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Electrical services

We complete orders across London every day - have a look below to the huge range of jobs we do, and you'll see that we have the experience and engineers to cover your job - so don't trust just anyone to do your job - trust us! Our friendly team are standing by to take your call today!

Wooden Flooring

Hello Wooden floors - good ones start at around 45 per m2. Soundproof undlay is 10 per m2. Fitting per m2 around 35 per m2  staright pnaks and arounf $50 per m2 for herringbone paruw=est, cheveron etc. Hope that helps.

w2 London

Domestic Carpet

expensive carpet in westminster london

Carpet Runner


Sisal installed to two flints of stairs and landing. Carpet already purchased but would need whipping.

Domestic Carpet

I am moving into a new place in Clapham, London (SW11 5FU) and looking to have the carpet replaced in two of the rooms due to it having been stained by my tenants. I'd like to use the same carpet (as it is in other places of the house).


The carpet is:

Balta Broadloom 

Range: Timeless

Colour: ?Misty?

To include underlay ? Carpet Cushion by Ball & Young Ltd. 


The rooms have underfloor heating (in case that matters).


The rooms' dimensions are:

3.09m x 3.77m (or 10' 2" x 12' 5")

3.71m x 3.52x (or 12' 2" x 11' 6")


Could you please provide me with a quote for material and fitting?


Insurance job. water damaged laminate floor 8m2 in rental flat in Easher.

to replace with new laminate + scotia + underlay + removal and dispose.

possible November or January.

she's getting 2 quotes.

send WhatsApp.

Marmoleum Lino

wants a marmoleum floor in brockley se4 london kitch and diner extension probably concrete floor and we need to send him whatsapp

Domestic Carpet

wants a domestic carpet for flat in balham sw12 london. they are selling it so they want something cheap

Domestic Carpet

Hi, my name is George and I was looking to get some new carpet input in Islington. I was looking for new carpet to be fitted in two bedrooms with the old one removed. One room is 4.2 by 4.2 but is  an odd shape as one wall is not straight, the other is 3.4 by 3.8. I will send videos of each and was checking the cost for this?

Vinyl Flooring

 I would like to have vinyl floorts food court

 Kensighton london
I have 10 area from 12 sq.m each
150 sq.m

Marmoleum Lino

The living area is 7m by 4m at it's widest points. The corridor is 8.3m by 1m. The offshoots from the corridor are 1.75m by 1m and 1.75m by 1.21m.

We would like to have new thresholds put on where the new flooring meets the bedrooms please...the current ones are cheap and ugly.
We like the Marmoleum from the Real | Fresco | Vivace section. We would like a quote with and without the sound reducing underlay.
We'd also seen some ideas where people use 2 different colours of Marmoleum to mark out different areas. Is that something you guys could do? And would that change the price?

Marmoleum Lino

This is our very small bathroom at Finsbury Park, London. It is 295cm long by 115cm wide.

Domestic Carpet

London Se22

Carpet cut and for to landing/hall and first floor study. 
Handwritten dimensions of hallway and study dimensions attached
I have ordered 6x4m carpet and underlay

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Hello I would like a quote for a 10 m long hallway (width approx 1m). I am after Moduleo flooring. The Chevron basic pattern in either 104 or 102 colour. I may also want to get an average sized bedroom floored in the same material. I don?t have those dimensions to hand but can get them. 
The property is in SE21 London


This is the room we?d like to put cork floor down in. It?s 2645mm x 2620mm and the bit by the door is 760x880mm. It?s wood floorboards, but they?re a little uneven so would need an underlay. We were looking at. A floating floor but would appreciate your advice.   SW16 Streatham.

Domestic Carpet

Steph is the pm for tVicky and Neal in St Johns Hill, London. They wants some carpet. sent whatsapp

Wooden Flooring

I have attached the technical drawings and some images, please can you provide a cost for a team to remove old flooring and install the new flooring. You will need to only supply Labour, the glue and any consumables price these per m2. The new Oak Parquet floor will be supplied by scotch and soda.


The store can be closed for these works to take place during the day. Time allowance for work is 1-4 days, the less days it will take the better.


  • Removal & disposal of the old floor to be done by you
  • Installation Labour (day time)
  • Consumables (glue priced Per m2)
  • Flooring can be delivered to site to you or to site.
  • Floor comes pre oiled we will not need to have a varnish finish 
  • Time allowance for work is 1-4 days, the less days it will take the better. Store needs to close for the installation. keep period of closure to be as short as possible.
  • The brass floor plate is already in place new floor will be installed around the feature.


Can you please provide a cost to carry out the work requested, keeping my points above in mind please?


Any questions Please ask.

Wooden Flooring

Hello, my name is Han Ismail and I live in Auckland Hill, SE27 west norwood london. We would like to move from carpeting in our two bedrooms to wooden floors and to replace carpeting on our short run of stairs. We?d appreciate advice on our options - whether we can restore the current flooring or need to add to it. I am attaching photos of the rooms - note hatch in the master bedroom! - and my partner Mike?s drawings with dimensions. Options and quotes would be great. Han

Commercial Carpet

wants artificial grass in classrooms in e3 london

Wooden Flooring

has a room in hampstead and wants wood or lvt. needs to check lease. will call him back his comnection was bad.

Domestic Carpet

My name's Johnny Mirpuri andI'm looking to change the flooring in my 2 bed/2 bathroom flat in North London.I've just got off the phone with your colleague, Peter and as requested, I've attached photos of the flooring in my flat.I currently have laminated flooring throughout, with the exception of ceramic floor tiles in the kitchen and two bathrooms. In terms of what I want, I would like to achieve a uniform look with the same flooring running throughout the flat, without:

i) having to remove the ceramic floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and

ii) have the flooring flow from one room to  another without transition strips in any of the doorways.

The total floor area in the flat is approximately 87m.

Vinyl Flooring

 Hi how much would you charge to complete this and the beading ?
And how much would you charge to do the stairs like this?
My name is Macala address is 141 walnut road Leyton E10 5TQ


Sorry I do not currently have any measurements but if you are able to giVe me a rough quote from the photos
That would be much appreciated thank you

Carpet Tiles

I wondered if you were able to give me a quotation for our office flooring as we have given notice on the lease but need to replace the carpet tiles prior to vacating and having our deposit returned!!! It is a specific carpet tile - National Carpet Carbon Mercury and I have attached a floor plan of the area. The old would need lifting and the new putting down. In addition there is a small area of lino around the kitchen area that would need replacing as well and this image is attached. It does not have to be exactly the same but as close as possible.



All being well we would need the work to commence on Monday 31st August. Car parking can be arranged outside and the office is on the second floor of the The Leathermarket building, Weston Street SE1.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Ceramic Flooring

Hello, my name is Nora Yamada and I own a flat in Anerley - 6 Anerley Court, SE20 6NN

I would like to get some new flooring put in - kitchen and bathroom. I'm thinking of something durable and neutral - perhaps black and white tiles, but the smaller ones

My estate agents are Leaders and I'm dealing with Selwyn there. He's also on whatsapp 07821 211879

He can give you access if needed for quote. Here's the link to the flat as it has recently been advertised, you'll be able to see floorplan too. As you can see - quite small spaces:

one other thing - if possible, I'd like the job to be done before 7th August...I know this is very short notice, just wondering you can help. I?d like to talk to you about a quote for the flat about I?d like some Durable flooring

Marmoleum Lino

He wants forbo marmoleum in 5 bathrooms in South London. sent whatsapp.

Vinyl Flooring

Hi there

> I have been trying to find a suitable floor covering for a flight of stairs. There are 12 wooden stairs which are old and draughty. I know that I don?t want any kind of carpet or sisal and was thinking along the lines of vinyl sheet flooring. It?s possible I would extend it onto the upper landing but I think that?s a discussion to be had.

> I?ve considered something like painting it with epoxy as well - it needs to be easily cleaned but not slippy.

I live in a maisonette in a tower block - here?s my address:

Carpet Runner

Runner for white painted stairs with winder.

Carpet. Telenzo Diversity, Steam coal 148

Tape. Crucial CCN5 Dun

Domestic Carpet

Flat she owns to be rented.

Carpet. Clarendon Mortlake Brussells, kashmere beige.

lounge, 4.9 X 4

bedroom 3.9 X 3.7

stairs approx 10m2

send whatsapp she has video ready.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Amtico for 2 spaces in flat. Quote for supply + fit and supply only.

Space 1 approx 35m2

Signature AR0AGG11 Glint Orb     with stripping AR0AUC30 Putty 3mm x 915. Laying pattern  Random Stone laid 45 degree. as per display.

Space 2 size unknown so price per m2

Form FS7S4380 Opal 305mm x 610  with stripping AR0W8100 Cirrus Air 3mm x 915. Laying pattern Broken Bond, laid 45 degree as per display

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Looking for around 35sqm of amtico. We think Cornish oak (signature). Herringbone.  We?re knocking down some walls, layout can be seen here. Room is 8560mm x 3640mm. Concrete underfloor.

Wooden Flooring

Herne Hill

Fit only engineered, to be  glued to new floors that are screeded and plyed.

ground floor 45m2, 690mm long planks laid in chevron.

top floor 70m2 straight planks.

will need glue.

I said fitting is 35/m2

Marmoleum Lino

I just sent you a watsapp with my request and then scrolled down to find an email.
I'm looking for suitable flooring for gym room. I was thinking of Lino as it is both soft and natural. I do want it on the roll though, rather than tiles.
I'm looking for 9m2 with installation. Colour dark grey-black/slate effect or similar The width of the room is just under 2.6m.
Installation mid to end of Aug.
Could you kindly furnish me with some options. Or maybe there is another option. I've had a quote for poured rubber flooring and it was too expensive given they have min m2 and my room is small. Wimbledon SW19


I'm putting together some cork flooring specifications for a library room at a Primary School in Dagenham, and Ruth from the Colour Flooring Co. has kindly passed on your details.

I wonder if you could possibly sketch out a rough costing/timeframe for the job of fitting the cork tiles (I'm looking at both 'floating' boards, which look like the simpler option, being pre-finished and 'click-together'.. and more traditional glue-down tiles of corking (much thinner, only 4mm vs 10.5 of the floating boards, so may suit better in terms of replacing the existing lino). These would require finishing on site, I think. If you have a preference or experience with either that'd help the decision, absolutely let me know! 


The room size is 79m2; I'm estimating 5% wastage, so enough cork for 83m2.

I'm on the team doing the fitout, so ideally we'd like to be in there in the last week of August, as the kids go back first week of Sept (well - covid permitting!). You could have access any time from the beginning of August, I expect. 


links to possible cork specs:

Glue-down option:


floating panel option:


If there's something I've missed out here, drop me a line - more than happy to find out what I can for you. Many thanks for your time, and hope to hear from you soon.

Vinyl Flooring


I was given your details by Colour Flooring, who will be supplying vinyl flooring for my renovation. I wonder if you might be available to install the flooring around the end of August and if so if you could provide a quote? The flooring will run through our kitchen/diner and bathroom, totaling 28m2. Our builder would plan to prepare the subfloor (plywood). sidcup kent


Hi there,


I'm putting together some cork flooring specifications for a library room at Sydney Russell Primary School in Dagenham, and Ruth from the Colour Flooring Co. has kindly passed on your details.


I wonder if you could possibly sketch out a rough costing/timeframe for the job of fitting the cork tiles (I'm looking at both 'floating' boards, which look like the simpler option, being pre-finished and 'click-together'.. and more traditional glue-down tiles of corking (much thinner, only 4mm vs 10.5 of the floating boards, so may suit better in terms of replacing the existing lino). These would require finishing on site, I think. If you have a preference or experience with either that'd help the decision, absolutely let me know! 


The room size is 79m2; I'm estimating 5% wastage, so enough cork for 83m2.

I'm on the team doing the fitout, so ideally we'd like to be in there in the last week of August, as the kids go back first week of Sept (well - covid permitting!). You could have access any time from the beginning of August, I expect. 


links to possible cork specs:

Glue-down option:


floating panel option:


If there's something I've missed out here, drop me a line - more than happy to find out what I can for you. Many thanks for your time, and hope to hear from you soon.




Wooden Flooring

Hi there, I have seen some amtico decor and amtico form that I would like for my house (bedroom, through living room and hallways). Please could I receive a quote? We?re based on forest hill
Thank you, Amy

Domestic Carpet

Hi. I came to the shop last Saturday and was advised to send a video of my stairs and hallways. I understand you are busy until September but may be able to send a quote. The carpets are covered in paint as an incentive to change them. I was interested in the Promo ultra shadow. 

Wooden Flooring

Room is about 13? by 10? with a fireplace and a couple of inlays (see pics).

We are keen to switch to wooden floor and while we?d like to use the original floorboards if possible, we need to make sure it is as quiet as possible for the property downstairs so are thinking we might need to go with engineered wood.

Property is Victorian, assume original floorboards, and are original skirting boards

Please can you send some estimates of cost ranges (starting at the most cost effective end please)?

Also would we be able to reuse the flooring once fitted when we move house?

Marmoleum Lino


We are planning a kitchen renovation and hoping to be able to lay lino on top of our current stone floor tiles; could we arrange for someone to tell us if this is feasible and discuss options? We live in Clapham.

 Best, Emily



Colour Flooring waterproof Corka for bathroom. Floor has ceramic tiles.

Sydenham Hill

September ok . send him whatsapp number.

Natural Fibres

This is for a sisal carpet (natural carpet)

Commercial Carpet

Cleaning company ask by client to find carpet supplier.

The job is to re carpet a Library, currently close, in Hammersmith.

Oliver will send pictures and sizes by end of week. needs whatsapp number.

Natural Fibres

I'd like a quote for fitting a natural carpet (Sisal) and underlay (I would need this provided).  Also for uplift and removal of my current carpet/underlay.

Commercial Carpet

We are two blocks of flats set over 3 floors plus a penthouse with 6 stairways, corridors, entrance areas and 2 lifts and we are looking to replace our carpets.

We want a high traffic, hard wearing solution similar to what we currently have. 


We also wish to replace the floor in the lifts, but moving away from carpet to something that is easy to clean, doesn't retain smells but also looks smart and 'not cheap'.


Do you do this size of project and if so, would you be interested in providing an estimate?


We are in SW8 and our website listed below has images which will give you an idea of what we look like and our layouts.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Hi Further to a call put in earlier today, we are looking for Amtico &/or Polyflor laying at our site in NW1


We have:


30-40nr (Depending on your capacity) Studios to feather screed & Lay Amtico Spacia Credenza oak to rooms as per pictures sizes approximately 12 to 25m2 depending on exact studio

30-40nr Shower rooms to install polyflor quattro and Vinyl skirting approx. 1100x1100 each


All materials are on site and the floors are plyed in 9mm ready to feather and lay. If you would like to visit site pleas egive me a call 07809557632


Safety Flooring

Good evening please find attached the pictures of our narrowboat in little venice London. This is going to be a commercial space.  We want a cost effective hard safety floor of some description in black or nearly black.  The boat is split into three sections with the last bit on the end being a cloakroom/wc.

