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Electrical services

We complete orders across London every day - have a look below to the huge range of jobs we do, and you'll see that we have the experience and tradesmen to cover your job - so don't trust just anyone to do your job - trust us! Our friendly team are standing by to take your call today!

Vinyl Flooring

The correct measurements is 3.2 width and 4.5 length for the vinyl roll bought for my living room. 

 I will now be using remland carpets  vinyl flooring.  

 See link below. I also  need 3 simple door bars to be brought along and fitted near the adjoining doors.

 What is your quote( please breakdown each cost)? 

My sub floor is wooden planks. These have been prepared for the new vinyl by a contractor recently with hardboard covering. This is too ensure the vinyl will last.

Carpet Runner

We have a project in Chiswick that needs new carpets in the bedrooms and a new staircase runner for the stairs & hallway.

I need someone who can be on site next week to measure up and give us an accurate trade quote.

We have chosen a staircase runner for the hallway. I think we still need to decide on a carpet. 

Measuring on site, is this something you would be able to do for us?

Here is the runner we like for the hallway. 

Marmoleum Lino

SE15 Peckham Marmoleum. wants 55m2 of marmoelum fitted to concerete subfloor. sent whatsapp

Domestic Carpet

i think he wants t remove carpet and have another solution. has starirs. in crstal palace sent whatsapp.

Vinyl Flooring

7m2. wants a colour flooring company vinyl. se19 crystal palace. London. very small bathroom.

Domestic Carpet

 Pics show the carpet - it?s currently rolled up bot hopefully it show the backing and thickness.
Apologies - the measurements of the two pieces would be 3.2 x 1.5 m and 1.8 x 1.5m (the whole piece is 5 x 1.5m). Thanks.

Marmoleum Lino

I understand my colleague Colin has been in touch regarding a project we have in Greenwich London. We have various packages to let on this live project consisting of 14 no blocks, this one being for the Block A1.

 Please find attached a package for Block A1…contained within the pack are drawings for review to be used in conjunction with the BOQ. 

 Please bear in mind this needs installing Tuesday  17th November with a four day window for installation, over the four floors.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Fitting of carpet and Lvt 

Wooden Flooring

Ted Todd Cashmiere parquet or chevron. 3 rooms total 50m2 ground floor.

Domestic Carpet

Hello Peter, this is Caroline. My family and I came in this morning to chose the two carpets for the master bedroom and the small bedroom and small room. 

In the first image you will see the bedroom (5.61 x 3.01) and the second space with the wonky wall. Both these rooms will need new carpet.

Wooden Flooring


parquet engineered to replace laminate which shows sign water or damp damage. will need investigating.

email customer with our WhatsApp number.   WhatsApp     538043976

Domestic Carpet

Runner for approx 12 stairs and landing.   

Himalaya Daponte colour 1543  wall 49.99    tape Crucial C10 Olive

Bedroom approx 4.7 x 3.05.   Himalaya Sardinia colour 1632   wall 27.50

send her WhatsApp number   -   WhatsApp   538043976 and she will get back to us.

Carpet Runner

Robert wants a carpet runner in se1 

He is going to send in a whatsapp 

Domestic Carpet

very large rug. sample requested. Penthouse Cumbrian Twist colour Conistan

Carpet Runner

Amtico Form for small entrance and runner for stairs.

nothing chosen.

will whatsapp. or could we visit as local. she's home with baby.

Domestic Carpet

Loft conversion in progress.    if we email him he will He will send plans.

Carpet for 2 bedrooms. Himalaya Milano colours 9331 and 9336  on wall 37.50

Whipped runner for stairs. Kandesh Boucle, Windsor taupe. 

possible stair rods,  Country Arran in pewter. on display 28.99,   37.99 fitted.

Vinyl Flooring

Estimate for vinyl for 

kitchen 1.75 x 1.7,      Tarkett Purestyle, selene grey black. wall 17.99

 bathroom 1.9 x 1.95, Rhinofloor Choice modular slate/stone wall 17.99

toilet 2 x 1.      Rhinofloor Choice modular slate/stone wall 17.99

loose tiles in the kitchen, he can take up. carpet in bathroom and toilet.

