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Flooring Abbey Wood SE2 and Carpets & Flooring London, carpet fitters CdV
Electrical services

We complete orders across London every day - have a look below to the huge range of jobs we do, and you'll see that we have the experience and tradesmen to cover your job - so don't trust just anyone to do your job - trust us! Our friendly team are standing by to take your call today!

Marmoleum Lino

The living area is 7m by 4m at it's widest points. The corridor is 8.3m by 1m. The offshoots from the corridor are 1.75m by 1m and 1.75m by 1.21m.

We would like to have new thresholds put on where the new flooring meets the bedrooms please...the current ones are cheap and ugly.
We like the Marmoleum from the Real | Fresco | Vivace section. We would like a quote with and without the sound reducing underlay.
We'd also seen some ideas where people use 2 different colours of Marmoleum to mark out different areas. Is that something you guys could do? And would that change the price?

Domestic Carpet

London Se22

Carpet cut and for to landing/hall and first floor study. 
Handwritten dimensions of hallway and study dimensions attached
I have ordered 6x4m carpet and underlay

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Hello I would like a quote for a 10 m long hallway (width approx 1m). I am after Moduleo flooring. The Chevron basic pattern in either 104 or 102 colour. I may also want to get an average sized bedroom floored in the same material. I don?t have those dimensions to hand but can get them. 
The property is in SE21 London

Wooden Flooring

Hello, my name is Han Ismail and I live in Auckland Hill, SE27 west norwood london. We would like to move from carpeting in our two bedrooms to wooden floors and to replace carpeting on our short run of stairs. We?d appreciate advice on our options - whether we can restore the current flooring or need to add to it. I am attaching photos of the rooms - note hatch in the master bedroom! - and my partner Mike?s drawings with dimensions. Options and quotes would be great. Han

Ceramic Flooring

Hello, my name is Nora Yamada and I own a flat in Anerley - 6 Anerley Court, SE20 6NN

I would like to get some new flooring put in - kitchen and bathroom. I'm thinking of something durable and neutral - perhaps black and white tiles, but the smaller ones

My estate agents are Leaders and I'm dealing with Selwyn there. He's also on whatsapp 821 211879

He can give you access if needed for quote. Here's the link to the flat as it has recently been advertised, you'll be able to see floorplan too. As you can see - quite small spaces:

one other thing - if possible, I'd like the job to be done before 7th August...I know this is very short notice, just wondering you can help. I?d like to talk to you about a quote for the flat about I?d like some Durable flooring

Wooden Flooring

Herne Hill

Fit only engineered, to be  glued to new floors that are screeded and plyed.

ground floor 45m2, 690mm long planks laid in chevron.

top floor 70m2 straight planks.

will need glue.

I said fitting is 35/m2

Wooden Flooring

Hi there, I have seen some amtico decor and amtico form that I would like for my house (bedroom, through living room and hallways). Please could I receive a quote? We?re based on forest hill
Thank you, Amy

Domestic Carpet

Hi. I came to the shop last Saturday and was advised to send a video of my stairs and hallways. I understand you are busy until September but may be able to send a quote. The carpets are covered in paint as an incentive to change them. I was interested in the Promo ultra shadow. 

Marmoleum Lino

Hi, I would like a quote for a Marmoleum floor for a set of stairs, a landing and a small closet off the landing. I will send photos of the stairs, but unfortunately I don?t currently have any of the landing or closet.  The 4 wedge shaped stairs measure: 86, 91, 116 and 87cm at the longer edges.  The 9 straight stairs are 84.5x23cm The landing is 179x100cm The closet (from memory) 140x100.  The flat is in South Norwood and currently unoccupied as I haven?t moved in yet.  The floor I?m looking for is Marmoleum Real 2767 Rust. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants an amtico floor in sydenham se26 London

Wooden Flooring

wants wooden floors throughout and runners on stars in house in penge se20.

Marmoleum Lino

wants marmoleum in south norwood se25


> We are looking at putting in some new nice wood laminate flooring for the three bedrooms of our flat and so would be interested in getting a quote for the materials and labour.


> Please find pictures attached showing the current nice flooring in our hallway vs the cheap nasty stuff currently in the bedrooms. We also have old fixed skirting which I?m not sure is easy to remove/update. I?ve also included the floor plan for the three bedrooms so you can see the sizes.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants supply only, amtico flooring

The standard parquet size is: 76.2 x 228.6mm

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

My partner and I dropped by over the weekend to ask about prices for flooring for a place that we are currently in the process of purchasing. I think it might have been John we were speaking to?


