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Flooring Westminster SW1 and Carpets & Flooring London, carpet fitters CdV
Electrical services

We complete orders across London every day - have a look below to the huge range of jobs we do, and you'll see that we have the experience and tradesmen to cover your job - so don't trust just anyone to do your job - trust us! Our friendly team are standing by to take your call today!

Domestic Carpet

would you be able to pop round to measure and provide us a quote for removing old flooring and supplying and fitting Amtico flooring in our ground floor maisonette flat in Balham ? We are looking to get our kitchen/diner/living room re-floored

Domestic Carpet

We wish to use it to recarpet two bedrooms and a flight of stairs in our flat.  Would you be able to provide me with a quote for the proposed work?

The room dimensions are as follows:

 Bedroom 1: 3m x 3m approx

Bedroom 2: 3m x 3.5m approx

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet in a bedroom in light grey colour. maybe the stairs with same carpet. in balham sw12 London. sent wantsapp

Safety Flooring

needs a cap and cove safety floor for dog grooming shop. sent whatsapp.

Carpet Runner

We are looking for a runner + installation for our staircase in Streatham. There is a curve at top and bottom and each step is approx 19cm high and 83cm wide (to banister). 

Images of the staircase and they type of wool carpet we are looking for attached below.

Please let me know what you need to provide a quote. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

son has a bathroom and he is refurbishing. he wants amtico or karndean lvt before the bathroom goes in and floor needs screeding.

balham sw12 London

Domestic Carpet

 can you give me a quote for a bedroom carpet. I am looking for a hard wearing synthetic carpet in grey. An off cut is fine. It is for my son who is on a budget. The room size is approx 2.7m x 2.7m, plus a cupboard. The address is 32A Lynn Road, SW12 9LA. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

karndean floor LVT wanted in Richmond SW14 Barnes. sent whatsapp.

Domestic Carpet

I would like a quote to lay new carpet in two bedrooms and a small hallway in our flat in Tooting Bec/Streatham. The current carpet is brown and similar to this: (I can send a precise image of our current carpet). We would like an equally basic, cheap carpet fitted.

We would like to know the cost to remove the current carpet, supply new similar carpet and the fitting cost, and how quickly this could be done.

The rough dimensions are:

Bedroom 1:12 m2 Bedroom 2: 10.5 m2 Hallway: 4m2

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Earl's client. she wants an lvt floor on wood subfloor in balham sw12 london

Domestic Carpet

wants measuring service tooting sw17 london

Domestic Carpet

wants carpets in sw14 barnes sent hatsapp.

Carpet Runner

wool carpet runner for straight stairs wanted in sw18 wandsworth. he just needs fitting it is coming form india. sent her whatsapp

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet, 2 sets of stairs, 2 bedroom -  underneath in sw19 wimbledon london wooden floors. 3.5m 4m. sent whatsapp.

Ceramic Flooring

wants alvt for 1 bed apartment in chelsea sw3 london

Marmoleum Lino

Approx 2.5m x 2 m (does vary because of figments
Interested in excellent quality vinyl or marmoleum possibly..

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

estimates for Amtico or V4 for ground floor room plus hallway approx 50m2 total. room floorboards, hall old parquet

Amtico signature, designers choice, Winchester D467   Bordeaux oak in large parquet laying pattern.

V4. ZB108

send WhatsApp

Wooden Flooring

balham SW12 9LS

Herringbone / Engineered wood floor (but open to options)
Bedroom (currently has carpet)
This is the floor plan (main bedroom with pay windows
WE have underfloor heating

Wooden Flooring

wants a wooden floor rplacement in sheen sw14 London

Carpet Runner

We would like a runner up the stairs (ground to top floor) along with the same style carpet in the landing areas. 

We were looking for a style similar to Ozolins 9 from Fleetwood Fox or a boucle loop pile wool carpet with striped borders or plain sisal with border. 

Steps are 80cm wide, 25cm wide and 20cm high. 15 steps followed by 3 steps and then 12. 
First landing 200x150cm, second 80x180 and 170x150, third 120x263

SW11 Battersea


- do you provide a soundproofing overlay with laminate floor? I live on the 5th floor of a building and would require some soundproofing options


- do you also remove current floor as part of your service?


- how do I see your laminate product that I could choose from? Are there thicker options for flats?


Overall my flat is around 42m sq.