Domestic Carpet

2 bedrooms and 1 hallway 'l' shape with 3 steps. 1m wide and 7m long. crystal SE19 london.

sent whatsapp

Domestic Carpet

Hi - I'd like a re carpeting quote for the bedroom at my rental flat at 12b Anerley Hill, SE192AA. I have no photos to hand but I know I need 5m x 4m. I may require underlay and I need a fitter. Flat is currently empty due to complete renovation - I want to get flat back on market by 1 November so need this done next week if possible? Builders on site all week so access not a problem. Off street parking available.  Just after beige / sand 100% poly budget carpet as will probably need to replace again in two years

Natural Fibres

Hi. I came into the shop today and would like an estimated quote please. The room is approximately 4m x 3.5m with a recess of an additional 2m sq approx. 

I would like a quote for the Himalaya Sardinia which was 27.50m sq plus a 9mm (approx) underlay. Is it possible to send a sample of this abs of the Himalaya Ashley at 32.99m sq?

Domestic Carpet

I would be very grateful if you could contact me and provide an estimate for fitting carpet to this flight of stairs - 16 treads, including 6 winder treads. I have recently treated the wood with preservative and reinforced certain areas, so I think the stairs are ready to be carpeted.

The property is in New Cross Gate.

We have already chosen the carpet but have not yet bought it. We'd like direction on next steps.

Domestic Carpet

bedroom carpet 2.7 x 2.6  7.02m2    ASAP

Nylon Supreme, color pearl 96   solent.     wall 23.99

estimate for everything. and availability.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants a karndean floor in crystal palace se19. sent whatsapp.

Marmoleum Lino

Marmoleum for ground floor currently ceramic tiled.

arrange visit.

Marmoleum Lino

Has marmoleum and has plyboarded the floor - send ing video and she wants a price for fitting. In se215 peckham london

Domestic Carpet

stairs for carpet in crown point crystal palace. se19 South East London. sent whatsapp.

Domestic Carpet

Himalaya Fujian wave. Colour 4505. carpet in se19 crystal palace

Wooden Flooring

Floor restoration. 

oak floor oiled with Osmo 3040. needs re-oiling or lacquering with a better product if available. needs advice.

Wooden Flooring

possible engineered/LVT/laminate for flat restoration.

V4 UN105 tannery brown sample ordered.

Safety Flooring

has a shop in peckkham that needs sfaety floor and i sent him a whatsapp

Domestic Carpet

came into the shop and selected some nylon carpets. looking for the new range to be delivered. bedrooms x 3 landing and stair runner possibly. sent whatsapp

Domestic Carpet


  1. Jute and sisal stain with water that is correct
  2. Moth repellent is effective but there no guarantees on any carpet that I know of
  3. If you are really nervous about moths you need a Polypropylene carpet or nylon


Can you give me your address an contact number so I can put you in the system and build you an estimate?

An can you send your floorplan again as my email strips them out and deletes them.


Out of the jute/sisal options, this one looks most up my street: but I?ve also recently heard jute gets water stained very easily eg if you walk on it with wet feet. Is that right?


So also now reconsidering wool with a textured finish. How effective is the moth repellant? Is it guaranteed?

I like these styles but need to see the colours in real life


Could you provide estimates and samples for these options including lead times? Let me know if I need to arrange an appointment to do that. The room currently has floorboards so don?t need removal of existing carpets but will need underlay etc.

-----Original Message-----


Hi Robert,

do you also do jute or sisal carpeting?




On 21 Sep 2020, at 09:22, Customer Orders <> wrote:


Hello Juliette, thanks for your email. Yes, we can supply an fit bedroom carpets.


I can get you an estimate.I will just need youfull address and contact number.

We do send samples and you  can select the carpets you like form here

to start:

This is a good oe for bedrooms:


rmarProductsApolloElite Or this: and we can usually fit 10 days from order.