I was advised to send over pictures & a floor plan to get an estimate of costs. The link to the sale of the property is below, and the required info should be included.  


We were discussing a mix of Vinyl and carpet flooring, with vinyl across all of the ground floor, and possibly a mix of vinyl and carpets for the first floor.


Would you be able to provide quotes for how much it would cost to do ground floor only, top floor only, and how much for both if we did them at different times? If the stairs have to be quoted separately, please let us know as well. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Domestic Carpet

[14:37, 22/06/2020] : Hi - many thanks for your message - please see the diagram of the 2nd floor of the property, attached. The 3 bedrooms and the hallway need to be carpeted. The room in the top right hand corner which says ?baie? is the bathroom and that doesn?t require carpeting. Many thanks in advance for your help! Best wishes, Helen
[21:, 22/06/2020] : Hi - following on from my earlier message, would it be possible to have a quote to carpet the 3 rooms and landing, in a carpet that?s suitable for a rental property? I?ll call you in the morning to discuss it, if that?s ok. Many thanks in advance. 

SE21 London

Domestic Carpet

carpet for several rooms in west Dulwich, might come to shop next Saturday.

send WhatsApp number.

Marmoleum Lino

lino floor anted in west norwood

Domestic Carpet

Hi there. Am I able to come into the shop this week? I?ve spoke with Lewis Abbot and they said you do country classics herringbone. Do you have samples in Crystal Palace shop?

Domestic Carpet

wants a bedroom carpet in herne hill se24. she has a remnant.

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet replaced in halla and stairs on anerley se20 london. sent whatsapp


I'm looking to get my kitchen floored with cork tiles (the ones I've got in mind are the HD-88 tile from Siesta Cork Flooring). I wonder if you're taking on new jobs at the moment? It wouldn't be a big one - my kitchen is about 3m x 2.5m. I'm aware you might have a backlog to work through but let me know if you might be able to take this on and if you might be able to come and take measurements for a quote. I live locally, just by Sydenham Overground station. 

Domestic Carpet

wants a boucle loop in wool, hall and stairs in se23 forest hill london

Natural Fibres

wants a sisal carpet installed and he is sending whatsapp. in south norwood se25 london

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Fitting of Lvt flooring on ground floor of 3 bed house 

and fitting of carpet in bedrooms and runner on stairs 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

lives in anerley. has a new extension. had unerfloor heating but the concrete has been laid, then latex screed, then underlfoor heating and finally a tongue and groove chipboard floor on top. but the chipboard floor has started to buckle and she wants an lvt floor. going to visit.

Domestic Carpet

4.5m x 2.5m bedroom carpet came into shop in crystal palace se19 he is in west norwood se27, no furniture needs underlay

Wooden Flooring

wants a wood floor. has a nasty laminate floor. needs plyboard floor underneath. Lives in West Norwood SE27.

Skirting boards need removing a replacing.

Domestic Carpet

rental carpet in dulciech. i think he is a cheap skate askedif we can match crapet right. I told him under no circumstances.

Domestic Carpet

rental carpet in dulciech. i think he is a cheap skate askedif we can match crapet right. I told him under no circumstances.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

 Is it possible to get a quote for the Karndean heritage Montpellier range.

 I was looking for two areas:

 Firstly the entrance to the hall the area is 165 x 85cm

Secondly the bathroom, I?ve attached some pictures.

At this stage even a rough quote estimating cost and also likely timeframes (I understand Karndean products take 6-8 weeks) would be really helpful.

se20 anerley London

Domestic Carpet

2 bedroom rental property in anerley needs carpet. is having soundproofing siolution. I quoted hom around 750 he is sending images via whatsapp.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

light karndean

Safety Flooring

dental practice in south norwood se25 london, wants altro safety floor

Wooden Flooring

Hi, hope you are well. I am not sure if you are working in the current lockdown but we have a wooden floor in need of repair as a board has broken today. We moved into the property late last year and I don't believe the floor is too old so would appreciate an expert eye over it as well and check it is all up to standard and fix up anything that requires it.


I am happy to send pictures and more information if that would help with providing a quote?