Domestic Carpet

We are looking for carpet and underlay please. This is for a front back reception rooms, one medium sized bedroom, and stair and landings for a 3 story house. At the moment we have an oldish wool carpet but this has been eaten in patches my moths ☹️. Sobivthinkvwell probably go for a more synthetic one, unless you have o wool one in mind that would be suitable. 

We want a neutral beige / stone colour. We?ve had quotes for carpets called Traymore twist, Primo Twist and Ultimate twist if that means anything to you. We would also like the old carpets to be taken away please. 

I have the following plan that I have attached. It was drawn up by a carpet fitter. If you can figure it out I think it would help you do your quote

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Please call back regarding Amtico flooring in 3 x bathrooms

Domestic Carpet

expensive carpet in westminster london

Domestic Carpet

I am moving into a new place in Clapham, London (SW11 5FU) and looking to have the carpet replaced in two of the rooms due to it having been stained by my tenants. I'd like to use the same carpet (as it is in other places of the house).


The carpet is:

Balta Broadloom 

Range: Timeless

Colour: ?Misty?

To include underlay ? Carpet Cushion by Ball & Young Ltd. 


The rooms have underfloor heating (in case that matters).


The rooms' dimensions are:

3.09m x 3.77m (or 10' 2" x 12' 5")

3.71m x 3.52x (or 12' 2" x 11' 6")


Could you please provide me with a quote for material and fitting?

Domestic Carpet

wants a domestic carpet for flat in balham sw12 london. they are selling it so they want something cheap


This is the room we?d like to put cork floor down in. It?s 2645mm x 2620mm and the bit by the door is 760x880mm. It?s wood floorboards, but they?re a little uneven so would need an underlay. We were looking at. A floating floor but would appreciate your advice.   SW16 Streatham.

Domestic Carpet

Steph is the pm for tVicky and Neal in St Johns Hill, London. They wants some carpet. sent whatsapp

Marmoleum Lino

I just sent you a watsapp with my request and then scrolled down to find an email.
I'm looking for suitable flooring for gym room. I was thinking of Lino as it is both soft and natural. I do want it on the roll though, rather than tiles.
I'm looking for 9m2 with installation. Colour dark grey-black/slate effect or similar The width of the room is just under 2.6m.
Installation mid to end of Aug.
Could you kindly furnish me with some options. Or maybe there is another option. I've had a quote for poured rubber flooring and it was too expensive given they have min m2 and my room is small. Wimbledon SW19

Wooden Flooring

Room is about 13? by 10? with a fireplace and a couple of inlays (see pics).

We are keen to switch to wooden floor and while we?d like to use the original floorboards if possible, we need to make sure it is as quiet as possible for the property downstairs so are thinking we might need to go with engineered wood.

Property is Victorian, assume original floorboards, and are original skirting boards

Please can you send some estimates of cost ranges (starting at the most cost effective end please)?

Also would we be able to reuse the flooring once fitted when we move house?

Natural Fibres

This is for a sisal carpet (natural carpet)

Wooden Flooring

Hi there, interested in new flooring for our bedroom, which is 3.9m by 3.2m. Interested in solid wood or engineered wood flooring.  Please see video, it would need to be laid on floorboards, just had them sanded as though they would be good enough, but not looking great.

Wooden Flooring

wants a wooden floor replaced in sw10 kensignton london

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants a small kitchen floor in Amico lvt in streatham sw16 London

Domestic Carpet

wants a carpet for stairs in putney sw15 london. sent whatsapp

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

We are in the process of having our entire house refurbed and will need karndean/amtico for the hallway and kitchen/diner area, with carpets for stairs, landing and 4 bedrooms. Streatham SW16 London

Domestic Carpet

Please can you give us a quote to supply and fit a carpet in the attached area? Carpet needs to only go in the 'Yellow Area" and the measurements are included.

It is for a basement of a retail shop and we hold events there, can you give me a price range please? We are after a medium grey colour, preferably with some texture but no prints. Texture can be stripes or geometric.

Marmoleum Lino

has marmoleum and he wants it fitted into a kitchen in streatham sw16

Domestic Carpet

bedroom carpet

14ft (2-3) length
11ft (11-10) width

SW11 Battersea

Domestic Carpet

I've recently finished a full renovation of my flat and will need new carpet in 4 rooms + hallway/staircase over the coming weeks/months. I'm painting it myself, so may need to be split into a couple of rooms at a time.