Cavendish deVere Services Limited

Winner Prestige Awards 'Luxury Carpet Retailer of the Year 2019'

Winner Build Magazine 'Best Flooring Company London - 2019'

Winner Build Magazine 'Bespoke carpet fitting company London 2018'

Domestic Carpet

Hi there,


I came in to the store this month to discuss carpet quotes, below are the measurements and some pictures of the space. Please not, all off the carpets and stair noses have now been need removed, so all that needs to be done is fitting. 


Can you please quote for the below carpets, inclusive of VAT and fitting:

  1. Boucle Neutrals 
  2. Alternative flooring, Anywhere

Also, can you give a ball park figure for how much the nosing will be too, for brass and chrome in case there is a difference in price. 

  • The long run of stairs is 93cm wide and 430cm in length 
  • The picture with the door mat in is 215cm in length and 106cm wide 
  • There is small run of 6 additional steps which are 87cm wide 
  • The top landing is 3cm in length, 87cm at the start and then is an 'L shape' which is 200cm 

If you need any more information, let me know. 




Domestic Carpet

I'm looking to get a quote for the re-carpeting and laying of some flooring in a communal hallway of a 4 (inc. ground floor and basement) storey pub conversion.
Would it be possible to arrange a date to have someone come out and measure the area in order to provide us with said quote?


I'm looking to put cork flooring down throughout my kitchen, living space and hallway - an area of about 40m2.  Is cork something you offer under your specialist flooring category?   And if so I wondered if you could provide me with some samples, and perhaps come and give a quote?  I live in Nunhead, SE15.


has Sensa laminate and would like more rooms in the same.

room 1. 5.62  m2

room 2. 6.11 m2

Carpet Runner

stair runner for 3 floors and landings. 

ITC Cannes, red.  Tape and piping border TBC. Shop samples taken, returning Tuesday.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Lvt for bathroom and loo.

 Polyflor Affinity flamed chestnut on wall 23.99

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


Supply and fit LVT and Gym matting.

would like a visit

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

has a front room with carpet that wants to replace with amtcio in crystal palace se19 london and maybe the hall sending whatsapp video.

Marmoleum Lino

 We are doing a loft-style basement conversion (!) in SE London (Telegraph Hill) and are looking to fit a Marmoleum floor in Berlin Red. The total floor area is approximately 37m2, predominantly in one large studio room but there is also an ensuite, a hallway and a utility area. The subfloor is a concrete screed that was pumped in and floated by a competent builder so is reasonably flat, although I appreciate it still might require some further preparatory work. The floor was pumped c.9 months ago so is pretty dry now. 

I have attached a floorplan and some photos to show the current condition, but let me know if you need anything further. I?d also be grateful if you could send 2 x quotes: 1 for just the main room and 1 for the whole job (because if it would save a lot to avoid doing the little fiddly bits we have got some other options there…). 


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Amtico for ground floor kitchen, utility room. Runner for stairs.

taken lvt samples.

runner samples ordered. Anywhere herringbone copper and Boucle copper.

Marmoleum Lino

Marmoelum wanted for bathroom and kitchen.

bathroom very mall.

kitchen 2m x 4m

Vinyl Flooring

Would you be able to provide a quote for fitting around 9sqm of Colour Flooring Company rubber flooring to our kitchen?

We would like to have this done in the weeks commencing 21 or 28 September.

Crystal Palace SE19

Domestic Carpet

Quote for a room of 3 x 2 to get wood flooring 

Wooden Flooring

I will be moving in a new flat in SE10 in a month and want to change the flooring (45m^2) for electric mat UFH with one type of engineered wood flooring on top. See floor plan attached.

I'm considering creating a zone for the bathroom/bedroom and one zone for the entrance/kitchen/living area and wondered if that would be an issue if I want one unified wood flooring on top?

I'd be grateful if you could provide me a quote for the space. Given that it will also be in the bathroom - I imagine there ought to be a waterproof layer on top. 