Domestic Carpet

has one room in a house to be flooring in se26

Domestic Carpet

came into shop very nce chap. wants a nice carpet for the staors. 13 steps and 14 steps close fiy. lives in se25 south norwood london. dimesniosn and images coming from whatsapp

Vinyl Flooring

the colour flooring 

Vinyl Flooring

Fitting of the colours floring vinyl in kitchen area 

Wooden Flooring

ESTIMATE. V4 or Amtico for Living room 4.21 x 3.89

V4  ZB201, ZB101

Amtico Designer Choice, Timber DC112.


type of flooring - open to suggestions but maybe a light grey wood - best to discuss in person anerley se20 london


laminate floor in kitchen in dulwich

Vinyl Flooring

I am looking to replace our existing kitchen vinyl flooring with vinyl flooring from the colour flooring company

They recommended yourselves as fitters

Would you be able to estimate the cost of fitting (assuming we purchase the vinyl direct from them)?

there is vinyl in place on a concrete kitchen floor the kitchen is a T-shape:

approx 5.5m total length

narrow section approx 1.5m wide (with kitchen units either side)

opening up into a section that is approx 2.3m wide (no obstructions or furniture)

I would assume to order a 6m roll of vinyl

If you could give an idea of install cost and availability that would be much appreciated

We are based on SE26

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wnats a karndean or amtico floor in his hallway and kitchen in dulwich se22 london, doesn't have measureents.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT for all ground floor of house.

samples requested. Amtico. AR0W7750 chalked pine.    AR0W7680 white washed wood.

Polyflor Camaro. 2241 bianco.  2229 white limed oak.  Bevel line. 2817 Scandinavian white oak.

Domestic Carpet

bedroom carpet in forest hill se23

Carpet Runner

Sisal or Anywhere runner for stairs and landing.

carpet for bedrooms. looked at Himalaya, Torino, Milano.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Initial enquiry for LVT for ground floor 30s semi.

samples. not yet ordered.

Polyflor. Colonia    4435 English oak.  

 Polyflor. Encore Rigid loc     9035 harbour side oak.   9036 treehouse oak.   9027 Eden ash.

Sierra. 9919 chapel oak.    9745 blossom ash


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


1st floor new build Anerley Park Rd.

Polyflor Camaro herringbone, on wall 24.99, on concrete floor plus sound reducing underlay.

lounge/kitchen/diner  5.66 x 4.99

hall 1.1 x 4.4

bedroom 3.18 x 3.77

Domestic Carpet

Ground floor approx. 40m.

Kingsmead Vitronic berber, colour Elm. 34.99

Marmoleum Lino

came into shop.

Marmoleum for small bathroom and separate toilet.

Looked at- T3053 dove blue LRV27.   T3030 blue LRV12.   3035 dove blue.    3055.

customer will email dimensions. 

Wooden Flooring

Engineered for ground floor in town house.

Marmoleum Lino

wants marmaleum at sime house in se23 london

Domestic Carpet

Carpet for stairs, close fit,  and spare room.

quote 1. stairs, Anywhere herringbone Ice 8045. Spare room. Anywhere Panama  ice 8025.

quote 2. Stairs and Spare room. LA Durham, stone, for both.


Colour Flooring vinyl or rubber for kitchen, currently tiled, they need advice for this.

CF Samples ordered- Vinyl. Tangerine, Pebble, Lemon.   Rubber. Springfield, Comporta.

New Year OK

Marmoleum Lino


Marmoleum, Concrete colour Beton for kitchen 3x2.

concrete floor with some lino tiles stuck to it.

January ok

Wooden Flooring

came into shop. she loves in west nrwood and she wants v4 wooden flooring in extension

Marmoleum Lino

marmoleumfloor in se23 forest hill london


15m2 f cork flooring in Forest Hill SE23

Vinyl Flooring

We spoke earlier whilst I was driving. 


We need our new loft ensuite bathroom measured for flooring. This is what we want:


Their website it showing out of stock though. 


We are at SE20 8DW.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Vinyl Flooring

Jo is a plumber and will be fitting a bathroom and kitchen in Forest hill.

Bathroom 2.45 x 1.7, 4.16m   cap and cove, Altro Pisces, sea urchin.

Kitchen 2.5 x 1.6, 4m     Altro Pisces, sea horse.

