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Flooring Mile End E1 and Carpets & Flooring London, carpet fitters CdV
Electrical services

We complete orders across London every day - have a look below to the huge range of jobs we do, and you'll see that we have the experience and tradesmen to cover your job - so don't trust just anyone to do your job - trust us! Our friendly team are standing by to take your call today!

Vinyl Flooring

 Hi how much would you charge to complete this and the beading ?
And how much would you charge to do the stairs like this?
My name is Macala address is 141 walnut road Leyton E10 5TQ


Sorry I do not currently have any measurements but if you are able to giVe me a rough quote from the photos
That would be much appreciated thank you

Natural Fibres

I'd like a quote for fitting a natural carpet (Sisal) and underlay (I would need this provided).  Also for uplift and removal of my current carpet/underlay.

Marmoleum Lino

I am planning a refurbishment of my ground floor (approx 45m2). After receiving a quote for a poured concrete floor we are also considering a marmoleum floor. We have received samples from forbo directly.

Our current builder claims marmoleum is only used in industrial or office buildings and it is not worth considering in a residential project.

Would you be able to provide a quote for laying a marmoleum floor (target floorplan attached). The builder would put in low profile underfloor heating and level this with self levelling compound.

E1 Shoreditch London

Domestic Carpet

wants 2 bedrooms arpet in new build in aldaget east high rise apartment. she is abroad. sent her whatsapp and she is sendong schematics

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

2 bed hallway, open plan living room and dining room in Canary Wharf E14. Concere underneath

Living area and hallway - wooden or lvt and bedrooms in carpet.

planning to rent it.

Domestic Carpet

We?re looking to have our 2 bedrooms in our flat re-carpeted (so the old ones would also need to come out).

What further information would you need from us to obtain a quote?

e14 isle of dogs london

Marmoleum Lino

wants marmoleum floor concerete i leystone 

Safety Flooring

We have a small, 1-2 bedroom, ground floor flat in Walthamstow (E17 ) which we're looking to change the flooring.


The small bathroom and kitchen have a concrete floor which we'd like to cover with rubber flooring such as that provided by [the colour flooring company]( who were kind enough to give us Rob's details.  The catches with those floors are the concrete has some recent cracks in after the washing machine had leaked for a long time, and we'd rather not lift up the bath or kitchen units, although I was thinking we would pick the sink and toilet up to get a good finish around their bases.


We'd also like to have wooden floors in the rest of the house so we'd be interested in your advice here too.  Currently the sitting room, dining room, and hall have carpet and hardboard on top of floorboards of varying ages and gappiness, as far as I can tell.  The older floorboards seem to have been painted white, and the newer ones are either varnished or untreated.  The bedroom has exposed floorboards and is the best of the bunch, although it too has a mixture of old and new boards.


I have recently had some damp work completed, so there are a few skirting boards which need to be installed as well.


Are you interested in either part of this job?  I would be interested to hear your advice on either.  I'm not sure when we'd be able to get you around to look in the current climate, but I'm sure something could be arranged.  I also have some photographs if you're interested.  It would be good to know how long your waiting list is likely to be once you start working again.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Wooden Flooring

Hi there


>> I'd like to look at quotes for flooring options in my property.


>> I currently have exposed floorboards which although are nice, provide me with no insulation or noise insulation from below and has big gaps under skirting boards etc.


>> I think it will boil down to cost but would be interested in: laminate (as natural to oak floor boards) parquet or engineered.


>> I?m also keen to know what underlay options you use as am really looking to insulate from sound below too or if i would need to use soundproofing co. first.


>> Areas approx would be:


>> Lounge - 10.5m sq

>> Hallway - 8m sq

>> Study - 5.25msq


>> Look forward to hearing back

>>walthsamstowe east london e17


Domestic Carpet

Good afternoon, I trust you are well. 


I am looking for a supply and fit carpet in one bedroom 4x3m in Canary Wharf. 


The carpet I am looking for is standard carpet as per picture attached. (Not really expensive)


Would you please provide your best quote for the below? 