If there is a recommended UFH supplier and fitter that you have worked with, I'd be grateful if you could kindly share their details with me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Domestic Carpet

carpet. engineered for sitting room

Domestic Carpet

Carpet TBC but about 25/m2 for 4 bedrooms, stairs , landings.

wants estimate will send us info by WhatsApp.

October OK.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

I am installing underfloor heating, but the overfloor system whereby boards are put down and pipes run through the boards (Wunda is the system I'm using).


My aim is to use Amtico or Karndean LVT planks. What I am unsure of it the backer needed with this system?


Would it be renovation screed or some hard backer? Is this something that would have to be done prior to laying the LVT by my builder or would that be something as installers, you would / could do?


The ground floor area is approx 57 metre squared, what kind of labour costs / time would you approximate for installation?


I do kind of know which finish I would like, which is the Rotterdam Oak Amtico Signature tile. Preferably in a Herringbone Plank design in the main living area and Hallway. The toilet and front room may have to have something like stripwood, either because of the size or the additional cost of laying the design?


I have attached the design of the ground floor for indication purposes.


I did pop by your shop and was advised that I can only walk in on Saturday but have been unable to make a Saturday since that conversation.


Would it be possible to make an appointment or is it still only Saturdays that I could speak to one of you and view the LVT samples?


I look forward to your reply,


Domestic Carpet

needs a carpet for house in Greenwich London SE10

Domestic Carpet

Crystal Palace, SE19 2NX. 

As I said we?re looking to re-carpet two rooms in a relatively thick grey carpet. 
This is the 3.8x2.7m room:

And this is the 3.72x2.9m room:

Marmoleum Lino

I?d like to get a new floor in a kitchen and bathroom. Measurements are:

Kitchen: 3.2m x 2.9m 
Bathroom: 2.1m x 1.7m (which includes taking the flooring onto the side panel of the bath). 

Vinyl Flooring

quote for Vinyl on the kitchen above. Need to dispose the old one, ply, level etc. It's squeaky at places. We have 3 appliances that would need to be moved.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

soon moving in to 2 bed flat in North Greenwich, concrete floor currently laminate.

now wants Karndean 

send him WhatsApp number and he'll send video and floor plan.

Carpet Tiles

I wondered if you were able to give me a quotation for our office flooring as we have given notice on the lease but need to replace the carpet tiles prior to vacating and having our deposit returned!!! It is a specific carpet tile - National Carpet Carbon Mercury and I have attached a floor plan of the area. The old would need lifting and the new putting down. In addition there is a small area of lino around the kitchen area that would need replacing as well and this image is attached. It does not have to be exactly the same but as close as possible.



All being well we would need the work to commence on Monday 31st August. Car parking can be arranged outside and the office is on the second floor of the The Leathermarket building, Weston Street SE1.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Domestic Carpet

Flat she owns to be rented.

Carpet. Clarendon Mortlake Brussells, kashmere beige.

lounge, 4.9 X 4

bedroom 3.9 X 3.7

stairs approx 10m2

send whatsapp she has video ready.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Amtico for 2 spaces in flat. Quote for supply + fit and supply only.

Space 1 approx 35m2

Signature AR0AGG11 Glint Orb     with stripping AR0AUC30 Putty 3mm x 915. Laying pattern  Random Stone laid 45 degree. as per display.

Space 2 size unknown so price per m2

Form FS7S4380 Opal 305mm x 610  with stripping AR0W8100 Cirrus Air 3mm x 915. Laying pattern Broken Bond, laid 45 degree as per display

Domestic Carpet

he just wants a soundproof underlay as he has issued from sound from below his flat in se19 crsytal palace london

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants an lvt amtvio fllor in Peckham se15 London

Domestic Carpet

Hope you're well. You came recommended from a good friend of mine based in Crystal Palace 


We've found the carpets we want, from Westex, however wanted to see if I could get a quote for measuring service + the fitting. 


We're based in Brockley and looking to get 3 bedrooms, a landing and staircase done. Included some rough measurements below just for the quote. 