Altro pisces, Volante to us 18.49.

ready 9 December

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

31m2 of LVT parquet Amtico spacia parque flooring in Forest Hill Se23

Domestic Carpet


Himalaya Daponte, colour 1543. send sample.

Living room 30' X 16'   (9.14 X 4.88m) currently floor boards.

possible same carpet for stairs and landing.

I gave estimate for living room of around 3000

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Hi Rob,


Doesn?t have to be a Thursday. 7th is a few weeks away, would like to get the floor laid soon, don?t really want to drag it out much longer.


Our address SE23 2QX.




Hello there


I am looking to have Amtico flooring fitted as soon as possible.  Are you able to come and quote on fitting in dining room, hallway and one reception.


We are in Forest hill and someone is around for the rest of the day, and all of next week.  You can call or text me on 515719977.

Marmoleum Lino

Kitchen renovation.

Looked at lvt stone, marmolem and rubber.

V4 engineered for dining room.

Domestic Carpet

Runner for stairs and landing, carpet 5 bedrooms.

stairs/landing. La herringbone, whipped , wall 29.99

Bedrooms, Himalaya Torino 35.50, or Daponte 49.99

Domestic Carpet

Good afternoon, As discussed, we?re hoping to obtain a quote to carpet 2 x bedrooms in Sydenham on Friday next week (25th Oct)

We?d like Cormac Malabar Balm and we?ll need 3x4 metres for the smaller room and 3x5 metres for the main.

Both rooms are rectangular so should be relatively straight forward.

I?d be grateful for a quote by this evening as we need to make a decision soon.


We?re keen to keep the cost down so happy to remove existing carpet and underlay ourselves - potentially we could use the existing grippers and joint strips though ?


My address is Esbourne Court, 2 Lawrie Park Crescent, Sydenham, SE26

Domestic Carpet

Stair carpet close fit with 2 winds.

Clarendon Mortlake Brussels colour Kashmir beige. wall 19.99

also Colour flooring Vinyl or Marmoleum for kitchen.

Carpet Runner

Runner for 2 flights, probably Alternative Anywhere.

LVT/marmoleum/engineered for hall ,kitchen. undecided.

Carpet Runner

Stairs with winder. no carpet selected but knows colour and type.

quote Friday 11th if possible

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT or engineered for kitchen.

Likes Karndean At select blond oak herringbone.

Vinyl Flooring

TCFC vinyl in bathroom. Tiles have been removed, plumber moved bath and basin gone. Sending picture to me from my email.

2.71m x 2.3m size

SE22 dulwich.

Vinyl Flooring

New loft space 37m

Colour flooring vinyl or rubber, wants advice.

Builder on site, we to quote for sub floor prep.

Domestic Carpet

this and previous photo are living room, ground floor, 4640 by 3315 cm. 85 Woodvale Walk SE27 0EY. Moe pics to come 

stairs, 11treads. 1910 wide. BR1 is 2750 by 4540. BR2 is 2386 by 2720. hallway is 2500 by 1910 plus another section approx 2000 by 1810. I spoke to rob Barney on 16 th sept. this is for an estimate. thanks Rosemary 

Domestic Carpet

room approx. 13m Kandesh home counties, pacific pearl. wall 25.50. quote

Domestic Carpet

Town house. carpet for stairs and bedrooms. ready end Oct/Nov.

LVT for ground floor.

carpet choices, samples to send.

stairs and landings. Himalaya Proto 018

bedroom possibles. 

LA signature, ash.

LA signature, pebble 157

ITC Cannes silver 150300.

ITC Kensington, dove 2503

LVT. samples, Polyflor

Bevel line Scandinavian white oak 2817

Camaro Bianco oak 2241

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet for stairways, landings, 3 bedrooms. blue. the rooms. 

Domestic Carpet

Hi there,


Can you send me an estimate please? We're looking to carpet the upstairs of our house, and one flight of stairs.


I think we're looking at roughly 31m2 plus one flight of stairs. Floor plan attached (we're doing all of the top floor apart from the bathroom)


Can you give us a rough cost for the following:


Tretford Cord in Double cream

Riviera Stowe harvest (if you stock it)

Riviera Burford antique white (if you stock it).


We're just up the road from you at Sydenham Rise, SE23

If you can also let me know what your lead time is at the moment I'd be grateful.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

gaps inbetween floor karndean needs some new floor imbetween.


Vinyl Flooring

Hi Robert


Lovely talking to you just now.