Wooden Flooring

Hi there, interested in new flooring for our bedroom, which is 3.9m by 3.2m. Interested in solid wood or engineered wood flooring.  Please see video, it would need to be laid on floorboards, just had them sanded as though they would be good enough, but not looking great.

Carpet Runner

stairs close fit. will send whatsapp, give number.

September OK

likes Malabar, gossamer

Marmoleum Lino

Hi, I would like a quote for a Marmoleum floor for a set of stairs, a landing and a small closet off the landing. I will send photos of the stairs, but unfortunately I don?t currently have any of the landing or closet.  The 4 wedge shaped stairs measure: 86, 91, 116 and 87cm at the longer edges.  The 9 straight stairs are 84.5x23cm The landing is 179x100cm The closet (from memory) 140x100.  The flat is in South Norwood and currently unoccupied as I haven?t moved in yet.  The floor I?m looking for is Marmoleum Real 2767 Rust. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

 Screed is down and dry
Would like amtico spacia
Size of that room is approximately 5m x 6.2m plus 3.2m x 2.6m

clapham sw4 london

Domestic Carpet

he just wants a soundproof underlay as he has issued from sound from below his flat in se19 crsytal palace london

Carpet Runner

Stair runner. carpets looked at samples wanted.

Pot Pouri, steel.     Viceroy berber traditions, strata.     Kingsmead Natural rib, Swedish grey and Dill.

Safety Flooring

Further to our telephone conversation this morning, I am attaching pictures and a plan with measurements of the Playroom that we would like to have a quotation.  We would like this to have Polysafe Standard PUR 2.0mm flooring


We look forward to receiving your quotation.

Safety floor orpington kent

Marmoleum Lino

I am planning a refurbishment of my ground floor (approx 45m2). After receiving a quote for a poured concrete floor we are also considering a marmoleum floor. We have received samples from forbo directly.

Our current builder claims marmoleum is only used in industrial or office buildings and it is not worth considering in a residential project.

Would you be able to provide a quote for laying a marmoleum floor (target floorplan attached). The builder would put in low profile underfloor heating and level this with self levelling compound.

E1 Shoreditch London

Domestic Carpet

flat to be carpeted with view to be rented. currently good hardwood floor.

likes Soft Focus, hickory or hudson grey.

send whatsapp.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants an lvt amtvio fllor in Peckham se15 London

Domestic Carpet

2 floors including the staircase. they want the same carpet.

Domestic Carpet

Upstairs Flat - Edwardian Period.

We require a quote carry out the following work;

1: Replace carpet in main bedroom and second bedroom

The price range is approx. Boucle Neutrals from your range


2: Replace carpet in living room with wood/engineered wood flooring

We don?t want to ?blow the budget? with the materials in this room however, we are not considering ?cheap?…probably something ?mid-range?, again.  Note:  this room combines dining as the kitchen is a galley.


3: Replace carpet on stairs and hallway

We think that we would install a runner up the stairs and continue it through out the hallway landing.  Need guidance/recommendation here

SE6 Catford London

Carpet Runner

stair runner on stairs and landing art deco style in south croydon

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants an amtico floor in sydenham se26 London

Domestic Carpet

wants a bedroom carpet swapped like for like in hyde park london

Domestic Carpet

[21:27, 07/07/2020] +44 7973 346822: Hall is 4? by 15? widest points
[21:28, 07/07/2020] +44 7973 346822: Underlay seems fine for what we are achieving
[21:28, 07/07/2020] +44 7973 346822: We want smokestack Apollo plus laid and the old carpet taken away .
[21:28, 07/07/2020] +44 7973 346822: Decorators will be finished in a week
[21:29, 07/07/2020] +44 7973 346822: This is for 94a the Chase SW4 0NF
[21:29, 07/07/2020] +44 7973 346822: 1st floor flat
[21:30, 07/07/2020] +44 7973 346822: My name Ben Hardey

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT floor required for clinic in marylebone w1 london

Carpet Runner

wants a runner with wonders in nw2 london. sending whatsapp

Wooden Flooring

wants a wooden floor replaced in sw10 kensignton london

Vinyl Flooring

I would like to have the vinyl floors in my kitchen and bathroom replaced with Colour Flooring Company sheet vinyl. Could you give me a quote for taking up the current floors and replacing them? 

fulham sw6 london

Wooden Flooring

wants wooden floors throughout and runners on stars in house in penge se20.

Carpet Runner

wants a stair carpet runner in Clapham SW4 London. sent an email she will send images and then send her some ideas.

Marmoleum Lino

wants marmoleum in south norwood se25

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants a small kitchen floor in Amico lvt in streatham sw16 London

Domestic Carpet

Hope you're well. You came recommended from a good friend of mine based in Crystal Palace 


We've found the carpets we want, from Westex, however wanted to see if I could get a quote for measuring service + the fitting. 


We're based in Brockley and looking to get 3 bedrooms, a landing and staircase done. Included some rough measurements below just for the quote. 


Our room measurements are as follows: 

  • Master Bedroom: 4.37m x 3.23m 
  • Second Bedroom: 3.75m x 2.99m 
  • Third Bedroom: 2.84m x 1.93m 
  • Hall: 1.35m x 1.93m 
  • Staircase: 15 steps (3 bend)

Let me know if any questions at all - look forward to hearing back. 


Safety Flooring

Rubber flooring fit only. pictures sent to WhatsApp.

Domestic Carpet

15m2. sound studio. hard waeraing dark colour.

Carpet Runner

wants a stair runner on brixton

Marmoleum Lino

2nd floor flat. thinking of marmoleum. in dining room is sending whatsapp


> We are looking at putting in some new nice wood laminate flooring for the three bedrooms of our flat and so would be interested in getting a quote for the materials and labour.


> Please find pictures attached showing the current nice flooring in our hallway vs the cheap nasty stuff currently in the bedrooms. We also have old fixed skirting which I?m not sure is easy to remove/update. I?ve also included the floor plan for the three bedrooms so you can see the sizes.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Charbel came to shop. he is a chef opening Lebanese  Restaurant 53m in Sidcup

LVT for dining area and safety floor for kitchen. he took Amtico and Polyflor catalogues to show designer.

send him WhatsApp number.

Domestic Carpet

communal area flats in Crystal Palace Se19

Domestic Carpet


Please call regarding supplying and fitting carpet - stairs, hallway and landing.

 in croydon

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants supply only, amtico flooring

The standard parquet size is: 76.2 x 228.6mm

Domestic Carpet

 Sent: 23 June 2020 15:28 To: Customer Orders <> Subject: Re: Carpet fitting


And the more entry level one? The Vogue I think it is? I'd obviously like the nicer one but can you do them both in the quote so I can compare and see budget wise that would be helpful.


Yes that would be great, I'd be happy to do a video and provide measurements, if that helps? address is  London SE15




I believe that the price has increased and that carpet 72 per m2 inc VAT. It takes 10 days from order. In the meantime if you would like a quote I ca  send you a WhatsApp and if you upload a video of the stairs in question as you walk up them I will give you  total fitting price. I just need your address and mobile number to do that. 

Carpet fitting Hi Robert, I?m getting in touch again to pick up where we left off before Christmas about getting my carpet replaced. Can you confirm if the prices are still the same for the carpet (Westex Silken Velvet-Chic in Stormy Sky), removal and fitting? I?d like to move forward now it?s safer to do so. 

Domestic Carpet

Please could I book a time for you to measure our 5 bedroom house (plus stairs and landings) for new carpets?

> We are in Islington. sending a whatsapp.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

My partner and I dropped by over the weekend to ask about prices for flooring for a place that we are currently in the process of purchasing. I think it might have been John we were speaking to?


I was advised to send over pictures & a floor plan to get an estimate of costs. The link to the sale of the property is below, and the required info should be included.  


We were discussing a mix of Vinyl and carpet flooring, with vinyl across all of the ground floor, and possibly a mix of vinyl and carpets for the first floor.


Would you be able to provide quotes for how much it would cost to do ground floor only, top floor only, and how much for both if we did them at different times? If the stairs have to be quoted separately, please let us know as well. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Marmoleum Lino

Marmoleum 3846 Natural Corn. conservatory 2.18 X 1.32

Quote supply and fit and supply only with adhesive.

Wooden Flooring

First of all, I need to let you know I am on the top floor of a small mansion block of flats, and, knowing what it is like living underneath someone with hard flooring, (and the hypersensitivity of my neighbours below) I need to make sure ift has some soundproofing. But I want hard flooring this time if possible.

Can I use my old carpet as an underlay? I put in nice, thick underlay under that, too.


The pics attached are named for the measurements of each room.

Domestic Carpet

[14:37, 22/06/2020] : Hi - many thanks for your message - please see the diagram of the 2nd floor of the property, attached. The 3 bedrooms and the hallway need to be carpeted. The room in the top right hand corner which says ?baie? is the bathroom and that doesn?t require carpeting. Many thanks in advance for your help! Best wishes, Helen
[21:07, 22/06/2020] : Hi - following on from my earlier message, would it be possible to have a quote to carpet the 3 rooms and landing, in a carpet that?s suitable for a rental property? I?ll call you in the morning to discuss it, if that?s ok. Many thanks in advance. 

SE21 London

Carpet Runner


> We live in Camden and are looking to buy a stair carpet, and ideally have it measured and fitted. I appreciate you many not be providing this service at the moment due to coronavirus, but is there an online gallery of carpet samples that we could look at in the meantime and an idea of your pricing?


> And do you know when you might be open again for services? No problem if you?re not sure yet.

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet throughout and has an engineered wooden floor which has been badly fitted. also noise reduction. in kenning to so not a great postcode se17

Marmoleum Lino

wnats a new marmolwum lino floor in W10 London

Marmoleum Lino

Marmoleum or LVT for 1st floor flat currently engineered total 29m.

interested in concrete effect, looked at Amtico and Marmoleum.

concerned about noise for her neighbours below.

wants marmoleum samples.

blue dew 3714.   stormy sea 3710.   meteorite 3705

she will send WhatsApp. give her the number.

Domestic Carpet

carpet for several rooms in west Dulwich, might come to shop next Saturday.

send WhatsApp number.

Marmoleum Lino

lino floor anted in west norwood

Domestic Carpet

Hi there. Am I able to come into the shop this week? I?ve spoke with Lewis Abbot and they said you do country classics herringbone. Do you have samples in Crystal Palace shop?

Wooden Flooring

Hope you're well and that things are moving back to normal for you.


My partner and I recently bought a 2 bed flat in Blackheath. We are planning to renovate, including replacing the bathroom and kitchen, and all floors. In particular, we would like to have solid wood parquet flooring downstairs, and tiles in the kitchen.


We are looking to have the living/dining room (4.6m x 4.5m), the hall (approx 3 x 2, allowing for the odd shape) and the downstairs bedroom (4 x 3.8) done. I attach one of the old sales brochures (from about 2013) which has a floor plan in case useful. I'm not sure about the quality of the sub-floor but I expect it might need some work.


I wondered if you would be able to let us know what solid wood parquet products you have available (if we need to buy them from you, otherwise we can source), and provide us with a rough estimate for fitting? Do you also do tiling for the kitchen, or can you recommend someone?


Domestic Carpet

wants 2 bedrooms arpet in new build in aldaget east high rise apartment. she is abroad. sent her whatsapp and she is sendong schematics

Commercial Carpet

communal area flats.  in total. communal areas wants rubber nosings and carpet quote. in se11 london.sent whatsapp and awaiting information.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

2 bed hallway, open plan living room and dining room in Canary Wharf E14. Concere underneath

Living area and hallway - wooden or lvt and bedrooms in carpet.

planning to rent it.

Domestic Carpet

120m2 of carpet in kensington apartment w8. as moths wants who;le carpet replaced with the best. i siad nyon she saidd fine although she may have a loop pile. anyway sending whatsapp.

Domestic Carpet

wants a bedroom carpet in herne hill se24. she has a remnant.

Domestic Carpet

Came in to the shop.

He's had an estimate by email for Clarendon Belsize Park carpet from us.

Wants estimate to include Kandesh Oaklands and Home counties, in beige.

send WhatsApp number.

Not living there permanently. Thinking mid July.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT 30m, carpet/rubber for 2 stair cases, one a spiral. 

They have children in there and need cleanable floor coverings.

send her WhatsApp number

Domestic Carpet

45m of the red underlay and 45m of the elite-twist in shadow. supply only delivered to cetral london

Domestic Carpet

wants a carpet for stairs in putney sw15 london. sent whatsapp

Domestic Carpet

daughter of an old customer. has a flat in sw3 chelsea and she wants a jacaranda carpet she is supplying to be fitted into carpet to be up stairs, hall, living/dining room and x2 bedrooms

Domestic Carpet

We?re looking to have our 2 bedrooms in our flat re-carpeted (so the old ones would also need to come out).

What further information would you need from us to obtain a quote?

e14 isle of dogs london

Domestic Carpet

2 bedrooms both 12m2

carpet, Everlon new majesty, cream silk

Take up and remove existing carpet.

furniture will be removed except bed but he will be there to help move it.

able to WhatsApp

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

House in Lewisham. 2 room basement with concrete floor currently carpeted. approx. 30m2

Estimate for Amtico light oak plank.

Carpet Tiles

60 m2 office with carpet tiles.

Take up existing and replace with new, dark grey . He's seen online, tiles for 3 each. suggest options.

When can do.

Domestic Carpet

This a rental property owned by Julia but she's not living there.

Replace existing close fit stair carpet.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants amtico in chiswick

Domestic Carpet

I think she wants carpet but I can;t actually remmeber she is in shepahreds bush.

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet replaced in halla and stairs on anerley se20 london. sent whatsapp

Wooden Flooring

wants a herringbone wooden floor in clapham sw4 london. supply and fit and fit only.

Safety Flooring

wants polyflor safety floor walnut for apartment in soho london

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet throughout the house. has dogs so wool is not ideal and probably wants pp.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

We are in the process of having our entire house refurbed and will need karndean/amtico for the hallway and kitchen/diner area, with carpets for stairs, landing and 4 bedrooms. Streatham SW16 London


I'm looking to get my kitchen floored with cork tiles (the ones I've got in mind are the HD-88 tile from Siesta Cork Flooring). I wonder if you're taking on new jobs at the moment? It wouldn't be a big one - my kitchen is about 3m x 2.5m. I'm aware you might have a backlog to work through but let me know if you might be able to take this on and if you might be able to come and take measurements for a quote. I live locally, just by Sydenham Overground station. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

The tiles I was after were the amtico Spacia traditional oak, laid in a herringbone pattern. The kitchen is L shaped, floor dimensions are: 5.48m x 1.13m and 3.2m x 2.81m. There are also some other smaller areas by door/ cupboards: 1.43 x 0.62 and 0.76 x 0.59.

Domestic Carpet

wants a boucle loop in wool, hall and stairs in se23 forest hill london

Natural Fibres

wants a sisal carpet installed and he is sending whatsapp. in south norwood se25 london

Domestic Carpet

Please can you give us a quote to supply and fit a carpet in the attached area? Carpet needs to only go in the 'Yellow Area" and the measurements are included.