Our room measurements are as follows: 

  • Master Bedroom: 4.37m x 3.23m 
  • Second Bedroom: 3.75m x 2.99m 
  • Third Bedroom: 2.84m x 1.93m 
  • Hall: 1.35m x 1.93m 
  • Staircase: 15 steps (3 bend)

Let me know if any questions at all - look forward to hearing back. 


Safety Flooring

Rubber flooring fit only. pictures sent to WhatsApp.

Marmoleum Lino

2nd floor flat. thinking of marmoleum. in dining room is sending whatsapp

Domestic Carpet

communal area flats in Crystal Palace Se19

Domestic Carpet

 Sent: 23 June 2020 15:28 To: Customer Orders <> Subject: Re: Carpet fitting


And the more entry level one? The Vogue I think it is? I'd obviously like the nicer one but can you do them both in the quote so I can compare and see budget wise that would be helpful.


Yes that would be great, I'd be happy to do a video and provide measurements, if that helps? address is  London SE15




I believe that the price has increased and that carpet 72 per m2 inc VAT. It takes 10 days from order. In the meantime if you would like a quote I ca  send you a WhatsApp and if you upload a video of the stairs in question as you walk up them I will give you  total fitting price. I just need your address and mobile number to do that. 

Carpet fitting Hi Robert, I?m getting in touch again to pick up where we left off before Christmas about getting my carpet replaced. Can you confirm if the prices are still the same for the carpet (Westex Silken Velvet-Chic in Stormy Sky), removal and fitting? I?d like to move forward now it?s safer to do so. 

Marmoleum Lino

Marmoleum 3846 Natural Corn. conservatory 2.18 X 1.32

Quote supply and fit and supply only with adhesive.

Wooden Flooring

First of all, I need to let you know I am on the top floor of a small mansion block of flats, and, knowing what it is like living underneath someone with hard flooring, (and the hypersensitivity of my neighbours below) I need to make sure ift has some soundproofing. But I want hard flooring this time if possible.

Can I use my old carpet as an underlay? I put in nice, thick underlay under that, too.


The pics attached are named for the measurements of each room.

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet throughout and has an engineered wooden floor which has been badly fitted. also noise reduction. in kenning to so not a great postcode se17

Marmoleum Lino

Marmoleum or LVT for 1st floor flat currently engineered total 29m.

interested in concrete effect, looked at Amtico and Marmoleum.

concerned about noise for her neighbours below.

wants marmoleum samples.

blue dew 3714.   stormy sea 3710.   meteorite 3705

she will send WhatsApp. give her the number.

Commercial Carpet

communal area flats.  in total. communal areas wants rubber nosings and carpet quote. in se11 london.sent whatsapp and awaiting information.

Domestic Carpet

Came in to the shop.

He's had an estimate by email for Clarendon Belsize Park carpet from us.

Wants estimate to include Kandesh Oaklands and Home counties, in beige.

send WhatsApp number.

Not living there permanently. Thinking mid July.

Domestic Carpet

2 bedrooms both 12m2

carpet, Everlon new majesty, cream silk

Take up and remove existing carpet.

furniture will be removed except bed but he will be there to help move it.

able to WhatsApp

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

House in Lewisham. 2 room basement with concrete floor currently carpeted. approx. 30m2

Estimate for Amtico light oak plank.


wants a cork floor from the colour flooring company.

Carpet Runner

Dear Cavendish deVere, 
I was wondering if I could get a quote for 2 bedroom carpets and a stair runner? 
I will attach videos of both bedrooms and the stairs and the measurements of the rooms are:
Nan?s room 3.7x2.4m = 9m2
Baby?s room 2.3x2.98= 7m2 

We are in South Vale, SE19


Cork flooring wanted in lewisham se13

All flat apart from bathroom. approx 68m2 - 4m2.

Carpet Tiles

Good afternoon,


We are a company based in London Bridge who are looking to place carpet tiles or ?luxury vinyl tiles? wood effect in 2 of our offices.  Floor plans have been attached ? we would like the flooring for the main office area and two of the meeting rooms on each floor.