I had a carpet fitter already lined up and had chosen my carpets, however he's not well at the moment and will be very delayed in fitting. I wondered whether you would be able to quote to fit the same carpet? I have the names/colours if that helps?

balham sw12 london

Carpet Runner

wants a carpet runner for 21 flight of stairs going out into the garden. needs to be hard wearing, she suggested jute and i suggest faux sisal. tooting sw17

Domestic Carpet

I have an existing carpet in a living room that I would like to move to a bedroom. The existing carpet has a felt underlay at present.

The bedroom will need grippers and possibly underlay unless the existing felt can be used.

I'd also like to replace 2 door thresholds and make some small adjustments to a carpet in a second bedroom where it has pulled a little when being caught by the door over the years.


I'm wondering if you are currently carrying out installation work. If so, let me know if you need further details.


Property is on a ground floor flat based in SW1V 3HY (Pimlico, London)

Domestic Carpet

I need to change the carpet in my entrance and living room, we live in Pimlico.

The apartment is a rental and we need to replace the carpet before we leave on the 15th June.

Domestic Carpet

An estimate would be great. I appreciate that the fitting (and even setting a date for one) will have to wait. 

 Our address and contact number are below. 

Balham, SW12 London

I appreciate your advice re the carpet - a darker grey could definitely work. Would you be able to send images of some alternatives? 

Out of curiosity, do you also stock roger oates. I have seen a few beautiful examples, but I know it is an expensive brand so it might be outside of our budget anyway. 

Domestic Carpet

wants a 2 bedrooms carpets, hallway and living room carpets in Streatham SW16 London

Domestic Carpet

Hello! I wondered if you could give me a ball park figure to fit a jute carpet for these two bedrooms in Balham? There will be noting for you to remove - just to be applied on top of wooden floorboards

Carpet Runner

Hi, I need a stair runner installed in Streatham and wondered if you can help. I have the runner I just need installation. Here are the details. Could you help? And give me a price? Thanks

Domestic Carpet

wants a domestic carpet fitted in wandsworth sw18 london

Domestic Carpet

she needs a flat pile carpet that works well with a wheel chair. streatham sw16 london. sent whatsapp.

Vinyl Flooring

> I'm not sure if you are still doing quotes considering the current climate - but if you are, would it be possible to arrange one for some new flooring in our first floor flat in Streatham?

> We are looking to replace the current carpet and laminate in our small kitchen-diner and replace with a wood looking vinyl or similar.

> Let me know if a quote would be possible and any times available.

Safety Flooring

3m x 3m kitchen

small hallway. rubber floor wanted. has floorboards

Domestic Carpet

has 2 edrooms and he says he wants a luxury carpet in Tooting SW17 although he called it Balham. But SW17 is Tooting not Balham and that's just the way it is.

Safety Flooring

vinyl/ safety flooring for Com

Wooden Flooring

wooden floor for large now carpeted room.

available for quote Mon, Fri, Sat.

Carpet Tiles

We have an area 175 sq meter in our office that needs a carpet tiles replacement . We need the carpet tiles to match the existing one - Modulyss First Absolute 930.


As we have staff working during the day, the work would ideally be needed to be undertaken OOH.

Could you please provide me with a quote for 175 sq meter and a separate quote for 140sq meter?


Many thanks and look forward to hearing back from you.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

some waffle about an damaged amtico floor in sw17 tooting.

Domestic Carpet

Hi I am looking to carpet a room in my house in Balham. The room is 4.27m by 4.19m and I am ideally looking for an 80/20 carpet. Currently there are wooden floor boards on the floor which are not tightly spaced so I would need a good underlay as well. Would you be able to look at this job/quote it for me?

Carpet Re-adapation

has pulled up carpet in bedroom to have a cupboard fitted, now it needs cutting and fitting back. sw12

Safety Flooring

wants a rubber floor 9m2 installed into kitchen in battersea sw11 london

Wooden Flooring

these are school friends. they have had a wooden floor fitted and it creaks. they don;t have any underlay. they need advice. we are not doing the job though so just tell them what they need to do and we will pass them along to Paul Coke.

Carpet Tiles

60m2 of carpet tiles in office

Carpet Runner

wants a carpet runner in streatham sw16

Carpet Runner

wants a new stair runner in norbury sw16 london

Domestic Carpet

wants domestic caret for a rental property in Balham SW12 London

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Customer has 28m Amtico Spacia to be fitted to 

reception and entrance concrete floors.

Also carpet runner.

Not yet resident at this address, living temporarily in Clapham.

Will need 15 minute notice to keep appointment.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


Please can I have a quote for the supply and installation of the Karndean Heritage Collection CLIF-01 Clifton luxury vinyl flooring design.