It is for a basement of a retail shop and we hold events there, can you give me a price range please? We are after a medium grey colour, preferably with some texture but no prints. Texture can be stripes or geometric.


wants a cork floor from the colour flooring company.

Wooden Flooring

70m2 of engineered wood for bedrooms x 4, level floors, no need for plyboard just underlay

40m2 (1 bedroom and 2 flights of stairs). 4.9m x 3.81m

Marmoleum Lino

has marmoleum and he wants it fitted into a kitchen in streatham sw16

Domestic Carpet

bedroom carpet

14ft (2-3) length
11ft (11-10) width

SW11 Battersea

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Fitting of Lvt flooring on ground floor of 3 bed house 

and fitting of carpet in bedrooms and runner on stairs 

Marmoleum Lino

My husband phoned earlier this afternoon and left a message 

I?m enquiring about either Forbo lino or rubber flooring, only soft grey in colour and totally plain, preferably one piece to fit a 15ft by 20ft floor and should be grateful if you would send me samples of each.

If these can be sent today or latest tomorrow could you please to:

Brockhampton, Gloucestershire,

London, NW3

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

lives in anerley. has a new extension. had unerfloor heating but the concrete has been laid, then latex screed, then underlfoor heating and finally a tongue and groove chipboard floor on top. but the chipboard floor has started to buckle and she wants an lvt floor. going to visit.

Marmoleum Lino

wants lino / marmoleum floor for house in EC1 London.

floors are plyboard. 18mm plyboard. needs a feather finish. marmoleum walton

Carpet Runner

Dear Cavendish deVere, 
I was wondering if I could get a quote for 2 bedroom carpets and a stair runner? 
I will attach videos of both bedrooms and the stairs and the measurements of the rooms are:
Nan?s room 3.7x2.4m = 9m2
Baby?s room 2.3x2.98= 7m2 

We are in South Vale, SE19

Domestic Carpet

4.5m x 2.5m bedroom carpet came into shop in crystal palace se19 he is in west norwood se27, no furniture needs underlay


Cork flooring wanted in lewisham se13

All flat apart from bathroom. approx 68m2 - 4m2.

Marmoleum Lino

The Marmoleum is required to cover a bathroom floor located n the loft floor of our property

The shower tray will be in place but without the screen

The toilet can be removed but the floating cabinet and floating sink will remain in place


The radiator can be removed but the pipes will remain in place

The area measures circa. 2,200 X 1,950mm overall with a circa. 900 X 900mm cut out for the shower tray to one corner

The sub-floor comprises of 22mm tongue and groove water resistant chipboard with a 5.5mm ply over the top; broken in areas where the old floor has been removed

It would appear that the Marmoleum had been installed before any skirting had been put in place

I require a price to supply and fit Marmoleum Walton; Dessin 186-18635; Colour Lead (subject to change)

Wooden Flooring

wants a wood floor. has a nasty laminate floor. needs plyboard floor underneath. Lives in West Norwood SE27.

Skirting boards need removing a replacing.

Domestic Carpet

rental carpet in dulciech. i think he is a cheap skate askedif we can match crapet right. I told him under no circumstances.

Domestic Carpet

rental carpet in dulciech. i think he is a cheap skate askedif we can match crapet right. I told him under no circumstances.

Commercial Carpet

Quote for 112Mtr of carpet tile fitting in Uxbridge 

Safety Flooring

50m2 of sfatey floor or possibly lvt floor in barner shop in croydon.  sending whatsapp

Wooden Flooring

wooden floor damage insurance quote in soho w1 london. sent whatsapp.

Carpet Tiles

Good afternoon,


We are a company based in London Bridge who are looking to place carpet tiles or ?luxury vinyl tiles? wood effect in 2 of our offices.  Floor plans have been attached ? we would like the flooring for the main office area and two of the meeting rooms on each floor.


I have a few questions that I hope you will be able to answer:

  • Are you able to advise on using luxury floor tiles in an office?  Would there be any concerns from a wear and tear point of view?
  • We would be requiring tiles that are not going to increase the noise levels through echo.  Is acoustic flooring available, and what is your opinion on this?
  • Are you able to provide samples of the flooring that you may suggest?
  • We have floor boxes that contain plugs/network sockets in.  How would this be dealt with?
  • There are desks and cupboards that would need to be moved around.  Taking this into consideration, how long would it take to complete works (it?s fine to do during office hours)?
  • Would you have any availability to carry out the work in July?  If not, when is your availability?


We would like approximate costs to:

  • Take up existing tiles and dispose of them
  • Provide new tiles
  • Prepare the floor (if required) and lay new tiles
  • Any other costs


I look forward to hearing your opinion on which would work best for us and what you can offer.


Kind regards,

Carpet Runner

I have a renovation project at Tooting, SW19.

Client would like a carpet like COIR material or something similar.

Here are some additional informations:

I have a straight staircase from ground floor to first floor. 

I have a turn staircase from first floor to loft and a landing to be covered.


Are you able to do same staircase runner on the landing too?

The measurements: 900mm x 900mm.

The first floor landing should stay as it is/ no coverage needed. The top floor landing mdf should be covered wall to wall.


Stair number:

Ground to first floor: 14.5

First to loft: 13 and 14th landing

Width of the stair themselves:

Ground to first floor: 77cm width

First floor to loft 80cm width but on the turn goes up to 90cm width

Number of stair rods:

Ground to first floor: 15

First to loft: 13 and 14th landing


Fitting required.

Matching piece for the top landing required.


I attached some photos too to see what kind of carpet the client is after.

Are you able to give me a quotation on the above?

Domestic Carpet

I'm an interior designer based in Aberdeen but I'm currently working with a client who is local to you in Herne Hill. We are looking to get a carpet fitted for their bedroom and having a look on your website you have some lovely options. I wonder if it's possible to get some samples posted out so I can have a better look at the colour? 

The carpet that I've been looking at is Kandesh Avebury Plain, would it be at all possible to post out the following colourways:

Tisbury Tarn 

Bishopton White 

Draycot Dune 


and Boucle Neutrals in: 

Brompton Barley 

Cadogan Clay


The address is: 

Sarah Jones

2 Thomson Terrace



AB39 2LX 



I understand that you won't be able to go out and measure at the moment, but I have accurate floorplans and photos - would you able to provide an estimate for this for measuring and fitting with a good quality underlay from this once I've decided on the carpet? 

Domestic Carpet

I've recently finished a full renovation of my flat and will need new carpet in 4 rooms + hallway/staircase over the coming weeks/months. I'm painting it myself, so may need to be split into a couple of rooms at a time.


I had a carpet fitter already lined up and had chosen my carpets, however he's not well at the moment and will be very delayed in fitting. I wondered whether you would be able to quote to fit the same carpet? I have the names/colours if that helps?

balham sw12 london


500 sqf of laninate flooring in a storage unti in new malden

Domestic Carpet

Hello. Please can you be so kind as to advise whether you will be able to install wall to wall carpeting for a project we are currently involved in in Onslow Gardens. It is only a bedroom area so I hope that would be in order. Attached is the floor plan and two choices of carpeting. Please also quote for a good quality underlay. Are you able to post small swatches? Or I could meet someone at that address to look at samples?


 Would we benefit from a trade discount since we are an interior design company?


I look forward to hearing from you.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

 Is it possible to get a quote for the Karndean heritage Montpellier range.

 I was looking for two areas:

 Firstly the entrance to the hall the area is 165 x 85cm

Secondly the bathroom, I?ve attached some pictures.

At this stage even a rough quote estimating cost and also likely timeframes (I understand Karndean products take 6-8 weeks) would be really helpful.

se20 anerley London

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Would you be able to provide a written quote for the preparation, supply and installation of the following residential job specification for my property in NW6 (please also see pics attached):


1. Prep of wooden sub floor, installation of appropriate sound proofing underlay (Regupol 4515 3m or other similar alternative suitable for providing acoustic noise reduction in a flat) and installation of Amtico Cornish Oak in Parquet laying pattern with large tile 114x457mm in first floor of property, dimensions of areas to be tiled below:


1 x landing - 182cm width x 91cm length

1 x hallway - 190cm width x 220cm length

1 x kitchen/living room - 430cm x 570cm length


2. Preparation of steps of two original wooden staircases, installation of appropriate sound proofing underlay on steps (Regupol 4515 3m or other similar alternative for providing acoustic noise reduction in a flat) and installation of Amtico Cornish Oak planks (to be large enough to fit whole stair treads and risers as per dimensions below), and installation of stair nosings to match Cornish Oak finish. Dimensions of staircases below:


1st staircase of 11 steps - each step is 82cm wide x 18cm  height of riser x 25cm depth of tread


2nd staircase of 7 steps - each step is 86cm wide x 16cm height of riser x 25cm depth of tread.


Small entrance way before 1st staircase - 82cm wide x 44cm length.


Please note the existing laminate installed on the subfloor will have been removed prior to the job starting.

Domestic Carpet

wants 2 bedrooms and hallway in arpet in crystal palace se19

Wooden Flooring

My husband and I are interested in getting engineered wood flooring installed in our apartment (SE18). Could you please give us some more information about the below, and ideally we'd be looking to get a quote as well.


We would need the following services:


- Uplift and disposal of current carpet and linoleum in 3 rooms + hallway (approx 43m2)

- Prep of wooden floorboards

- Put down sound- and temperature insulating underlay

- Install engineered wood flooring 

- Possibly plinths/skirting boards will need to be removed before and re-installed after

- Help with clearing rooms/moving furniture.


to collect a cement mixer

Marmoleum Lino

wants marmoleum floor concerete i leystone 

Domestic Carpet

hallway and living room carpets wants replacings with wood or laminate. Kitchen. Needs sound insulation too. in a flat needs to have acoustic insulation.

Domestic Carpet

Please call back- regards quote stair runner and a carpet for small bedroom in Hither Green SE13 London. sending whatssapp

Domestic Carpet

came into shop  as I opened up for her. wnats t have bedroom carpets selected 3 and needs samples

Himalaya Villanova 2308

Telenzo Chelsea Pumice 222

Clarendon Mayfair Nickel. Send whatssappp for quote

Domestic Carpet

Please see attached the colour and spec (80 wool / 20 nylon) that we are looking for and the floor plan of where we would like the carpet. 


Areas to be covered below: 


FLOOR FINISH E : Stair carpet runner 




FLOOR FINISH F : Stair runner to continue to lead into bedrooms and to study doorways - Floor to be prepaired to take carpet and made good where necessary



FLOOR FINISH G : Carpet - same spec as runner  TOTAL SQM REQUIRED: 26.7 sqm


We would like a cotton edge on the stairs and hall way and then fully fitted in the bedrooms. 


Look forward to hearing from you. 


Brixton London SW2

Safety Flooring

safety floor for construction project in W3 London

Domestic Carpet

2 bedroom rental property in anerley needs carpet. is having soundproofing siolution. I quoted hom around 750 he is sending images via whatsapp.

Carpet Runner

wants a carpet runner for 21 flight of stairs going out into the garden. needs to be hard wearing, she suggested jute and i suggest faux sisal. tooting sw17

Carpet Runner

door number is not correct. 

We are looking to install a stair runner similar to the attached. We are based in Eltham SE9 , is this something you would be able to do and if so would it be possible to get a quote? 

Natural Fibres

I have a rental property that new tenants will be moving into within days, and have just discovered a large stain from the previous tenants. I am looking for natural sisal carpet for a 4x3 room (approx). Would you be able to do this? The flat is in Amwell Street EC1. 

Domestic Carpet

has a carpet and it needs fitting into a cinema room in W2 London. Has all the materials is sending me a video via whatsapp.

Wooden Flooring

 Also the installation of 135m of engineered oak flooring (materials on site). WC1H London

Safety Flooring

We have a small, 1-2 bedroom, ground floor flat in Walthamstow (E17 ) which we're looking to change the flooring.


The small bathroom and kitchen have a concrete floor which we'd like to cover with rubber flooring such as that provided by [the colour flooring company]( who were kind enough to give us Rob's details.  The catches with those floors are the concrete has some recent cracks in after the washing machine had leaked for a long time, and we'd rather not lift up the bath or kitchen units, although I was thinking we would pick the sink and toilet up to get a good finish around their bases.


We'd also like to have wooden floors in the rest of the house so we'd be interested in your advice here too.  Currently the sitting room, dining room, and hall have carpet and hardboard on top of floorboards of varying ages and gappiness, as far as I can tell.  The older floorboards seem to have been painted white, and the newer ones are either varnished or untreated.  The bedroom has exposed floorboards and is the best of the bunch, although it too has a mixture of old and new boards.


I have recently had some damp work completed, so there are a few skirting boards which need to be installed as well.


Are you interested in either part of this job?  I would be interested to hear your advice on either.  I'm not sure when we'd be able to get you around to look in the current climate, but I'm sure something could be arranged.  I also have some photographs if you're interested.  It would be good to know how long your waiting list is likely to be once you start working again.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Domestic Carpet

water damage on carpet in bedroom and needs an inxuarnec quote in greeenwich london se10

Domestic Carpet

I have an existing carpet in a living room that I would like to move to a bedroom. The existing carpet has a felt underlay at present.

The bedroom will need grippers and possibly underlay unless the existing felt can be used.

I'd also like to replace 2 door thresholds and make some small adjustments to a carpet in a second bedroom where it has pulled a little when being caught by the door over the years.


I'm wondering if you are currently carrying out installation work. If so, let me know if you need further details.


Property is on a ground floor flat based in SW1V 3HY (Pimlico, London)

Domestic Carpet

I need to change the carpet in my entrance and living room, we live in Pimlico.

The apartment is a rental and we need to replace the carpet before we leave on the 15th June.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

has had a very bad karndean lvt floor laid in Southfields and needs it replacing. sent him info to send address fro whatsapp.

Domestic Carpet

An estimate would be great. I appreciate that the fitting (and even setting a date for one) will have to wait. 

 Our address and contact number are below. 

Balham, SW12 London

I appreciate your advice re the carpet - a darker grey could definitely work. Would you be able to send images of some alternatives? 

Out of curiosity, do you also stock roger oates. I have seen a few beautiful examples, but I know it is an expensive brand so it might be outside of our budget anyway. 

Wooden Flooring

We just spoke on the phone. Please see a couple of pictures and a video of the damage attached.

wooden floor in property is located at Greenwich SE10 London

 Please do let me know if this is sufficient or if you need anything further from me

Carpet Runner

wants a carpet runner for an apartment in N1 London Islington

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

light karndean

Domestic Carpet

wants a 2 bedrooms carpets, hallway and living room carpets in Streatham SW16 London

Domestic Carpet

2 bedroom flat in claphma sw4 london needs new rental carpets for both.

Domestic Carpet

Hello! I wondered if you could give me a ball park figure to fit a jute carpet for these two bedrooms in Balham? There will be noting for you to remove - just to be applied on top of wooden floorboards

Commercial Carpet

Yes this is a domestic carpet.

We don't have a specific manufacturer in mind, we are looking for the best prices.

A model that we like is the : 

Mushroom Grey Polaris Luxury Saxony Carpet


 Maybe you have something alike?