I have a few questions that I hope you will be able to answer:

  • Are you able to advise on using luxury floor tiles in an office?  Would there be any concerns from a wear and tear point of view?
  • We would be requiring tiles that are not going to increase the noise levels through echo.  Is acoustic flooring available, and what is your opinion on this?
  • Are you able to provide samples of the flooring that you may suggest?
  • We have floor boxes that contain plugs/network sockets in.  How would this be dealt with?
  • There are desks and cupboards that would need to be moved around.  Taking this into consideration, how long would it take to complete works (it?s fine to do during office hours)?
  • Would you have any availability to carry out the work in July?  If not, when is your availability?


We would like approximate costs to:

  • Take up existing tiles and dispose of them
  • Provide new tiles
  • Prepare the floor (if required) and lay new tiles
  • Any other costs


I look forward to hearing your opinion on which would work best for us and what you can offer.


Kind regards,

Domestic Carpet

wants 2 bedrooms and hallway in arpet in crystal palace se19

Wooden Flooring

My husband and I are interested in getting engineered wood flooring installed in our apartment (SE18). Could you please give us some more information about the below, and ideally we'd be looking to get a quote as well.


We would need the following services:


- Uplift and disposal of current carpet and linoleum in 3 rooms + hallway (approx 43m2)

- Prep of wooden floorboards

- Put down sound- and temperature insulating underlay

- Install engineered wood flooring 

- Possibly plinths/skirting boards will need to be removed before and re-installed after

- Help with clearing rooms/moving furniture.

Domestic Carpet

Please call back- regards quote stair runner and a carpet for small bedroom in Hither Green SE13 London. sending whatssapp

Domestic Carpet

came into shop  as I opened up for her. wnats t have bedroom carpets selected 3 and needs samples

Himalaya Villanova 2308

Telenzo Chelsea Pumice 222

Clarendon Mayfair Nickel. Send whatssappp for quote

Domestic Carpet

water damage on carpet in bedroom and needs an inxuarnec quote in greeenwich london se10

Wooden Flooring

We just spoke on the phone. Please see a couple of pictures and a video of the damage attached.

wooden floor in property is located at Greenwich SE10 London

 Please do let me know if this is sufficient or if you need anything further from me

Domestic Carpet

wants some samples sent

Primo ultra, chocolate and Apollo plus, Tamarind. I have sent them.

Domestic Carpet

lives locally in crystal palace se19. wants to have a capet and a parwuet wood herringbone floor.

Vinyl Flooring

wants a flotex floor in god kows where

Marmoleum Lino

Please call regarding a fitting of floor. 67m2. probably a concrete floor. is taking a video and sending via whatsapp.

Wooden Flooring

has the wooden floor scotia etc, needs his carpet uplifted and the engineered wood floor fitted in crystal palace

Domestic Carpet

I am looking to have carpet replaced at my flat in a double bedroom due to iron mark on the carpet.

I was wondering how much it would cost per square meter approximately?

Attached is a photo of carpet we have in the bedroom for your reference.

I look forward to hearing from you and please let me know if you need any further information from me.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Keys with Pedder.

Karndean wanted. hallway and kitchen. floor is wood and has had a problem.

Marmoleum Lino



We are in need of an approximate cost to put some marmoleum flooring down.  Please see the attached images.  Key points: 


? Existing space is tiled. We?re not sure if best to put ply over tiles, screed tile grout lines only, or pull up tiles entirely before putting the flooring in. 


? We?d like two different kinds of Marmoem. See attached drawing for details. Please ignore ?SF1? entrance matting for now. 


? Shop location is north London. 


I?ll call to follow up…need this costing as quick as you can as have client meeting tomorrow afternoon. 

Natural Fibres

I visited the store last week and was interested in the sisel carpets.


Please can you give me a quote for the carpet and fitting. It is an L-Shaped hallway, the measurements in inches are approx;


125 length (one side)

115 length (other side)

46 width 


Please see attached images of the hallway in question and the carpets I'd like a quote for.

