generally speaking we will need a set of keys to allow access to the property. We will also arrange for a skip and a permit for waste. (Where possible - in Clapham SW4 only the home owner can obtain a permit).

Landscape gardening - before picture

Starting the project

On the first day of work we start the process of removing the old garden and preparing the ground for the one. In London, many properties have no access to the rear garden without going through the house. We will have factored this into the quotation, as it will take longer - and need considerably more care to get the materials from the front of the property to the rear. Similarly, old soil, wood, plants, concrete and green waste may need to come from the garden to the front of the property into the skip.

Landscape gardening in Clapham SW4 - during picture

Garden materials arrive

Once the area is clear, the majority of the materials for the new garden will arrive. Valuable materials must be stored in the garden, where it is secure. It is not always possible to leave materials at the front of the property.

Landscape gardening - constructing a wooden deck

Landscaping the new garden

The middle parts of the job can be a hive of activity. Wooden frames for decks being constructed, paving being laid, fences erected, top soil being positioned. However, we will endeavour to make the project as painless as possible by adhering to a few simple principles.

Landscape gardening - constructing a wooden deck

Consideration for your neighbours in Clapham SW4

  • Parking considerately - to keep your neighbours onside
  • Keeping noise to a minimum and refraining from bad language
  • Materials that have to be stored in the street are left safe and tidy
  • Tools are stored at the end of each day and dust sheets are lifted
Landscape gardening - decking complete

Completing your landscape gardening project

We like to keep in continuous communication with our clients throughout the landscaping process. This ensures that we are meeting your requirements and there are no surprises for either of us at the end of the project. When the garden is complete we ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. The job is signed off, the final payment is made and the keys handed back. Now it's time to start enjoying your new garden!

Landscape gardening - the complete project


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