Yes, we would also be needing underlay 9mm and carpet spray adhesive 


We are in need of 302 m2 of Light Grey Platinum Carpet

Please be so kind in proving an offer for us; including here lead time.

Let me know if you require any further information.

Wooden Flooring

Hi there


>> I'd like to look at quotes for flooring options in my property.


>> I currently have exposed floorboards which although are nice, provide me with no insulation or noise insulation from below and has big gaps under skirting boards etc.


>> I think it will boil down to cost but would be interested in: laminate (as natural to oak floor boards) parquet or engineered.


>> I?m also keen to know what underlay options you use as am really looking to insulate from sound below too or if i would need to use soundproofing co. first.


>> Areas approx would be:


>> Lounge - 10.5m sq

>> Hallway - 8m sq

>> Study - 5.25msq


>> Look forward to hearing back

>>walthsamstowe east london e17


Domestic Carpet

doestic carpet wanted for stairs and landings and bedrooms in tunbridge wells kent

Domestic Carpet

wants some samples sent

Primo ultra, chocolate and Apollo plus, Tamarind. I have sent them.

Domestic Carpet

Good afternoon, I trust you are well. 


I am looking for a supply and fit carpet in one bedroom 4x3m in Canary Wharf. 


The carpet I am looking for is standard carpet as per picture attached. (Not really expensive)


Would you please provide your best quote for the below? 

  • Supply of standard carpet + door trim
  • Installation
  • Removal of furniture (1bed, 2 side table, 1 wardrobe, 1 drawers unit) and old carpet.
  • Relocate the furniture


I look forward to hearing from you


Thank you

Arch. Anna Fetta 

+44 07380262527

Safety Flooring

dental practice in south norwood se25 london, wants altro safety floor

Domestic Carpet

lives locally in crystal palace se19. wants to have a capet and a parwuet wood herringbone floor.

Domestic Carpet

Came from gumtree for the cheap carpet. have 2 bedrooms need fitting in Clapham SW4

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants a parwuest lct floor over 33m2 in brockley London

Carpet Runner

wants a sisal stair runner sw6 fulham.

Marmoleum Lino

16m2 of forbo marmoleum tiles berlian red and sandy cloud. concrete floor. has screed.


The Colour Flooring Company sent me your details as I'm looking for a fitter local to the Croydon area who could install a cork floor in my bedroom and living room ... and potentially hall. Is that something you could help with?


The floors require some prep - the existing floorboards are laid over concrete and are incredibly creaky, I'm not sure if you'd be able to offer a solution to this? In addition I'd like to see what sound proof options are available.


It doesn't sound like this is something that is doable right this moment but I'm trying to get things in line for when lockdown restrictions are relaxed.


Thanks in advance

Wooden Flooring

Hi, hope you are well. I am not sure if you are working in the current lockdown but we have a wooden floor in need of repair as a board has broken today. We moved into the property late last year and I don't believe the floor is too old so would appreciate an expert eye over it as well and check it is all up to standard and fix up anything that requires it.


I am happy to send pictures and more information if that would help with providing a quote?

Vinyl Flooring

wants a flotex floor in god kows where

Carpet Runner

Hi, I need a stair runner installed in Streatham and wondered if you can help. I have the runner I just need installation. Here are the details. Could you help? And give me a price? Thanks

Marmoleum Lino

marmoleum installation isle of dogs e14 london

Marmoleum Lino

Please call regarding a fitting of floor. 67m2. probably a concrete floor. is taking a video and sending via whatsapp.

Domestic Carpet

has one room in a house to be flooring in se26

Domestic Carpet

wants a domestic carpet fitted in wandsworth sw18 london

Domestic Carpet

Hi, is this still available? Thanks! And do you provide carpet laying ? Hendon NW4

Domestic Carpet

wants 2 rooms in beige carpet in w8. sounds like a rental sending whatsapp.

Natural Fibres

has stairs that go into his flat to get in. needs new stair carpet, thinking of sisal but i talked hm out of it. faux sisal is a better option and he has some squelky floorbaords under dome lvt. lives in w9 maida vaile london

Domestic Carpet

Hi There. I wonder if you can quote me for a new replacement carpet. The room size is 5.7m x 4.8m Please see attached pictures. I would like a carpet that matches this carpet. As close as possible.  This is a rented flat so as you can see the candle wax has been spilt.  Also over the next few months, I would like to replace the carpet throughout the whole flat. But I may need to do this one room at a time.

Or may be a cheaper type of carpet.  Thank you  John clarke. 

Domestic Carpet

We have a refurbishment project in Chelsea which is coming towards the later stages and we require carpet supply & install if your interested.


Ground floor & Basement is wood flooring, but the staircase from ground floor upwards and the entire 1 & 2nd floor (excl. wet rooms of course) is to be carpeted. I?ve attached floor plans for your reference as well as the finishing schedule where you can find the carpet specified.


Please advise if you are interested in this project and we can perhaps arrange a site meeting.


**This site is temporarily closed due to Covid-19, but we anticipate carpet install within 2-3 weeks of site reopening.


Thank you

Vinyl Flooring

has vinyl floor and wants a mew vinyl floor for a properrty she has justbought

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

has a special apartment that is being refurbished in west end and needs gym flooring and LVT. specs to follow.

Wooden Flooring

has the wooden floor scotia etc, needs his carpet uplifted and the engineered wood floor fitted in crystal palace

Marmoleum Lino

wants marmoleum in richmond tw3 london, bathroom and kitchen

Domestic Carpet

she needs a flat pile carpet that works well with a wheel chair. streatham sw16 london. sent whatsapp.

Domestic Carpet

came into shop very nce chap. wants a nice carpet for the staors. 13 steps and 14 steps close fiy. lives in se25 south norwood london. dimesniosn and images coming from whatsapp

Vinyl Flooring

the colour flooring 

Domestic Carpet

Calling regarding a quote for supply and fit for a carpet. in leighton E10. sending whatsapp images and video.

Domestic Carpet

I am looking to have carpet replaced at my flat in a double bedroom due to iron mark on the carpet.

I was wondering how much it would cost per square meter approximately?

Attached is a photo of carpet we have in the bedroom for your reference.

I look forward to hearing from you and please let me know if you need any further information from me.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Keys with Pedder.

Karndean wanted. hallway and kitchen. floor is wood and has had a problem.

Marmoleum Lino



We are in need of an approximate cost to put some marmoleum flooring down.  Please see the attached images.  Key points: 


? Existing space is tiled. We?re not sure if best to put ply over tiles, screed tile grout lines only, or pull up tiles entirely before putting the flooring in. 


? We?d like two different kinds of Marmoem. See attached drawing for details. Please ignore ?SF1? entrance matting for now. 


? Shop location is north London. 


I?ll call to follow up…need this costing as quick as you can as have client meeting tomorrow afternoon. 

Vinyl Flooring

> I'm not sure if you are still doing quotes considering the current climate - but if you are, would it be possible to arrange one for some new flooring in our first floor flat in Streatham?

> We are looking to replace the current carpet and laminate in our small kitchen-diner and replace with a wood looking vinyl or similar.

> Let me know if a quote would be possible and any times available.

Vinyl Flooring

Fitting of the colours floring vinyl in kitchen area 

Safety Flooring

Any chance I could get a quote for stripping out this floor and fitting a new dark coloured safety floor?



It?s part of a kitchen refurb that I?m quoting for. 

  E8 London

Vinyl Flooring

concerete subfloor. 3m x 3m. the colour flooring comany vinyl. kitchen

Domestic Carpet

Fitting of 2x rooms in flat in nw1 

Wooden Flooring

ESTIMATE. V4 or Amtico for Living room 4.21 x 3.89

V4  ZB201, ZB101

Amtico Designer Choice, Timber DC112.

Natural Fibres

I visited the store last week and was interested in the sisel carpets.


Please can you give me a quote for the carpet and fitting. It is an L-Shaped hallway, the measurements in inches are approx;


125 length (one side)

115 length (other side)

46 width 


Please see attached images of the hallway in question and the carpets I'd like a quote for.

Domestic Carpet

I am interesting in working with you for a relatively easy job which is to take away and add a new carpet to a room.


Could you let me know process? Would it be possible to send across a sample of carpets and colours you have?

Carpet doemstic e3 bow london

Safety Flooring

3m x 3m kitchen

small hallway. rubber floor wanted. has floorboards

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

36m2 of the colour flooring company. concrete subfloor, screed over underfloor heating. 2 rooms 

1 room = 4m x 4m (utility room) maybe safety floor.

room 2 = 5m x 4m with small bay window

3 steps. needs nosing 80cm wide. oak nosings.


type of flooring - open to suggestions but maybe a light grey wood - best to discuss in person anerley se20 london


laminate floor in kitchen in dulwich

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants amtico in a bathroom and shower room in brixton sw9 london

Vinyl Flooring

I am looking to replace our existing kitchen vinyl flooring with vinyl flooring from the colour flooring company

They recommended yourselves as fitters

Would you be able to estimate the cost of fitting (assuming we purchase the vinyl direct from them)?

there is vinyl in place on a concrete kitchen floor the kitchen is a T-shape:

approx 5.5m total length

narrow section approx 1.5m wide (with kitchen units either side)

opening up into a section that is approx 2.3m wide (no obstructions or furniture)

I would assume to order a 6m roll of vinyl

If you could give an idea of install cost and availability that would be much appreciated

We are based on SE26

Marmoleum Lino

has a had a water leak and disaster in his bathroom which has marmoleum in se3 blackheath

Domestic Carpet

Carpet fitting of 1x bedroom 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wnats a karndean or amtico floor in his hallway and kitchen in dulwich se22 london, doesn't have measureents.

Domestic Carpet

Designer, working on project in Clapham, carpet for rooms and runner.

has taken samples, returning by Friday 28th.

Fibre. wool Areadian, heligan. wool herringbone, fleece.

Crucial, wilton svelte, chalk.

Elements. Capri, white sand.   Verdi, summer haze.

Domestic Carpet

has 2 edrooms and he says he wants a luxury carpet in Tooting SW17 although he called it Balham. But SW17 is Tooting not Balham and that's just the way it is.

Commercial Carpet



Stage 1.


I?ve a carpet which needs replacing on a set of stairs. They run from the ground floor of our pub up to the first floor function room, so it needs to be pretty hard wearing and stain resistant.


The stairs have brass nosing?s fitted, which will need to be retained.


I need this flight done on or by March 2nd


Stage 2.


I also need a quote for replacing the carpet on the 2nd flight of stairs, up to the top floor function room, the landing outside the function room, and the room itself. If approved, this could be completed at the same time as stage 1, or between the 2nd and 13th of March.               





Ideally it would be great to have the black rubber treads on the nosings replaced if this is possible, though not essential.


Please could you suggest some suitable carpets and let me know if you?d like to drop in to measure etc.


Many thanks for your help,

Chelsea SW3 5NY London


Vinyl Flooring

Would like to place organise a fitting

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


Hi there


I'd like to get a quote for laying an Amitco parquet floor in Camberwell.


It's in a kitchen and the space is approx 13m2.


Happy to discuss further details over the phone if you want to give me a call 

Domestic Carpet

not correct address

I spoke with someone from the team on Saturday and they suggested I e-mail my request details. 


We would like a quote for new carpet installed in our two bedrooms in our flat in Rotherhithe (measuring 2.5 x 3.5 and 5.5 x 3.3). A floor plan for a similar flat is at the link below:


Our budget is around 20 per sq m. Ideally we would like a wool blend in dark grey, something like the attached. 


Could you please send an itemised budget between carpet & installation cost components. 


Safety Flooring

vinyl/ safety flooring for Com

Wooden Flooring

wooden floor for large now carpeted room.

available for quote Mon, Fri, Sat.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT for all ground floor of house.

samples requested. Amtico. AR0W7750 chalked pine.    AR0W7680 white washed wood.

Polyflor Camaro. 2241 bianco.  2229 white limed oak.  Bevel line. 2817 Scandinavian white oak.

Carpet Tiles

We have an area 175 sq meter in our office that needs a carpet tiles replacement . We need the carpet tiles to match the existing one - Modulyss First Absolute 930.


As we have staff working during the day, the work would ideally be needed to be undertaken OOH.

Could you please provide me with a quote for 175 sq meter and a separate quote for 140sq meter?


Many thanks and look forward to hearing back from you.


Marmoleum Lino

> I am looking to get  marmoleum flooring fitted over two floors of my house in Swiss Cottage nw8 london. I already have builders in working, so if you are able to measure up and quote, it should be easy to arrange.

Domestic Carpet

Sisal for hallway carpet for bedroom.

hall. Kersaint Cobb. sisal mini boucle, colour Ash.

Bedroom. Himalaya torino 9335. alternative Himalaya Milano 9335

wants visit. can wait. home Thursdays or 6pm others.

Domestic Carpet

wants a dark red, green or purple satir carpet for communal areas of block of flats in kensignton w14 london. sent her whatssapp she is sending pictures and videos.

Wooden Flooring

1st floor flat. Neighbour below complaining about noise mainly from Aysegul's kitchen and bathroom.

wants advice and quote for either LVT or engineered.

Safety Flooring

Thank you for calling me back last week in regards to installing rubber flooring in out new build extension,  the measurement are

4.8m x 5.75m plus 2.4x2.5m it is basically an L-shape.

 Currently we only have the concret subfloor and we still need to insulate and pour the quick drying screed

Appreciate having a quote for the installation plus any preparation steps such as levelling compound

Domestic Carpet

I was hoping to get a rough quotation on having the carpet from one of our meeting rooms removed and replaced with either a matching carpet (if possible) or perhaps a new one.

The rough size of the room?s floor is 420cm x 800cm.

Commercial Carpet

450m2 of commercial carpet fitting, exhibition for gallery in central london. needs to go down and come up with low tac exhibition tape.

Domestic Carpet

I was wondering if you could please provide me with a quote to fit a wool carpet in a room 3/5m x 3.2m? Postcode SE15 4AA

Natural Fibres

wants a sisal carpet in 2 bedrooms in haggerston e2 London

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

some waffle about an damaged amtico floor in sw17 tooting.

Carpet Runner

Runner for all communal stairs and landings.

customer sending pics and video.

Domestic Carpet

Installation address:

clapham SW4


Room size:     3.33 x 4.2m    

                         14 sq.m




Carpet, Discription:

  • Extra heavy duty, 80/20% new wool/polyester, min. 9mm with premium underlay.


  • Cormar Home Counties Plain


10mm Premium underlay, 42oz and 100kg/m2


  • Tusk: Reference HC50 Tusk 5S

Details/product in original specification if different:

  • Sametype of product i.e. 80/20% new wool/polyester but different manufacturer (Mr.Tomkinson Twist listed in original ERs

Marmoleum Lino

has a very small bathroom, wooden floor, wants some marmoleum in she already has had for 4 weeks. in w12 London


Stair Rods, Royal vue antique bronze 73cm. 42.99 inc + 9.0 inc delivery. total to customer 51.99 inc

I popped into your showroom in Crystal Palace and noticed you stock the item in pictures above.
I will need one length of 73cm and the brackets please I am missing just one from my staircase.
I live at 4 Manor Grove Beckenham Kent BR3 5LB, can collect and pay if easier?