  • Supply of standard carpet + door trim
  • Installation
  • Removal of furniture (1bed, 2 side table, 1 wardrobe, 1 drawers unit) and old carpet.
  • Relocate the furniture


I look forward to hearing from you


Thank you

Arch. Anna Fetta 

+44 380262527

Marmoleum Lino

marmoleum installation isle of dogs e14 london

Domestic Carpet

Calling regarding a quote for supply and fit for a carpet. in leighton E10. sending whatsapp images and video.

Safety Flooring

Any chance I could get a quote for stripping out this floor and fitting a new dark coloured safety floor?



It?s part of a kitchen refurb that I?m quoting for. 

  E8 London

Vinyl Flooring

The colour flooring company vinyl. blue needs installing into bathroom in e11 startford London

Domestic Carpet

Please could you provide a quotation for supply and fit of carpet to the narrow stair case as shown below. 

The property address is:-



(free off street parking)


I?m the landlord living in Singapore and the place has been recently refurbished and flooring replaced.


The wooden treads are inconsistent in appearance and probably unsafe without some form of tread.


I believe carpeting the stairs in a inoffensive grey would cover the inconsistency and be safer i?d appreciate your advice and quote.


Hope you can help.

Marmoleum Lino

We have built a home office/garden room at our house in E179AY and we are looking for someone to supply and install a ?FORBO MARMOLEUM SOLID COCOA WHITE CHOCOLATE 3584 2.5MM? floor.


The space is a simple rectangular shape just under 4m wide and just under 8m long. Looking at the product it is supplied on a 2m roll so we will only have 1 join down the centre of the room.


We are designers/architects and have been particularly detailed in designing the structure and have built the room to a high specification and so we are looking for a good level of finish.


The floor screed is due to be laid in a few weeks. The screed company have said they can provide a very good finish to allow for the marmoleum product we I presume we will require a levelling screed first.


Please can you advise on your costs, lead time and any specific requirements for the screed that you require.




Marmoleum Lino


We need to ask if you can quote for the supply and fitting of marmoleum floor of residential property in E1 3EW? 

Vinyl Flooring

In summary the job is to lay vinyl from colour flooring company in our kitchen, lobby and utility room - approx 30sqm (we've brought 32 to cover wastage). Due to size and layout the vinyl will need to be laid in 4 strips with weld rod between the seams. We hope this will make the seams a little less visible and it's also needed as the length of the kitchen is 8m so we can't afford for any overlap between the strips in that direction.


We've laid the sub floor (5.5mm SP101 floor grade ply over wet UFH and chipboard) so it should be a relatively simple job to finish off the vinyl layer. Just 2 service hatches that will need to remain accessible (assuming you can cut the vinyl and provide a trim for these?) and also 2 fireplaces which are tiled so again some sort of edging trim would be needed.  I've drawn these on the floor plan sketch and also attached a couple of photos FYI.


We're based in Poplar E14 6LY and although we're keen to get it done as soon as possible we're already living with it as it is so if you couldn't come immediately it wouldn't be the end of the world. My number is below if you'd like to give us a quote or if you have any questions


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Karndean Savannah Oak floor in throughout?

Is it suitable for a kitchen or would you recommend tiles instead? I like the idea of one flooring type throughout, other than the bathroom, to give a sense of space and continuation.

Wapping, E1W

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

lvt wanted in e12 London

Domestic Carpet

Please call back regarding a squeaky floor he has that needs fixing before having the carpet laid.

I'm at  E14 London ISle of dogs

Anytime next week Mon-Thu will be fine.  

Wooden Flooring

has a damaged wooden floor and wants a quote to replace it in e1 bethnal green

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

has 20m2 of floor he needs to cover in envirobuild lvt. in commercial road, e1 london

Domestic Carpet

has 14 steps 25m2 in laminate? E17 wathamstow

Domestic Carpet

I'd need you to quote for the following: removal of old carpet, supply and fit new carpet in a bedroom. Colour is grey/beige. 

Canary Wharf

e14 3sw

Dimensions: 2.95*1.88m 


Vinyl Flooring

Postcode and address are wrong on this account.We are looking to fit the following cork flooring,

 We have approximately 33 sqm and are based in a London E11.

 We currently have half concrete/half chipboard but it will all be screed to be level.

 The kitchen is hopefully going to be fitted w/end of 27 September so we would like to get the flooring in before then.