Domestic Carpet

Carpet fitting of 1x bedroom 

Domestic Carpet

not correct address

I spoke with someone from the team on Saturday and they suggested I e-mail my request details. 


We would like a quote for new carpet installed in our two bedrooms in our flat in Rotherhithe (measuring 2.5 x 3.5 and 5.5 x 3.3). A floor plan for a similar flat is at the link below:


Our budget is around 20 per sq m. Ideally we would like a wool blend in dark grey, something like the attached. 


Could you please send an itemised budget between carpet & installation cost components. 


Domestic Carpet

Sisal for hallway carpet for bedroom.

hall. Kersaint Cobb. sisal mini boucle, colour Ash.

Bedroom. Himalaya torino 9335. alternative Himalaya Milano 9335

wants visit. can wait. home Thursdays or 6pm others.

Wooden Flooring

1st floor flat. Neighbour below complaining about noise mainly from Aysegul's kitchen and bathroom.

wants advice and quote for either LVT or engineered.

Domestic Carpet

I was wondering if you could please provide me with a quote to fit a wool carpet in a room 3/5m x 3.2m? Postcode SE15 4AA

Natural Fibres

wants a new sisal carpet on the stairs in SE17 Old kent road london

Wooden Flooring

V4 Zigzag ZB108 natural oak, for office room and hallway. sample

small area of vinyl for entrance. Avenue Bub & Lic,  sagres black, sagres grey. samples

Safety Flooring

I visited your shop earlier today. Peter was kind enough to answer my questions. I?m planning to open a coffee shop in Southwark. The space is around 40 sqm. Please see the attached floor plan and the visual that shows the colors and style of the floor. It is currently concrete. My contractor will be installing the subfloor (18mm WBP ply screwed down and glued to solid wood framework every 400mm). I would appreciate it if you could provide an estimate for a suitable vinyl (supply/install). Can you supply and install the trim? Thank you very much!   

Commercial Carpet

14 flats, 18 bedrooms in new development ready in may / june.

communal area stairs 3 flights, nosings and anywhere caret or pot pourri - natural colours walls will be brave colours i.e. dark

bedrooms approx 12m2 each, browny grey / mole colours. soft focus, primo ultra, helsingborg cashmere.

he will pop back on tuesday

Safety Flooring

Dear Rob, 


Thank you for your call earlier. The basement area I want refloored is on the attached, with measurements. Going from the top of the plan, the pink-coloured study area needs a new carpet, the green area (laundry) directly beneath it would need reflooring with rubber, the yellow area at the bottom of the stairs below that needs a new carpet, and the purple bedroom and pink bedroom/reception need new carpets.

In an ideal world I would like to put underfloor heating beneath all of these areas barring the green laundry area. 

The green kitchen and blue bathroom do not need new floors. 

I live in Peckham at 116 Peckham Park Road. 

Please let me know if you require any further information for the moment. 


Kind regards, 



Marmoleum Lino

Supply only Marmoleum tiles which she has fitted herself before.

Bathroom 1. 1.4 X 1.9m.  marmoleum modular colour. t37 black hole. 50 x 25 tile.

Bathroom 2. 1.5 X 1.5m.  marmoleum modular shade.  t3717 Neptune. 50 X 25 tile.

please calculate quantity/pack size required plus adhesive.

Customer will collect from shop.

Domestic Carpet

carpet for 4 bedrooms and landing.


I live in Kennington/ Vauxhall - SE11 area


1) Living Room done in both carpet and laminate

laminate - 2.20m X 4m

Carpet - 4.50m X 5m


2) Hallway (T Shape) 1m X 4.60m, 0.80m X 2m (laminate)

3) Bedroom 1:  3.10m X 3.50m

4) Bedroom 2: 2.70m x 3.40m

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

I'm looking to get my kitchen floor re-done. It's in a flat on Gainsford Street, SE1. The existing porcelain tiles have cracked and creak / move underfoot. I had a similar problem a few years ago so think it probably needs the underlying boarding replaced to give a sound base. Given these past problems I'm thinking luxury vinyl tiles (or even sheet vinyl, but assume tiles are superior) might be sensible, but would welcome any advice. I had couple of questions (and if easier to discuss perhaps you could give me a call when suits - number below). - Would you be interested in doing this? - If so, would you be able to do the whole job (i.e. including the removal of the existing porcelain tiles and re-boarding etc) or would I need to get the prep done separately first? Looking at your blog I think you might be able to do more than I'd first assumed. - If you could help, happy to come to your store to look at the options (not sure of your store opening times?) or would you come to take a look first and provide a quote?