Natural Fibres

wants a new sisal carpet on the stairs in SE17 Old kent road london

Carpet Tiles

I am looking for carpet installation including materials.

No of rooms:14 and open area, Approx 4000 sqft for my office.

Please let me know if you interested for the job. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

We have a small bathroom in Clapham SW4 we would like to put Amtico in


Is this something you would quote for?

Domestic Carpet

Hi I am looking to carpet a room in my house in Balham. The room is 4.27m by 4.19m and I am ideally looking for an 80/20 carpet. Currently there are wooden floor boards on the floor which are not tightly spaced so I would need a good underlay as well. Would you be able to look at this job/quote it for me?

Wooden Flooring

V4 Zigzag ZB108 natural oak, for office room and hallway. sample

small area of vinyl for entrance. Avenue Bub & Lic,  sagres black, sagres grey. samples


wants laminate flooring in golders green nw11

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

We have just purchased a new build in the Cane Hill development, Coulsdon, and would like a quote on fitting Amtico in herring bone style on our ground floor (kitchen, hallway & lounge - excluding toilet and stairs)


 I've attached the ground floor dimensions although they're missing the hallway, would you still be able to give us indicative pricing?


We really like this style but open to similar suggestions.

Safety Flooring

I visited your shop earlier today. Peter was kind enough to answer my questions. I?m planning to open a coffee shop in Southwark. The space is around 40 sqm. Please see the attached floor plan and the visual that shows the colors and style of the floor. It is currently concrete. My contractor will be installing the subfloor (18mm WBP ply screwed down and glued to solid wood framework every 400mm). I would appreciate it if you could provide an estimate for a suitable vinyl (supply/install). Can you supply and install the trim? Thank you very much!   

Domestic Carpet

Good evening,


I'm contacting you because I've just find you online looking for someone to help me with the carpets on the stairs of my client's house in Fulham, SW6 

It's a four floor house, I attach some drawings and pictures of the stairs. We would like the carpet to have this specifications:

- Just one color: Dark Red - like Blood or currant 

- It has to cover the entire width of the steps

- It will be just on the stairs, not including the landings, apart from the loft floor where it connects two small stairs (see attachments)

- We would prefer them to be Tufted, Twists or Loop, which if I understand well are the best options for a high traffic area and to hide dirt. (we would be delighted to see and touch samples of this tissues)

- As for the materials, we would ask for a couple of options and we are happy to hear your suggestions.


Could you maybe help me with a quotation? We would need the carpet and the fixing of it too. That would be the most appreciated.


I send a couple of pictures but you are more than welcome to come and have a look and a chat.


Many thanks,

Best regards



Vinyl Flooring

wants a pprox 6m2 of vinyl flooring very quickly for bathrooms in NW5

Vinyl Flooring

The colour flooring company vinyl. blue needs installing into bathroom in e11 startford London

Domestic Carpet

Please could you provide a quotation for supply and fit of carpet to the narrow stair case as shown below. 

The property address is:-



(free off street parking)


I?m the landlord living in Singapore and the place has been recently refurbished and flooring replaced.


The wooden treads are inconsistent in appearance and probably unsafe without some form of tread.


I believe carpeting the stairs in a inoffensive grey would cover the inconsistency and be safer i?d appreciate your advice and quote.


Hope you can help.

Carpet Runner

wants a stair carpet runner in notting hill 11

Domestic Carpet

bedroom carpet in forest hill se23

Marmoleum Lino

We have built a home office/garden room at our house in E179AY and we are looking for someone to supply and install a ?FORBO MARMOLEUM SOLID COCOA WHITE CHOCOLATE 3584 2.5MM? floor.


The space is a simple rectangular shape just under 4m wide and just under 8m long. Looking at the product it is supplied on a 2m roll so we will only have 1 join down the centre of the room.


We are designers/architects and have been particularly detailed in designing the structure and have built the room to a high specification and so we are looking for a good level of finish.


The floor screed is due to be laid in a few weeks. The screed company have said they can provide a very good finish to allow for the marmoleum product we I presume we will require a levelling screed first.


Please can you advise on your costs, lead time and any specific requirements for the screed that you require.




Carpet Runner

Sisal or Anywhere runner for stairs and landing.

carpet for bedrooms. looked at Himalaya, Torino, Milano.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Account - GB101375


The colour flooring company cork, lives in morden sm4. needs carpet too. 3 bed house.

Carpet Re-adapation

has pulled up carpet in bedroom to have a cupboard fitted, now it needs cutting and fitting back. sw12

Commercial Carpet

14 flats, 18 bedrooms in new development ready in may / june.

communal area stairs 3 flights, nosings and anywhere caret or pot pourri - natural colours walls will be brave colours i.e. dark

bedrooms approx 12m2 each, browny grey / mole colours. soft focus, primo ultra, helsingborg cashmere.

he will pop back on tuesday

Carpet Runner

Can we please get a quote for fitting the Sisal Malawi Coconut (Crucial Trading) with Intec stain protection as stair runners across 2 staircases in North London N22, with whipped edges. Two of these steps are curved. 




Our previous fitters measured 4 x 4.25m needed, a quote based on that for now would be helpful. We want the runners to be 48cm wide. 


Our recent quote is 1182 (without runner material, fitting only).


Many thanks and kind regards,

Safety Flooring

Dear Rob, 


Thank you for your call earlier. The basement area I want refloored is on the attached, with measurements. Going from the top of the plan, the pink-coloured study area needs a new carpet, the green area (laundry) directly beneath it would need reflooring with rubber, the yellow area at the bottom of the stairs below that needs a new carpet, and the purple bedroom and pink bedroom/reception need new carpets.

In an ideal world I would like to put underfloor heating beneath all of these areas barring the green laundry area. 

The green kitchen and blue bathroom do not need new floors. 

I live in Peckham at 116 Peckham Park Road. 

Please let me know if you require any further information for the moment. 


Kind regards, 



Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Initial enquiry for LVT for ground floor 30s semi.

samples. not yet ordered.

Polyflor. Colonia    4435 English oak.  

 Polyflor. Encore Rigid loc     9035 harbour side oak.   9036 treehouse oak.   9027 Eden ash.

Sierra. 9919 chapel oak.    9745 blossom ash


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


1st floor new build Anerley Park Rd.

Polyflor Camaro herringbone, on wall 24.99, on concrete floor plus sound reducing underlay.

lounge/kitchen/diner  5.66 x 4.99

hall 1.1 x 4.4

bedroom 3.18 x 3.77

Safety Flooring

wants a rubber floor 9m2 installed into kitchen in battersea sw11 london

Domestic Carpet

Ground floor approx. 40m.

Kingsmead Vitronic berber, colour Elm. 34.99

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

I would like to get a quote to fit Karndean flooring for a space of approximately 56 square metres. We have the flooring only, and would be interested in a quote to fit vertical and diagonal.


I live in Eltham, South East London.

Vinyl Flooring

has 7m2 of the colour flooring comoany vinyl to lay in south croydon

Ceramic Flooring


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants karndean flooring in chiswick w4. has had underfloor heating.

Marmoleum Lino

Supply only Marmoleum tiles which she has fitted herself before.

Bathroom 1. 1.4 X 1.9m.  marmoleum modular colour. t3707 black hole. 50 x 25 tile.

Bathroom 2. 1.5 X 1.5m.  marmoleum modular shade.  t3717 Neptune. 50 X 25 tile.

please calculate quantity/pack size required plus adhesive.

Customer will collect from shop.

Domestic Carpet

Please call regarding needing work done on the carpet in her bedroom (Callers line did keep cutting in and out but did confirm details)

Marmoleum Lino

came into shop.

Marmoleum for small bathroom and separate toilet.

Looked at- T3053 dove blue LRV27.   T3030 blue LRV12.   3035 dove blue.    3055.

customer will email dimensions. 

Safety Flooring

We seem to have missed each other via the telephone today so I thought I would drop you an email.

 We are looking to have a Grimebuster scrub matt fitted within our Reception area and I would like to get a quote for this.

 I got your details from the NICF website and I am not sure if this is something you are able to do. If so, I?d be interested in arranging for someone to come and measure up, quote for the mat and fitting and then if we decide to go ahead, do the fitting.

If it is not something you are able to offer or you have not heard of, I have a company who we can purchase the Grimebuster scrub mat from and then we would just be looking for measuring and fitting.


Please let me know if either option works for you?

 sw8 london

Wooden Flooring

engineered for cold ground floor.

Domestic Carpet

Please call - would like a quote for laying carpet. Would like to arrange a site visit for nest Monday - w2 3xa large gallery space 10m x10x - black carpet -

Wooden Flooring

these are school friends. they have had a wooden floor fitted and it creaks. they don;t have any underlay. they need advice. we are not doing the job though so just tell them what they need to do and we will pass them along to Paul Coke.

Domestic Carpet

carpet for 4 bedrooms and landing.

Wooden Flooring

Not living at this address but 10 minutes away, call her before arriving.

Flat currently being re-furbished, wants to replace existing floor with engineered.


I live in Kennington/ Vauxhall - SE11 area


1) Living Room done in both carpet and laminate

laminate - 2.20m X 4m

Carpet - 4.50m X 5m


2) Hallway (T Shape) 1m X 4.60m, 0.80m X 2m (laminate)

3) Bedroom 1:  3.10m X 3.50m

4) Bedroom 2: 2.70m x 3.40m

Carpet Runner

has a bad carpet fitted, wants a hollywood style, cap and band fitting. 

Marmoleum Lino

has a kitchen she wants covering iin linoleum in brockley se4

Carpet Tiles

60m2 of carpet tiles in office

Carpet Tiles

Carlton Vale, NW6 5EE West Hmpstead




On Thu, 16 Jan 2020 at 14:53, Customer Orders <> wrote:

Hello Anthony, thanks for your email. Yes, we should be able to help and if you have some more pictures I can probably give you a good indication of costs. Can you provide me with your address so I can enter you into the system and build you an estimate?








I am looking for a quote for a very simple job in Carlton Vale, Maida Vale.


The scope is to remove an existing carpet tile and replace with a new, black carpet tile in a common parts of a residential property. This is a typical Victorian terrace and the scope includes just the entrance hall, stair (two flights - ground to first and first to second), first floor landing. 


Ground: circa 3m2

First floor landing: circa 4m2

+ the stairs.


We are renting the first floor apartment and the common parts carpet does not like it has been changed in 30yrs. It is brown and worn through. There is no underlay. We are looking for the most basic of replacement jobs. 


I have attached a couple photos. If this is something you are able to do, I can send further. 


Hopefully you can help. 




Carpet Re-adapation

We act as managing agents for Poland Street on behalf of the owner.


The building above is a commercial office building.   We need a professional to take up the carpet on the first, second and third floor landings to allow our building surveyor to take a look at the floorboards and to carry out any floor levelling work needed.   The carpet on the stairs can remain in place (we hope that the landing carpet join is on the first tread).


We need a professional to do the work as we need to take care of the carpet and re-fit it exactly ?as is?. 


We have an area in the building to store the carpet and wondered if you may be able to help us please?


The carpet needs to be removed out of hours, either late evening or during a weekend due to the huge amount of footfall within the building.


If you can help I would be grateful to hear from you.


Kind regards

Domestic Carpet

The floorplan is attached. The room that needs re-carpeting is the Master bedroom. A 5m wide carpet would work as it then wouldn't have any joins, and could be laid from the window towards the door. The length from the window to the door is about 6m. I've also attached an image of some of the stains so you can see the current carpet.


The full address is:


N1 3LY


Can you please send me a provisional quote for a high quality man made carpet around the 35 per metre mark, including fitting, underlay and furniture moving.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

I'm looking to get my kitchen floor re-done. It's in a flat on Gainsford Street, SE1. The existing porcelain tiles have cracked and creak / move underfoot. I had a similar problem a few years ago so think it probably needs the underlying boarding replaced to give a sound base. Given these past problems I'm thinking luxury vinyl tiles (or even sheet vinyl, but assume tiles are superior) might be sensible, but would welcome any advice. I had couple of questions (and if easier to discuss perhaps you could give me a call when suits - number below). - Would you be interested in doing this? - If so, would you be able to do the whole job (i.e. including the removal of the existing porcelain tiles and re-boarding etc) or would I need to get the prep done separately first? Looking at your blog I think you might be able to do more than I'd first assumed. - If you could help, happy to come to your store to look at the options (not sure of your store opening times?) or would you come to take a look first and provide a quote?

Domestic Carpet

se19 cannot remember what kind of floor she wanted!

Vinyl Flooring

758 square feet of safety floor to fit in london

Carpet Tiles

has 500m2 of carpet of carpet tiles in central london. wants samples

Marmoleum Lino


We need to ask if you can quote for the supply and fitting of marmoleum floor of residential property in E1 3EW? 

Carpet Runner

Stair runner with 1 wind.

carpet. LA Pot Pourri, earth 118.   Tape, Crucial, LBW52 camel.

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet throughout house in gypsy hill. vinyl in kitchen. se19. generally is about is based battersea.

Vinyl Flooring

Your name has been given to me by The Colour Flooring Company.


We are planning to buy vinyl flooring from their range, and will need it professionally fitted in our (small) kitchen.  Colour Flooring has recommended your firm.


Would it be possible for someone from Cavendish DeVere to visit & measure up please, & to give general expert advice.

  We live in Clapham Common:  address as follows:

Carpet Tiles

can park in hospital. 4 office for carpet tiles. needs asample and wants to have it fitted before 24th jan

in ladbroke grove w10 with furniture

Marmoleum Lino

Good morning,


We are designing a coffee shop in central London and we are prescribing linoleum flooring.


What I need from you, with some urgency because the construction is due to start in a month, is to give me a quote for the product and the installation.

The goal with this product is to achieve two different flooring colours with a golden metal line separating them.


Please find enclosed one image with the two different colours and a plan with the respective areas.


If you have any question please contact me to the office number.


Thank you in advance, 



Wooden Flooring

Engineered for ground floor in town house.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

We live in Gipsy Hill and we're looking to fit our lounge / snug with Karndean Art Select Spanish Cherry AP05 in a checkerblock pattern. Is this something you could help us with?


I would like to arrange for someone to visit &me to advise & quote on some flooring please.  I am thinking of cork flooring in the hall, bathroom & toilet with carpet for the stairs & landing.  This is for a 3 bedroom house near Wimbledon.

Carpet Runner

measurement service, wants a runner.

Roughly what is your lead time for installation after measuring? ?

Thank you, that is helpful and reassuring. Is it non-slip too do you know?


I'd like as thick an underlay as can still be fitted nicely as we have a thick acoustic underlay under wood flooring on the floors, so need to keep the height as high as possible. 


We would like to go for the border tape - ideally a herringbone weave and colour like the attached photo? 


I appreciate you can only give an accurate quote once you have measured; when might you be able to do so? 