Here are the pictures of what has just been done, I honestly feel like crying.

I understand in the grand scheme of things a awfully fitted floor isn?t the biggest of deals,  but this space has been done for my partner who has Cancer last year and was supposed to be something for her to be excited about.

It was fitted by this guy

I arranged for this to be done and can?t believe the money this has costed us to get to this outcome. It was fitted by 

The space is approximately 260cm x 210cm It would be great if you were able to come and see the space and to have a chat in regards to getting a quote to do it properly. The vinyl came from the colour floor company but I don?t know if we can afford that again so any other options you may have would be great to see also.


Our Address is SE22 9AQ If it would be possible to be able to see you next week it would be great.


Best wishes



Domestic Carpet

carpet fitting of 2x bedrooms and lounge area 

Marmoleum Lino

Fitting of marmoleum flooring in bathroom area 

Client has marmoleum

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


The full address is: Apple Yard, Penge, London SE20 


On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 2:30 PM Customer Orders <> wrote:

Hello Luke, thanks for your email. This is actually called Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Its not laminate and needs a very solid and flat subfloor. Happy to come and have a look for you at some stage if you can provide me with your full address and contact number, best Robert.




We've just bought a property at the Venue development in Anerley. There's currently laminate installed in the hallway and lounge, and we'd like to extend that into the largest bedroom too (which currently has a carpet). I asked the developer which flooring they used and it's "Amtico Spacia Sun Bleached Oak ? SS5W231". Is this something you'd be able to source and install for us? Or failing that just install if you'd rather we source it ourselves? The room is just over 13 square metres (4.9 x 2.66). I appreciate this might not be the biggest job but we're hoping to find someone local who can help us out!  Many thanks, Luke Kelly

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Kitchen 13m currently old lino, wants to replace with LVT

samples to send.

Polyflor, Colonia,  stone 4527 silvered concrete

Polyflor, Colonia, stone 4536 natural limestone

Polyflor, Expona Bevel line, Stone 2826 venetian marble

Vinyl Flooring

 Crystal Palace Park Road, SE26




On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 at 10:04 am, Customer Orders <> wrote:

Hello Ed, thanks for your email. A lot depends on how well that plyboard has been fitted.

I imagine we will need to cover it with feather, wait for it to dry and sand it.

Then fit the rubber. This is often quote a tricky fit with rubber.


If you supply adhesive and rubber we will supply the feather finish and the whole job I would say will cost 400 + VAT which is 480.

We will need a weeks? notice to fit.


Hello there, I need to fit two small rolls of rubber flooring (both the same colour ? from the Colour Flooring Company) for my 5msq bathroom floor. I?m in Sydenham, SE26. Would that be an area you cover? if so, do you know roughly how much the job might be? The floor already has plywood boarding down on top of the floorboards.  Many thanks, Ed Ross

Domestic Carpet

domestic carpet underly and maybe some engineered floor. 80/20 wool mix. domestic carpet firring and supply in forest hill se23. light grey. 100m2

Marmoleum Lino

With reference to attached plan mark-up, please provide a quotation to supply and fit the following 3no.Forbo Marmoleum colours (Linoleum):


40m2 Concrete 'Moon' (shown yellow on plan)

20m2 Real 'Bleeckerstreet' (shown pink)

16m2 Marbled 'Asian Tiger' (shown orange)


These quantities already account for offcuts and 2m roll width.


Sub-floor is Mapei Ultraplan self levelling screed over a wet underfloor heating laid in a Fermacell grooved board.

Half the sub-floor is a suspended timber floor, the other half a concrete slab.


Walls are not straight - scribing to walls, into three door thresholds and three cupboards will be required.



London SE24


The screed will be completed this Thursday; allowing to dry laying could commence in 2-3 weeks.

Please advise availability.

Domestic Carpet

Hallway carpet needs replacing, to match stairs if possible.

Wooden Flooring

probably wooden flooring.



Part of the kitchen floor was damaged during some plumbing work - would it be possible to have a proposal and quote to have this fixed. 


The floor is an oak engineered wood - about 30 floor boards have been damaged. Attached are some photos.



Flooring Abbey Wood SE2 and Carpets & Flooring London, carpet fitters CdV


With tradespersons based throughout Abbey Wood SE2, Cavendish deVere provide the complete range of domestic and business Flooring services for your property.

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