Domestic Carpet

se19 cannot remember what kind of floor she wanted!

Carpet Runner

Stair runner with 1 wind.

carpet. LA Pot Pourri, earth 118.   Tape, Crucial, LBW52 camel.

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet throughout house in gypsy hill. vinyl in kitchen. se19. generally is about is based battersea.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

We live in Gipsy Hill and we're looking to fit our lounge / snug with Karndean Art Select Spanish Cherry AP05 in a checkerblock pattern. Is this something you could help us with?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

New build. LVT supply only for large kitchen. non chosen.

Carpet for rooms. non chosen.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants amtico lvt flooring in greenwich

Vinyl Flooring

576m2 of altro walkway safety floor vinyl in London Bridge 

Wooden Flooring

Customer has 20m engineered flooring and underlay.

Install only ground floor concrete. hall, bathroom, bedroom. total 18.5m

January OK.

Domestic Carpet

Carpet for loft extension, bedrooms, approx. 50m   and stairs, close fit.

Carpet to be confirmed in the range 20-40

working from home Wednesdays


Flooring Borough SE1 and Carpets & Flooring London, carpet fitters CdV


With tradespersons based throughout Borough SE1, Cavendish deVere provide the complete range of domestic and business Flooring services for your property.

Carpet tiles for offices and commercial properties, domestic carpets and underlay for homes. We have a many years experience supplying and fitting all types of flooring in and around London. Have a look at our carpets online site.

Flooring services we provide to customers in Borough SE1

  • Carpet fitting
  • Carpet supply and fit
  • Office carpet tiles supply and fit
  • Laminate flooring supply and fit in London
  • Real wood flooring supply and fit
  • Vinyl supply and fit
  • Lino supply and fit
  • Safety flooring advice plus supply and fit

We also supply carpet and flooring from these respected manufacturers:

  • Altro
  • Ambience Oak Flooring
  • Amtico
  • Dalsouple Rubber
  • Kärs UK Ltd
  • Tarkett Sommer Limited
  • Westco
  • Carpet Manufacturers
  • Adam Carpets Ltd
  • Antrim Contract Carpets Ltd
  • Avena Carpets Ltd
  • Axminster Carpets
  • Bonar Floors
  • Brintons
  • Brockway
  • Burmatex (Sirdar Group - Yorkshire)
  • Calderdale Carpets
  • Carpets of Kidderminster Ltd
  • Carpets of Worth
  • Cavalier Carpets
  • Chapelthorpe plc
  • Couristan
  • Cormar Carpets
  • Duralay (Interfloor Group)
  • Dutton Carpets Ltd
  • F. Ball and Co Ltd flooring
  • Forbo Nairn
  • Gaskell Carpets Plc
  • Heckmondwike
  • Laybond Adhesives
  • Loomah Limited hand-made carpets and rugs
  • Morleys Accessories
  • Paragon (Heckmondwike)
  • Penthouse Carpets
  • Polyflor Commercial Flooring
  • Ryalux (Sirdar plc)
  • Stairrods (UK) Ltd
  • Stikatak Accessories
  • Tredaire Underlay
  • Triple King Flooring
  • Ulster Carpet Mills Ltd
  • Westex
  • Weston
  • William Pownall & Sons Ltd
  • Wilton Carpets
  • Woodward Grosvenor

We help our customers to pick the right carpet or flooring solution for their premises and we've helped hundreds of customers, both business and domestic from shop and retail flooring, office carpets, reception areas, pubs, schools and restaurants.

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