Hello Benjamin, yes this doesn?t have the stripes on the side but you are correct, this is a much better product for longevity and it doesn?t stain as easily as real sisal. We have fitted a lot of it. It needs to be fitted like sisal with a double stick method.


So for you stairs I estimate that it will cost between 1600 and 1800 with carpet, templating, whipping, fitting, duralay and adhesive.

If you where to add a cotton border tape this would increase by around 500.


Hope that helps,

Have you had any experience of this man made equivalent of sisal? We have two small children so looking for something stain proof but don't want it to look plasticky. Thinking it could be softened with some contrast edging in green?  



Thanks for the reply.


Straight but with half landings as in the attached photos showing the two flights.  Ideally I would want to pattern match the turns by cutting on the diagonal. 



Hi there, 


I am looking to have an underlay and stair runner fitted in a house in Finchley, towards the end of January. Something along the lines of this, with a thick underlay,  


Carpet Runner

wants the measurement service for a runner.

Marmoleum Lino

wants marmaleum at sime house in se23 london

Carpet Tiles



I?m getting in touch on behalf of Acre Resources. We?re moving offices next week, leaving High Holborn, London WC1V 6AX.


As part of our exit, we are looking to acquire and install new carpeting for the office.  This would need to take place between Mon 20th and Fri 31st of January, the date when our tenancy of this building ends. The office space is around 2700 sqft.


Please could you a) let me know if you have availability within the time frame specified, and b) give a very rough idea of how much this would cost? It would be purely for the tiles themselves and their installation, as another contractor will be removing existing ones.


I appreciate this is a busy time of year so am happy to schedule site visits w/c Mon 6th January.

Carpet Runner

wants a carpet runner in streatham sw16

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

New build. LVT supply only for large kitchen. non chosen.

Carpet for rooms. non chosen.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wants amtico lvt flooring in greenwich

Vinyl Flooring

576m2 of altro walkway safety floor vinyl in London Bridge 

Marmoleum Lino

We need to replace the carpet in the corridors and public area at the Greenwood Centre, 37 Greenwood Place, Kentish Town NW5 1LB with Marmoleum flooring, as shown in the attached diagram (areas to be replaced are coloured in green). Forbo carpets will be supplying the Marmoleum to be fitted. They are offering us a discount price if we place the order by Friday 6 December.


Would you be able to visit the Greenwood Centre this week to measure up the areas to be replaced, send us the measurements and also (but not necessarily by Friday 6th) supply us with your quotation to lay the Marmoleum?

Vinyl Flooring

In summary the job is to lay vinyl from colour flooring company in our kitchen, lobby and utility room - approx 30sqm (we've brought 32 to cover wastage). Due to size and layout the vinyl will need to be laid in 4 strips with weld rod between the seams. We hope this will make the seams a little less visible and it's also needed as the length of the kitchen is 8m so we can't afford for any overlap between the strips in that direction.


We've laid the sub floor (5.5mm SP101 floor grade ply over wet UFH and chipboard) so it should be a relatively simple job to finish off the vinyl layer. Just 2 service hatches that will need to remain accessible (assuming you can cut the vinyl and provide a trim for these?) and also 2 fireplaces which are tiled so again some sort of edging trim would be needed.  I've drawn these on the floor plan sketch and also attached a couple of photos FYI.


We're based in Poplar E14 6LY and although we're keen to get it done as soon as possible we're already living with it as it is so if you couldn't come immediately it wouldn't be the end of the world. My number is below if you'd like to give us a quote or if you have any questions


Carpet Runner

wants a new stair runner in norbury sw16 london

Domestic Carpet

Carpet for stairs, close fit,  and spare room.

quote 1. stairs, Anywhere herringbone Ice 8045. Spare room. Anywhere Panama  ice 8025.

quote 2. Stairs and Spare room. LA Durham, stone, for both.


Colour Flooring vinyl or rubber for kitchen, currently tiled, they need advice for this.

CF Samples ordered- Vinyl. Tangerine, Pebble, Lemon.   Rubber. Springfield, Comporta.

New Year OK

Marmoleum Lino


Marmoleum, Concrete colour Beton for kitchen 3x2.

concrete floor with some lino tiles stuck to it.

January ok

Wooden Flooring

came into shop. she loves in west nrwood and she wants v4 wooden flooring in extension

Wooden Flooring

Customer has 20m engineered flooring and underlay.

Install only ground floor concrete. hall, bathroom, bedroom. total 18.5m

January OK.

Vinyl Flooring

flats conversion from offices. bariosu flooring required in finchley n12

Carpet Tiles


I would like to arrange for a quotation to replace some flooring on one of our floors either with carpet tiles or a wood effect flooring.


Can you please give me a call or drop me an email to arrange a convenient date to come along.


Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

1 Farringdon St, London EC4M 7LG

Telephone: 020 7329 4808


Domestic Carpet

wants a domestic carpet fitted stairs and loft in Finchley N12 london before xmas.

Domestic Carpet

Carpet for loft extension, bedrooms, approx. 50m   and stairs, close fit.

Carpet to be confirmed in the range 20-40

working from home Wednesdays

Carpet Tiles

350m2 of cheap carpet tiles that need to last for a year. in kings cross london

Safety Flooring

small amount of safety flooring cap and cove in restaurant notting hill w11. commercial kitchen in basement.

Vinyl Flooring

Thank you for phoning earlier.

The kitchen floor we spoke about is at  Ealing London W5 3SR.

It is approximately 5ft by 8ft. A photo  is attached.

It needs a ply covering and cushioned vinyl - probably wood look would work best.

Safety Flooring

fitting of safety flooring in bowling club 

Marmoleum Lino

marmoleum in peckham se15 london 

3500 x 2000.

Vinyl Flooring

I was given your contact details by the Colour Flooring Company.

I'm in the middle of a house renovation, and am planning to install a rubber floor in several bathrooms and a WC.

Please could you estimate a price for installation?

The rooms are as follows.  All are rectangular rooms, except the WC which has a taper at one end of the room.

  1. 3.4 m2
  2. 3.23 m2
  3. 3.4 m2
  4. 1.42 m2
  5. 3.0 m2 (WC-- taper at one end of room)
  6. 3.1 m2

The floors are currently in semi-renovated status: they are leveled and are covered with OSB.  You might be able to advise on installation spec, but I think it will require a 6mm SP101 plywood and then a smoothing compound under the rubber. 

I'm looking at the instructions here:

Ideally you would also include the supply costs of plywood and smoothing compound etc-- but not supply costs of the rubber roll: I can take care of that.

Marmoleum Lino

insurance quote for a damaged marmoleum floor in Clapton E5 London

Domestic Carpet

wants domestic caret for a rental property in Balham SW12 London

Vinyl Flooring

Thanks for the call just now, here's some of the info we discussed for you to do to put together a quote. Our Address is: Ramsay Road E7 9EW I?ve attached a floor plan of the house, the bathroom is quite small, just under 2m square. The kitchen is currently tiled but as we?ve removed cupboards there are areas that are just floorboards so it?s be good to find out the best solution for this - picture attached.

Vinyl Flooring

wants a 13m2 of the colour flooring company in kitchen in SE4 Brockley London.

Safety Flooring

3 rooms with carpets and underlay, bathroom has tiles. she wants colour flooring rubber which she is supplying herself. COneret floors throughout in W14 shepherds bush London.

Marmoleum Lino

marmoleumfloor in se23 forest hill london


15m2 f cork flooring in Forest Hill SE23

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT for dining room, vinyl for kitchen, carpet for living room.

No decisions made yet but have taken photos and some Kandesh samples.

Wooden Flooring

Engineered for office room, initially, plus more to follow.

Returning customer MTX73001

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Customer has 28m Amtico Spacia to be fitted to 

reception and entrance concrete floors.

Also carpet runner.

Not yet resident at this address, living temporarily in Clapham.

Will need 15 minute notice to keep appointment.

Domestic Carpet

Email an estimate

Room 3.8 x 3.4    plus cupboard  2.2 x 0.8

Kandesh Gemini, Pennine twist  . wall 21.99

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


Please can I have a quote for the supply and installation of the Karndean Heritage Collection CLIF-01 Clifton luxury vinyl flooring design.


This is to go in my hallway, the floor may need a damp proof membrane and then latex screeding. The hallway is an 'L' shape, 244cm wide x 488cm long, minus the staircase 90cm wide x 288cm long.


Please see the attached PDF.


My house is in Norbury, SW16.

Marmoleum Lino

marmoleum  you going 18mm plyboard. 1st floor. floor space is 30m2 in one room, 5m2 in small room, steps 13. they will require nosings. in balham

Carpet Runner

wants a runner for 4 flights stairs

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Karndean for entrance 4.7m Clifton 04

Runner, Claremont Fine lines.

total 16 steps (8+2+6)

4 landings, .56 + .69 + .51 + 2.24     total 4m

Safety Flooring

needs safety flooring in a wetroom in fulham sw8 london

Marmoleum Lino

1970's Town house with ground floor extension, 

one half concrete one half wood currently vinyl tiles some lifting.

Interested in-

 Marmoleum, Walton 173 Paving

Colour flooring, Okofloor

Avenue, Bubblegum Dots

Job for the New Year but wants quote.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

We spoke today about fitting Decotile 30 or 55 in my home at 6 Baytree Mews London SE17 1PU.


The ground floor is approx

10sq m plus 17 SQ m plus hallway


First floor

13.4sq m plus 17.2 


Second floor same as first.


I need advice on what to do with the stairs and landings and as mentioned, I know decotile simply because I've seen it covering a large area. Am happy to see other possibilities and open to suggestion. Am not altogether clear if cavendish devere has samples or only fits.


I have samples of decotile from


Marmoleum Lino

Hello Katy, thanks for your email. I don?t have a lot of information to go on here so this will be a very rough estimate.


If you have a wooden floor: 700 to 800 including Marmoleum, plyboard, coil nails, adhesive and fitting

If you have a concrete floor: around 1000


Marmoleum, The Colour Flooring Company vinyl, rubber and LVTs are not cost effective in small spaces.


Best, Robert.




Following on from my conversation with Peter earlier, would you please provide a quote to supply and fit a Forbo Marmoleum floor in the colour Concrete. The floor size is 2.5m x 2.8m.

Wooden Flooring

supply only v4 7b101

Marmoleum Lino

mareoleum wanted in a house in E9

Carpet Runner

wants a carpet runner. 2 flights of stairs in Isleworth

Vinyl Flooring

80 to 90m2 of vinyl form TCFC in Central London West End. Not happening until January. Communal areas.

Carpet Runner

wants a runner in sw17 London tooting

Vinyl Flooring

Bathroom 3.1 X 1.53   4.74 m

Vinyl.  Avenue Ultimate Timber, Jacobson.

Carpet Runner

wants a stair runner. straight stairs in wandsworth town sw18

Domestic Carpet

I wonder if you could give us a price for a small hall, stairs & landing?

in pimlico SW1V London

Safety Flooring

bowling club needs vinyl saftey floor in camberwell se5 london

Vinyl Flooring

We spoke earlier whilst I was driving. 


We need our new loft ensuite bathroom measured for flooring. This is what we want:


Their website it showing out of stock though. 


We are at SE20 8DW.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Vinyl Flooring

As discussed with Peter.  Could you quote to supply and install the following forbo flooring into a property in Parsons Green Fulham?


It?s required for the WC/utility area, below the yellow line. See the drawing attached.

However, for the sake of pricing could you use the measurements below:

6.2 + 1.6 sq m

Please itemise the supply and installation costs

Vinyl Flooring

Jo is a plumber and will be fitting a bathroom and kitchen in Forest hill.

Bathroom 2.45 x 1.7, 4.16m   cap and cove, Altro Pisces, sea urchin.

Kitchen 2.5 x 1.6, 4m     Altro Pisces, sea horse.

Altro pisces, Volante to us 18.49.

ready 9 December

Wooden Flooring

2 rooms

seating area 5.2m x 4.2m

kitchen (l shape) 3.3m x 2.7m

in parquet flooring in living area, oak herring bone design in W9 Queens Park

Carpet Tiles

wants carpet tiles in E1 Borough

Vinyl Flooring

small amount of the colour flooring company in victoria.

Natural Fibres

Good morning,

 I am looking for someone to fit sisool and sisal into 4 bedrooms in a property in w14 on around the 25th of November.

Can you respond please with a quote,  if you are experienced with laying sisal, double stick method etc and can accomodate those dates.

We?re talking around 73 square metres.

Many thanks



This message is sent using dictation. Please excuse Typos, Mis-caps and other Anomalies.


Domestic Carpet

Carpet for whole of small terraced house with attic extension.

Attic. Venture Glamorous, mist. wall 9.99

Other rooms.  Soft Focus, petal blush. wall 18.99

Safety Flooring

Please call. He has bought a new house with a spiral staircase and would like to add cladding to the top part.

Natural Fibres

5.5m x 4.1m piece of sisal. in Lewisham. has sisal.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

31m2 of LVT parquet Amtico spacia parque flooring in Forest Hill Se23

Carpet Runner

13 stairs on one, 10 steps on other flight, wimbledon sw19.

Carpet Runner

wants a gym floor and a carpet runner in wimbledon sw19

Safety Flooring

Fitting of safety flooring in bar area in soho 

Vinyl Flooring

Hi Rob, 


I spoke to you earlier about a job we are doing in Crouch End, N8. The job is for a residential kitchen 10.5 square metres. We are looking to lay a vinyl floor in Sage green from the Colour Flooring company. As the vinyl comes in 2m rolls, it would have to have a join. There is a hatch in the centre of the kitchen so we would need advice on how to have this as unobtrusive as possible. 


Please can you come and have a look at the job to price it up. The address is 48 Denton Road N8 9NT. Let me know a time that suits you. 


Kind regards, 




I was given your number by Colour Flooring as I want to put cork flooring in a couple of bedrooms. These will need to be measured.

My address is , London N6. My telephone no is

I look forward to hearing from you.

Domestic Carpet

Carpet for 3 rooms landing and stairs.

send estimate based on Claremont Mayfair 29.99 m2

Bedroom 1. 12.65

bedroom 2. 9.54

study. 5.1

landing. 1.8

12 stairs with 6 winds.

Carpet samples to send.

Telenzo Chelsea. colours Humus 216 and driftwood 139

Westex natural loop boucle, Tallow

Claremont Mayfair, Pepper

Domestic Carpet


Himalaya Daponte, colour 1543. send sample.

Living room 30' X 16'   (9.14 X 4.88m) currently floor boards.

possible same carpet for stairs and landing.

I gave estimate for living room of around 3000

Domestic Carpet

carpet chosen, Primo choice super, mercury. wall 17.99

Whole flat, 2 beds, stairs, living room.

Available Sunday 27 Oct after 11.30


Friday 8th Nov 10 am 

Safety Flooring

rubber floroing wanted 29m2 in new cross se14

Carpet Runner

Good afternoon,


I require a new carpet for an internal stair and a small landing. Would like it to be a carpet runner on the stair and full carpet on landing. There are a total of 19 risers plus a quarter turn and the stair between stringers is 870mm. The landing at the top is 1500x2000mm. I have been looking at striped as well as herringbone designs and would like it to be a wool carpet.