I have two carpeted rooms in my flat which I would like taken out in favour of a laminate to match the wood I have in my hallway- would it be possible to have someone pop round to give me a quote?

My postcode is E1 6NG.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

I am looking for a quote regarding Amtico glue down installation in my flat in East London - about 65sqm. I am looking for the current flooring to be removed and disposed of, and then the Amtico installed in a parquet herringbone pattern.
Would you be able to provide a quote?

E16 Canning Town, London

Vinyl Flooring

That works well for me. 


The full address is , E1 London


Just let me know what time you plan to arrive (nearer the time is fine). 





Hi Rob,


Sorry about delayed response, I?ve had a busy week. 


Yes that is in the ballpark of our budget, so please do let me know when would suit you to come and measure for a quote. 

16m2 in a kitchen.

It will require an additional 3mm floor screed, sanding and a layer of feather finish. Cost approx. 500

Adhesive and vinyl flooring 515

Fitting approx. 480

Thanks Rob. A measuring appt in two weeks would be fine. 


We have a screed only. And we are not having the kitchen refitted. If possible we?d just like the vinyl fitted up to the kitchen units, which all line one side of the room. 


Hello Louie, thanks for your email. Well, we are very busy at the moment and booked out solidly for 2 weeks. So it really depends on when you are looking to get the work done. But in the meantime I can give you an estimate. I just need to know a couple of things:


  1. Are you refurbishing your kitchen i.e. having a new one put in?
  2. What sort of floor do you have down now? Tiles, wood etc.


I called early today and then missed your response. Thank you for your message. I would like to get a vinyl floor put down in my kitchen. I want to use one from the colour flooring company. It is (very) approx. 16 square meters.


Do let me know when you could come round to measure up. I live in E1.




Flooring Mile End E1 and Carpets & Flooring London, carpet fitters CdV


With tradespersons based throughout Mile End E1, Cavendish deVere provide the complete range of domestic and business Flooring services for your property.

Carpet tiles for offices and commercial properties, domestic carpets and underlay for homes. We have a many years experience supplying and fitting all types of flooring in and around London. Have a look at our carpets online site.

Flooring services we provide to customers in Mile End E1

  • Carpet fitting
  • Carpet supply and fit
  • Office carpet tiles supply and fit
  • Laminate flooring supply and fit in London
  • Real wood flooring supply and fit
  • Vinyl supply and fit
  • Lino supply and fit
  • Safety flooring advice plus supply and fit

We also supply carpet and flooring from these respected manufacturers:

  • Altro
  • Ambience Oak Flooring
  • Amtico
  • Dalsouple Rubber
  • Kärs UK Ltd
  • Tarkett Sommer Limited
  • Westco
  • Carpet Manufacturers
  • Adam Carpets Ltd
  • Antrim Contract Carpets Ltd
  • Avena Carpets Ltd
  • Axminster Carpets
  • Bonar Floors
  • Brintons
  • Brockway
  • Burmatex (Sirdar Group - Yorkshire)
  • Calderdale Carpets
  • Carpets of Kidderminster Ltd
  • Carpets of Worth
  • Cavalier Carpets
  • Chapelthorpe plc
  • Couristan
  • Cormar Carpets
  • Duralay (Interfloor Group)
  • Dutton Carpets Ltd
  • F. Ball and Co Ltd flooring
  • Forbo Nairn
  • Gaskell Carpets Plc
  • Heckmondwike
  • Laybond Adhesives
  • Loomah Limited hand-made carpets and rugs
  • Morleys Accessories
  • Paragon (Heckmondwike)
  • Penthouse Carpets
  • Polyflor Commercial Flooring
  • Ryalux (Sirdar plc)
  • Stairrods (UK) Ltd
  • Stikatak Accessories
  • Tredaire Underlay
  • Triple King Flooring
  • Ulster Carpet Mills Ltd
  • Westex
  • Weston
  • William Pownall & Sons Ltd
  • Wilton Carpets
  • Woodward Grosvenor

We help our customers to pick the right carpet or flooring solution for their premises and we've helped hundreds of customers, both business and domestic from shop and retail flooring, office carpets, reception areas, pubs, schools and restaurants.

Exclusive UK suppliers of Cavendish DeVere quality carpets


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