This is to go in my hallway, the floor may need a damp proof membrane and then latex screeding. The hallway is an 'L' shape, 244cm wide x 488cm long, minus the staircase 90cm wide x 288cm long.


Please see the attached PDF.


My house is in Norbury, SW16.

Marmoleum Lino

marmoleum  you going 18mm plyboard. 1st floor. floor space is 30m2 in one room, 5m2 in small room, steps 13. they will require nosings. in balham

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Karndean for entrance 4.7m Clifton 04

Runner, Claremont Fine lines.

total 16 steps (8+2+6)

4 landings, .56 + .69 + .51 + 2.24     total 4m

Marmoleum Lino

Hello Katy, thanks for your email. I don?t have a lot of information to go on here so this will be a very rough estimate.


If you have a wooden floor: 700 to 800 including Marmoleum, plyboard, coil nails, adhesive and fitting

If you have a concrete floor: around 1000


Marmoleum, The Colour Flooring Company vinyl, rubber and LVTs are not cost effective in small spaces.


Best, Robert.




Following on from my conversation with Peter earlier, would you please provide a quote to supply and fit a Forbo Marmoleum floor in the colour Concrete. The floor size is 2.5m x 2.8m.

Wooden Flooring

supply only v4 7b101

Carpet Runner

wants a runner in sw17 London tooting

Vinyl Flooring

Bathroom 3.1 X 1.53   4.74 m

Vinyl.  Avenue Ultimate Timber, Jacobson.

Carpet Runner

wants a stair runner. straight stairs in wandsworth town sw18

Domestic Carpet

I wonder if you could give us a price for a small hall, stairs & landing?

in pimlico SW1V London

Vinyl Flooring

small amount of the colour flooring company in victoria.

Carpet Runner

13 stairs on one, 10 steps on other flight, wimbledon sw19.

Carpet Runner

wants a gym floor and a carpet runner in wimbledon sw19


Flooring Westminster SW1 and Carpets & Flooring London, carpet fitters CdV


With tradespersons based throughout Westminster SW1, Cavendish deVere provide the complete range of domestic and business Flooring services for your property.

Carpet tiles for offices and commercial properties, domestic carpets and underlay for homes. We have a many years experience supplying and fitting all types of flooring in and around London. Have a look at our carpets online site.

Flooring services we provide to customers in Westminster SW1

  • Carpet fitting
  • Carpet supply and fit
  • Office carpet tiles supply and fit
  • Laminate flooring supply and fit in London
  • Real wood flooring supply and fit
  • Vinyl supply and fit
  • Lino supply and fit
  • Safety flooring advice plus supply and fit

We also supply carpet and flooring from these respected manufacturers:

  • Altro
  • Ambience Oak Flooring
  • Amtico
  • Dalsouple Rubber
  • Kärs UK Ltd
  • Tarkett Sommer Limited
  • Westco
  • Carpet Manufacturers
  • Adam Carpets Ltd
  • Antrim Contract Carpets Ltd
  • Avena Carpets Ltd
  • Axminster Carpets
  • Bonar Floors
  • Brintons
  • Brockway
  • Burmatex (Sirdar Group - Yorkshire)
  • Calderdale Carpets
  • Carpets of Kidderminster Ltd
  • Carpets of Worth
  • Cavalier Carpets
  • Chapelthorpe plc
  • Couristan
  • Cormar Carpets
  • Duralay (Interfloor Group)
  • Dutton Carpets Ltd
  • F. Ball and Co Ltd flooring
  • Forbo Nairn
  • Gaskell Carpets Plc
  • Heckmondwike
  • Laybond Adhesives
  • Loomah Limited hand-made carpets and rugs
  • Morleys Accessories
  • Paragon (Heckmondwike)
  • Penthouse Carpets
  • Polyflor Commercial Flooring
  • Ryalux (Sirdar plc)
  • Stairrods (UK) Ltd
  • Stikatak Accessories
  • Tredaire Underlay
  • Triple King Flooring
  • Ulster Carpet Mills Ltd
  • Westex
  • Weston
  • William Pownall & Sons Ltd
  • Wilton Carpets
  • Woodward Grosvenor

We help our customers to pick the right carpet or flooring solution for their premises and we've helped hundreds of customers, both business and domestic from shop and retail flooring, office carpets, reception areas, pubs, schools and restaurants.

Exclusive UK suppliers of Cavendish DeVere quality carpets


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