If you could price for brass carpet rods and brackets as well, that would be appreciated.



Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Hi Rob,


Doesn?t have to be a Thursday. 7th is a few weeks away, would like to get the floor laid soon, don?t really want to drag it out much longer.


Our address SE23 2QX.




Hello there


I am looking to have Amtico flooring fitted as soon as possible.  Are you able to come and quote on fitting in dining room, hallway and one reception.


We are in Forest hill and someone is around for the rest of the day, and all of next week.  You can call or text me on 07515719977.

Carpet Runner

wants a 4 storey carpet runner for home in st johns wood london nw8

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

wanrs an lvt floor. like parquet but he needs to get it done overnight posssibly on a sunday becasue it is an indian restaurant in tooting. currently have tiled floor. SW17

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

60m2 in frony room, hallway, wc, utllity and lounge diner.

Karndean knight tiles portlandstoe and limed oaks.

Kitchen tiles and wood everywhere else. and a feature strip.

All concrete floor.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

hall Amtico or wood 30m

Domestic Carpet

Flat 75m re-carpet for new tenancy.

Beige/grey, not too cheap, I suggested about 25m in PP or wool mix.

He would like suggestions on carpet make

And visit to quote.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT for rooms and bathrooms. Remove carpet. taken Polyflor catalogues. wants quote.

Domestic Carpet

Dear Cavendish,


Please see attached floor plan the reception room requires same carpet as pictures attached

We will require also underlay gripper and fitting and disposal of old carpet.

Please provide approx quote in writing and your costing per m2, Net total and any VAT to be added.




With Kind Regards





Managing Director


Domestic Carpet

> Hi,

> I am interested to Avebury Weave total 25 SQM

> I need someone to fit the carpet in 2 rooms - The rooms are both squared - 1ST room 13.2 - 2nd room 11.6

> Disposal of old carpet as well

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Kitchen/bathroom renovation.


possible engineered for living room. 

need advice and quote.

Wooden Flooring

V4 engineered. Samples, zigzag.  zb108 and zb109

Marmoleum Lino

Kitchen renovation.

Looked at lvt stone, marmolem and rubber.

V4 engineered for dining room.

Domestic Carpet

Runner for stairs and landing, carpet 5 bedrooms.

stairs/landing. La herringbone, whipped , wall 29.99

Bedrooms, Himalaya Torino 35.50, or Daponte 49.99

Domestic Carpet

Good afternoon, As discussed, we?re hoping to obtain a quote to carpet 2 x bedrooms in Sydenham on Friday next week (25th Oct)

We?d like Cormac Malabar Balm and we?ll need 3x4 metres for the smaller room and 3x5 metres for the main.

Both rooms are rectangular so should be relatively straight forward.

I?d be grateful for a quote by this evening as we need to make a decision soon.


We?re keen to keep the cost down so happy to remove existing carpet and underlay ourselves - potentially we could use the existing grippers and joint strips though ?


My address is Esbourne Court, 2 Lawrie Park Crescent, Sydenham, SE26

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Hi the area I need is approx 30m2

There is a lounge that goes into bedroom and a small hall way about 2m2 Total area is 30m2 There is bed in one room and one sofa in lounge .

The flooring is laminate.

These photos are estate agent photos , less furniture now .

Area required us master bedroom , lounge and small hallway

Islington N1


Vinyl Flooring

Further to our telecon, we?d like a quote and you to lay vinyl floor purchased from the colour flooring company, plus your availability to do so.


The vinyl + adhesive + knife is being delivered on Monday 21st October. It?s going into a garden studio measuring 5 metres x 4 metres. It will be laid onto OSB chipboards [laid this week]. It may need some screed where panels join and also where screws have been driven into the floor.


We?d like to get it done by mid November if possible please.

SE4, Brockley

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

kitchen approx. 7.5m, marine plyed. 2 options.

Amtico Spacia, Ceramic Flint SS5S2594

Marmoleum Volcanic Ash 3872

Safety Flooring

Wants a safety floor in N4 London for care home.

Carpet Tiles

Wednesday would be good.

Please ask for my colleague Charles Henshaw on arrival.  (An approximately ETA would be helpful).

Hello Jonathan, yes we can do that. We would do it on a day rate of 240 + VAT if you show us where they need replacing. We can come Wednesday? Best, Robert.


From: Jonathan Coutts <> Sent: 14 October 2019 16:51 To: Customer Orders <> Subject: Removal/replacement of office carpet tiles


Dear Sirs,


We occupy the 3rd floor offices at the address below and have done since 1996.


We have about 110 ?leftover? carpet tiles of the type pictured which we would like to use in replacing the most worn areas of the office carpet.


Is this work which you would be able to carry out?

95 Aldwych

London WC2B 4JF

Domestic Carpet

he is a OFS client and he needs a bedroom carpet relpaced. we are to go dierct to him and he is looking for HAmmer carpet LAs Vegas in SW10 London Kensignton Chelsea.

Domestic Carpet

Stair carpet close fit with 2 winds.

Clarendon Mortlake Brussels colour Kashmir beige. wall 19.99

also Colour flooring Vinyl or Marmoleum for kitchen.

Carpet Runner

stair runner.

Anywhere boucle ice

Alternative tape, Jet

Rods, looked at what we have but undecided.

Carpet Runner

Runner for 2 flights, probably Alternative Anywhere.

LVT/marmoleum/engineered for hall ,kitchen. undecided.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Karndean Savannah Oak floor in throughout?

Is it suitable for a kitchen or would you recommend tiles instead? I like the idea of one flooring type throughout, other than the bathroom, to give a sense of space and continuation.

Wapping, E1W

Vinyl Flooring

the colour flooring company vinyl. in a new extension with concrete floor over underfloor heating.

2.1m x 2.6 will need screeding putney sw15

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

I would like please a quote to fit some karndean flooring in my kitchen & extension.


the floor size of each is about 4.5 sq meters. the kitchen has wooden floor boards and the extension a concrete floor.


I have the flooring itself Karndean Art Select AP03. I would be happy for you to quote for installation including materials, adhesive, latex ect.


Address is  London, SW16 


Safety Flooring

rubber floor in bathroom in sw4 abbeville road

Marmoleum Lino

has a marmoleum floor that needs replacing. seems to be some issue with the subfloor. had it laid 16 years ago. the lino has blown.

kitchen area. total 26m2. extension has chipboard floor, lino over 2 subfloors. now has a faint line across the lino. grey marmoleum.

she realizes it sill need a big fix. nice woman.

Vinyl Flooring

TCFC vinyl in 2 rooms in shreditch already have plyboard floor

Commercial Carpet

4 flihts of stairs, communal area quote and a runner wanted.

Wooden Flooring

Notting Hill


>>> I?m in. Notting Hill W2

>>>>> Hello Judi, so ballpark figures but including the stairs I would say 1800 inc VAT for fitting of you provide the materials. I am not sure about your subfloor it might be fine of course but we would have to come and see to make certain.

>>>>> Flat is W2

>>>>> It?s 70 sq foot but without kitchen and bathroom about 56 - but ordering 63sq meters for safety.


>>>>> Removal laminate and carpets in all areas.

>>>>> Removal of skirting board

>>>>> Install engineered wood floors throughout. (current option 20 by 190) Replacement of skirting board.


>>>>> Continuous flooring no door divisions etc.

>>>>> From front door forward to back of house.

>>>>> So second level floor will go across width of rooms wall to balconies.


>>>>> Floorplan 


We are in Stoke Newington N16 and considering replacing our knackered old seagrass flooring with cork - something like this:


It would be living room, bedroom and hallway, about 33 m2 ish. 


Under the carpets is original thermo tile flooring from the 1970s - hopefully that can stay in place. 


Is installing the cork for us (purchased via Colour Flooring Co) something you'd be interested and able to do? 

Carpet Runner

Stairs with winder. no carpet selected but knows colour and type.

quote Friday 11th if possible

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT or engineered for kitchen.

Likes Karndean At select blond oak herringbone.

Carpet Re-adapation

water/mould damaged carpet and sub floor to room and corridor about 23m

Niki is an aid worker and will be out of the country soon but has a flat mate.

Vinyl Flooring

TCFC vinyl in bathroom. Tiles have been removed, plumber moved bath and basin gone. Sending picture to me from my email.

2.71m x 2.3m size

SE22 dulwich.

Domestic Carpet

has sisal. had it a long time. wants to replace it probably everytwhere.

hallway, 3 beds, sitting room. in W14 Kensignton London. pick keys up from Estate office, Wendy

Vinyl Flooring

New loft space 37m

Colour flooring vinyl or rubber, wants advice.

Builder on site, we to quote for sub floor prep.

Vinyl Flooring

We need to supply and install the vinyl below and we are looking for reliable contractor who can carry out the work for us.


The required areas are:

Living room/kitchen 6.56 x 4.10

Bedroom 4.07 x 3.01

Hallway1 6.13 x 1.01

Hallway2 3.53 x 1.52

Hallway cupboard 2.42 x 1.51


Can you send me a quote for supply and install?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

It?s about 95-100 metres square without waste.


Floor plans attached. The kitchen area and bathrooms have been refurbished recently and therefore do not need flooring ? just some edging / linking between the bathroom tiles and the new flooring.


When I went to view the range  ? to select the tile I liked ? the guy in the store said it might be possible to lay 6mm of plywood on the existing floor and glue to this. Although again this would mean having to address the doors.


More than happy for you to visit if this is easier to provide an estimate.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Fitting of lvt flooring in a flat

Commercial Carpet

next to 43 there is a wooden garden gate and immedialetly on the left there a bricked up doorway, keysafe located there. code is 2881, has the keys for 41 and 43. to replace existing carpet as specified. and replace coir matts in entrance. one right away.

Bexley Twist Super in grey.

Safety Flooring

safety flooring to meet standards for small commercial kitchen.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

lvt wanted in e12 London

Marmoleum Lino

Further to my telephone conversation can you please provide a cost to supply and fit the below Lino to 2No rooms as attached. Please allow for any latex works required.


Lino to run to wall under washing machine but not under units.


?Forbo Marmoleum, 3032 Mist Gray?


Domestic Carpet

this and previous photo are living room, ground floor, 4640 by 3315 cm. 85 Woodvale Walk SE27 0EY. Moe pics to come 

stairs, 11treads. 1910 wide. BR1 is 2750 by 4540. BR2 is 2386 by 2720. hallway is 2500 by 1910 plus another section approx 2000 by 1810. I spoke to rob Barney on 16 th sept. this is for an estimate. thanks Rosemary 

Domestic Carpet

room approx. 13m Kandesh home counties, pacific pearl. wall 25.50. quote

Domestic Carpet

Town house. carpet for stairs and bedrooms. ready end Oct/Nov.

LVT for ground floor.

carpet choices, samples to send.

stairs and landings. Himalaya Proto 018

bedroom possibles. 

LA signature, ash.

LA signature, pebble 157

ITC Cannes silver 150300.

ITC Kensington, dove 250073

LVT. samples, Polyflor

Bevel line Scandinavian white oak 2817

Camaro Bianco oak 2241

Domestic Carpet

wants carpet for stairways, landings, 3 bedrooms. blue. the rooms. 

Vinyl Flooring

wants a vinyl floor for a bedroom in e3

Domestic Carpet

Hi there,


Can you send me an estimate please? We're looking to carpet the upstairs of our house, and one flight of stairs.


I think we're looking at roughly 31m2 plus one flight of stairs. Floor plan attached (we're doing all of the top floor apart from the bathroom)


Can you give us a rough cost for the following:


Tretford Cord in Double cream

Riviera Stowe harvest (if you stock it)

Riviera Burford antique white (if you stock it).


We're just up the road from you at Sydenham Rise, SE23

If you can also let me know what your lead time is at the moment I'd be grateful.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Wants an LVT foor in some cupboard space in Primrose Hill Nw1. Needs a meaurment

Domestic Carpet

Hi there SE19 Crystal Palace

I found your company website was really matching the kind of job We need to be quoted in our first floor flat.


The scope of work is in sinthesis :

-New kitchen flooring

-Installation of new engineered board herringbone flooring including all works to provide a robust acoustic barrier with the below apartment, quote will include  disposal of old carpet and underlay, remove and reinstall / replace of skirting.


I?m happy to meet you whenever is convenient for you to discuss and evaluate floor sample.

Please find attached floor plans for you to look at.


Kind regards


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

gaps inbetween floor karndean needs some new floor imbetween.


Carpet Runner

needs a new carpet runner relacment in baker street nw1 london

Commercial Carpet

We have a steel staircase that we need to put something hardwearing on so it is non slip,  would you be able to give us some ideas/come round and give us a quote?

Domestic Carpet

I?ve just spoken to your colleague on the phone who said this was the best way to get in touch.


We?ve had an electrical item melt into our carpet, and we?re looking to get the carpet replaced. My landlord has requested that we send him a quotation for the replacement and fitting of a new one by Weds latest.


Could you help to send over a quote / cost breakdown?


It?s 4 x 4.2m

Thick pile, soft cream with white flecked carpet (a rough estimate at this time is fine based on something that looks suitable) Underlay Spikes / edging Fitting at micheldever road, se12 


Would be amazing if you could help to send something over today?

Domestic Carpet

I am looking to put some wooden or laminate flooring down in my flat in crystal palace. Would if be possible to organise for a quote? I have two rooms I would like to do, one of which is currently exposed concrete as I have already taken up the old carpet. But would also like to discuss s couple of other rooms and options for them either now or further down the line. 


I am generally at work until about 7, but can organise to work at home on some days. I would be very grateful if you could let me know what availability you have.

Domestic Carpet



We are looking to replace the carpet in our house on the stairs, landing and three bedrooms.


Our address is Queen Mary Road, SE19


The carpet I have chosen is Fibre Flooring classic herringbone in chalk but if you could recommend a similar style wool carpet that is cheaper I would be open to consideration.


I work from home so am around most of the time for someone to visit and measure up. We are in the process of renovating the house and looking to get new carpet fitted towards the end of this year.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

karndean herringbone, grey lime oak, knight tile, sm/kp138 90m2.

2 visits. 14th and 21stfor fitting. clapham sw4.

Domestic Carpet

Call For?

All Calls And Robert Barney


Regarding new carpets for some bedrooms. Please call back.


Emma Healey

Company Name

Capital Interiors


Vinyl Flooring

Hi Robert


Lovely talking to you just now.

Here are the pictures of what has just been done, I honestly feel like crying.

I understand in the grand scheme of things a awfully fitted floor isn?t the biggest of deals,  but this space has been done for my partner who has Cancer last year and was supposed to be something for her to be excited about.

It was fitted by this guy

I arranged for this to be done and can?t believe the money this has costed us to get to this outcome. It was fitted by 

The space is approximately 260cm x 210cm It would be great if you were able to come and see the space and to have a chat in regards to getting a quote to do it properly. The vinyl came from the colour floor company but I don?t know if we can afford that again so any other options you may have would be great to see also.


Our Address is SE22 9AQ If it would be possible to be able to see you next week it would be great.


Best wishes



Vinyl Flooring

wants TCFC vinyl fllor inHackney E5.

Domestic Carpet

Please call back regarding a squeaky floor he has that needs fixing before having the carpet laid.

I'm at  E14 London ISle of dogs

Anytime next week Mon-Thu will be fine.  


has a kitchen dining room approx 24m2. in west london

Safety Flooring

44m2 rubber flooring company. new concrete floor. needs a flooring screed. small plyboard floor. in n8 crouch end.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

has an amtico floor has been fitted badly by flooring company. some gaps, dipping floors. floor is nit flat. in ealing.w5

Domestic Carpet

she is on London n Tuesdays. in Wc1. needs a carpet in 2 bedrooms and a hallway for ental property in WC1 London

Domestic Carpet

10m2. 144 + parking + congestion. has carpet needs it removed in WC1

Carpet Runner

Runner with bars, straight flight 15 steps.

Kandesh boucle Norfolk nickel

Tape. Alternative, onyx 2010

hollow black bars

Not living there, builder on site. Jay 07511912899

Domestic Carpet

carpet fitting of 2x bedrooms and lounge area 

Marmoleum Lino

Fitting of marmoleum flooring in bathroom area 

Client has marmoleum

Wooden Flooring

has a damaged wooden floor and wants a quote to replace it in e1 bethnal green

Domestic Carpet

I think this is carpet but I am not sure.

Vinyl Flooring

1000 square feet of The colour floor company vinyl to be fitting in great portland street for hairdressers.

Domestic Carpet

bedroom 1: 3m x 5m = 15m2

bedroom 2: 4m x 3m = 12m2

SE11 kennington London

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Edwardian house

LVT for ground floor. Amtico parquet dark brown

Carpet for rest, Westex briar.

available to quote from 24 Sept.

Domestic Carpet

I?m looking to replace a carpet due to an iron burn (see attached), I have attached a photo and the left hand section size is 5.54 x 1.46 and then the righthand section is 2.5 x 2.08 (all metres). 


Please could you give me a quote of the estimated cost? The current carpet is only two years old so the underlay should be fine. Damage is only due to the aforementioned iron burn.

Domestic Carpet

needs a carpet in holborn domestic, stars, tp floor, kandings and 3 to 4 bedrooms. rental carpet

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)


The full address is: Apple Yard, Penge, London SE20 


On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 2:30 PM Customer Orders <> wrote:

Hello Luke, thanks for your email. This is actually called Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Its not laminate and needs a very solid and flat subfloor. Happy to come and have a look for you at some stage if you can provide me with your full address and contact number, best Robert.




We've just bought a property at the Venue development in Anerley. There's currently laminate installed in the hallway and lounge, and we'd like to extend that into the largest bedroom too (which currently has a carpet). I asked the developer which flooring they used and it's "Amtico Spacia Sun Bleached Oak ? SS5W231". Is this something you'd be able to source and install for us? Or failing that just install if you'd rather we source it ourselves? The room is just over 13 square metres (4.9 x 2.66). I appreciate this might not be the biggest job but we're hoping to find someone local who can help us out!  Many thanks, Luke Kelly

Carpet Tiles

Fitting of carpet tiles in communal staircase and nosings 

Domestic Carpet

Carpet 1 room. Venture Toronto 06 wall 13.99

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl for kitchen and bathroom.

wants samples of- Avenue Bubblegum and Liquorice, Sagres blue and grey.

Magali blue and grey. 4 samples.


Thank you for your email.  Approx measurements 3.87m x 2.09m.  The cork floor could be fitted on top of existing floor which are tiles but very porous.

London SW6 7JZ 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

has 20m2 of floor he needs to cover in envirobuild lvt. in commercial road, e1 london

Vinyl Flooring

studio flat in Vauxhall st georges wharf needs replacing. levels a bit iffy.

Domestic Carpet

Westex westend velvet prestige : tornado

Adams Carpet Flair colour: duck, limonage yellow

4 rooms. in Lewisham. and stair and 1 small landing.


30m2 approx of floor. have a laminate floor they will remove in brockley se4. have tiles undernetah bmabye marley tiles?

Domestic Carpet

has 14 steps 25m2 in laminate? E17 wathamstow

Carpet Tiles

Hi Rob


The dimension of the office is 1244 square ft.


Please let me know and when the carpet can be fitted.  The landlord is quite specific about the carpet that needs to be replaced:




Domestic Carpet

I'd need you to quote for the following: removal of old carpet, supply and fit new carpet in a bedroom. Colour is grey/beige. 

Canary Wharf

e14 3sw

Dimensions: 2.95*1.88m 


Vinyl Flooring

Postcode and address are wrong on this account.We are looking to fit the following cork flooring,

 We have approximately 33 sqm and are based in a London E11.

 We currently have half concrete/half chipboard but it will all be screed to be level.

 The kitchen is hopefully going to be fitted w/end of 27 September so we would like to get the flooring in before then.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Kitchen 13m currently old lino, wants to replace with LVT

samples to send.

Polyflor, Colonia,  stone 4527 silvered concrete

Polyflor, Colonia, stone 4536 natural limestone

Polyflor, Expona Bevel line, Stone 2826 venetian marble

Carpet Tiles

Hello Robert,


  1. It is an Office of an ecclesiastical building
  2. The existing roof is oak, the carpet is going to fitted without removing the floorboards.
  3. 2 rooms divided by drylining.


Many thanks


Hello Nacho, thanks for your email. If you can answer these questions we will et you a more accurate and relevant estimate.


  1. IS this for an office or is it domestic?
  2. What is currently fitted to the floor
  3. Ho many rooms are there?

Best regards,




Good morning,


We are Gradica building contractors,

Could we ask for a quote of supply and fit of 61m2 of carpet at a ground floor?

The location is in Neasden NW10 1QB

We would like the carpet to be a heavy duty quality and with several options of colour so we give our clients options.

Thank you.




I have two carpeted rooms in my flat which I would like taken out in favour of a laminate to match the wood I have in my hallway- would it be possible to have someone pop round to give me a quote?

My postcode is E1 6NG.

Domestic Carpet

Came in this morning, moving into area and wants estimate to carpet 3 rooms in SE19 Crystal Palace


Kandesh Southwold, wall 23.99


4 x 3.43

4 x 2.55

4 x 2.91

Total 35.56

Domestic Carpet

wants Marmoleum supply and fit in Brixton sw2.

Carpet Tiles

We are trying to get some carpet tiles installed in our offices (including an open spiral staircase and landings) which would come to approx. 85msq.


We have already selected the carpet tiles we wish to use ( and now are trying to determine the cost to remove the existing carpet (not tiles, just regular carpet), and install the new tiles. The floor looks to be a plywood subfloor underneath the existing carpet and underlay.


Would you be able to provide a rough quote, or even come in to measure and quote? Our office is located in Mayfair. I have included some photos of the staircase and landing for reference. West End London

Domestic Carpet

nw3 hmpastead. ha a house wants a pet friendly carpe i uggested nylon. 

Domestic Carpet

Could you give me a quote from the 11'2 by 8'4 room please, based on the dimensions attached? I know it would depend on the quality, but if you could give me a rough base quote that would be great. it feels like the underlay will need redoing also.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

I am looking for a quote regarding Amtico glue down installation in my flat in East London - about 65sqm. I am looking for the current flooring to be removed and disposed of, and then the Amtico installed in a parquet herringbone pattern.
Would you be able to provide a quote?

E16 Canning Town, London

Vinyl Flooring

 Crystal Palace Park Road, SE26




On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 at 10:04 am, Customer Orders <> wrote:

Hello Ed, thanks for your email. A lot depends on how well that plyboard has been fitted.

I imagine we will need to cover it with feather, wait for it to dry and sand it.

Then fit the rubber. This is often quote a tricky fit with rubber.


If you supply adhesive and rubber we will supply the feather finish and the whole job I would say will cost 400 + VAT which is 480.

We will need a weeks? notice to fit.


Hello there, I need to fit two small rolls of rubber flooring (both the same colour ? from the Colour Flooring Company) for my 5msq bathroom floor. I?m in Sydenham, SE26. Would that be an area you cover? if so, do you know roughly how much the job might be? The floor already has plywood boarding down on top of the floorboards.  Many thanks, Ed Ross

Natural Fibres

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your email.

We are looking to re-carpet the highlighted area on the attached floor plan.

We are looking for a natural fibre like jute/sisal or wool. 

Attached are a few patterns I like.

We need the fitting done between the 19th and 25th of September in SW6.

Would it be possible for you to send us some samples and prices for supply & fitting please?


wants a cork floor in Hither Green SE13

Domestic Carpet

Hi , I have 1 bed flat in Bayswater and it needs a new fitted carpet for 50 s.M . As the flat is intended to be rented out  it would need an economy carpet but not the very cheap looking ones.Can you please quote me some prices .For the bedroom I would prefer a better quality.

 Would the whole carpet need a underlay ?. If so let me how much extra it would cost 

Thank you very much

Wooden Flooring

V4 engineered. wants samples.

A110,   ZB109

Domestic Carpet

domestic carpet underly and maybe some engineered floor. 80/20 wool mix. domestic carpet firring and supply in forest hill se23. light grey. 100m2

Vinyl Flooring

TCFC vinyl flooring 2.1m x 5m in a kitchen utlity room in thames ditton needs installing the colour is antelpope had screed has dried, needs flooring screed.

Marmoleum Lino

With reference to attached plan mark-up, please provide a quotation to supply and fit the following 3no.Forbo Marmoleum colours (Linoleum):


40m2 Concrete 'Moon' (shown yellow on plan)

20m2 Real 'Bleeckerstreet' (shown pink)

16m2 Marbled 'Asian Tiger' (shown orange)


These quantities already account for offcuts and 2m roll width.


Sub-floor is Mapei Ultraplan self levelling screed over a wet underfloor heating laid in a Fermacell grooved board.

Half the sub-floor is a suspended timber floor, the other half a concrete slab.


Walls are not straight - scribing to walls, into three door thresholds and three cupboards will be required.



London SE24


The screed will be completed this Thursday; allowing to dry laying could commence in 2-3 weeks.

Please advise availability.

Domestic Carpet


Lay the underlay and the carpet



Work should be completed by 10 September. Carpet can be delivered within 5-7 days so most likely date for installation is between 6-10 September (TBC with builder Mindas who is copied) 



SW1P (Victoria) London




The chosen carpet (not  yet purchased) is "London Bridge" image.png

Carpet Runner

Good to talk you Rob, attached is an image of the stair runner we currently have and the stairs, it would be good to match it as close as possible. The width of the steps are 31.5 cm and the depth is 10cm each step is 22cm high and we have 13 steps.St 

Carpet runner St John's Wood, NW8 London

Carpet Tiles

It would be really good if you can get us a ballpark quote this afternoon, so he can budget for this. 

To include removal and disposal of existing, supply and fitting of a tough nylon carpet tile. Two units, 87 sq m (ground), 125 sq m (first).

 Many thanks


 PS. We have an office here, Unit 3a

Domestic Carpet

Hallway carpet needs replacing, to match stairs if possible.

Vinyl Flooring

That works well for me. 


The full address is , E1 London


Just let me know what time you plan to arrive (nearer the time is fine). 





Hi Rob,


Sorry about delayed response, I?ve had a busy week. 


Yes that is in the ballpark of our budget, so please do let me know when would suit you to come and measure for a quote. 

16m2 in a kitchen.

It will require an additional 3mm floor screed, sanding and a layer of feather finish. Cost approx. 500

Adhesive and vinyl flooring 515

Fitting approx. 480

Thanks Rob. A measuring appt in two weeks would be fine. 


We have a screed only. And we are not having the kitchen refitted. If possible we?d just like the vinyl fitted up to the kitchen units, which all line one side of the room. 


Hello Louie, thanks for your email. Well, we are very busy at the moment and booked out solidly for 2 weeks. So it really depends on when you are looking to get the work done. But in the meantime I can give you an estimate. I just need to know a couple of things:


  1. Are you refurbishing your kitchen i.e. having a new one put in?
  2. What sort of floor do you have down now? Tiles, wood etc.


I called early today and then missed your response. Thank you for your message. I would like to get a vinyl floor put down in my kitchen. I want to use one from the colour flooring company. It is (very) approx. 16 square meters.


Do let me know when you could come round to measure up. I live in E1.



Domestic Carpet

I own an apartment close to your store, at 37 Westbourne Terrace, Flat 6. I need a new carpet fitted to this apartment in the fairly short run.


The spaces that need to be carpeted are (see PDF):

- the three bedrooms

- the corridor adjacent to the second bathroom

- the small staircase leading to the small third bedroom


The main specification colour-wise is that the carpet needs to be grey - preferably lighter grey.


I realise this is short notice. Unfortunately I'd entrusted this, and other tasks to a builder who, after agreeing to the job & making me an estimate, has vanished. I have a new tenant moving in on the 6th, so it'd be amazing if you could help.

Domestic Carpet

Not yet moved in to this property until October but can have access to quote.

carpet for stairs close fit and room. tbc on next visit to shop on Saturday 31st/8

possible vinyl for other room.

Vinyl Flooring

Returning customer, old MTX48586

Vinyl for kitchen 15m, refurbished, boarded and screeded.

Polyflor secura, Peakmoor sandstone.

Estimated in shop 420 fitted.

wants visit to quote and sample sent.

Natural Fibres

95 square metres of crucial trading oriental aluminium sisal. Stairs to have burnt orange edge 

47 steps total on 3 runs 

Domestic Carpet

Good afternoon, 


I?m wondering if you may be able to help. 

I?m looking for someone to fit and supply a Brintons carpet in our new offices. I wasn?t too sure if you covered this area, however, I thought I would ask as you came highly recommended. 


If you can let me know if you would be willing to do this. We would also be looking to have an underlay put down. 

The carpet of choice is ?True Velvet, EV159 Jet?. 

wc1 london


I look forward to your response. 


Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen with sloping floor needs re vamp, looking for ideas

looked at LVT, engineered, laminate and vinyl.

Friday quote if poss.

Natural Fibres

wants some cork flooring in N15 London

Wooden Flooring

probably wooden flooring.



Part of the kitchen floor was damaged during some plumbing work - would it be possible to have a proposal and quote to have this fixed. 


The floor is an oak engineered wood - about 30 floor boards have been damaged. Attached are some photos.


Domestic Carpet

fit only...

2 bedrooms in sisal crucial trading bronze 3.2 by 2.2m and 4.3 by3.4 m

2 bedrooms in alternative flooring wool carpet - bikram 

They are 2.76m by 3.06m and 3.33m by 3.27m

I have 15l of F3 and 10litres of F40 and 45m2 of carpenter prostep underlay 8mm

Carpet Runner

Fitting of carpet runner on stairs and landings 

Carpet Runner

We are enquiring regarding a quote for changing the carpet of the stairs of London Steiner School. We need a sturdy durable carpet, nothing fancy, even some off cuts that would fit the stairs will be fine.

During August, there will be people in school from 8.30am to 1pm Monday to Thursday,
 I would be grateful If you could proposed a visit within this time frame.

Domestic CarpetCommercial CarpetWooden Flooring

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